Stack Overflow Inspired Knowledge Exchange

Follow along with this series and learn how to build a inspired Knowledge Exchange. We will walk through the entire process of creating this application in an enterprise oriented manner (as opposed to a "mom & pop shop" site. The journey will include the creation of a proper development environment using for continuous integration, NAnt for automated builds, custom NAnt tasks for database integration in the build, NUnit for unit testing, RhinoMocks for creating various forms of mock objects, and a number of build reporting tools such as NDepend, NDoc, and NCover. We will then take a look at how to conceptualize a large scale web site by creating a mock sitemap and wireframes using the SketchFlow product that was recently released with Microsoft Expression. Once we have our overall site layed out we will then take a look at the latest release of ASP.NET MVC 2, LINQ to SQL, StructureMap, AutoMapper, Elmah, various caching tools such as MemCached Win32 and Velocity, and many other tools to create a large scale enterprise oriented web applciation. By the end of the article series we will have a fully functioning open source StackOverflow style knowledge exchange site that you can deploy as you see fit!

Feel free to take a look at the codeplex project at You will be able to get any version of the software you are interested in from that location as well as from within the article series.

Current and up coming articles in the "Building a StackOverflow Inspired Knowledge Exchange" series: