DotNetSlackers Community Ranking System

The DotNetSlackers community ranking system is used to recognize the contributions on DotNetSlackers by its members. Members can gain points in several areas i.e. posting in the forums, submitting an article, posting a comment etc... Here are the options in detail:

Activity Points
Post an article 30
Post a Code snippet 10
Post a blog entry1 10
Post a forum post 5
Post a comment to an article / code snippet 5
Rate an article 2
Help to clean irrelevant .net news2 2

1 Only for users that own a blog on this site.

2 In order to collect points for this area, you need to be logged in and use the "Report as irrelevant" link in the .net news pages (i.e: here). All reported posts will be reviewed by one of our moderators.

Ranking Levels

Rank Points

Wannabe Slacker


Official Slacker

Master Slacker

Uber Slacker

Top 10 Users

User Points
Xun Ding 18966
Sonu Kapoor 12283
Brian Mains 7706
Kaushal Parik 3659
Haissam Abdul Malak 2403
Simone Busoli 2035
Sher Azam 1700
Scott Forsyth 1639
Jonathan Minond 1572
Manning Publications 1515