Welcome to Ajax Data Controls Project (ADC)

The Ajax Data Controls is a DotNetSlackers open source project. Developed on top of Asp.net Ajax Extension, the main goal of this project is to provide rich set of data controls for Client Centric Development Model. Since the data controls of Asp.net like GridView, DataList, Repeater etc does not have any Client Side Object Model thus it is not possible to work with these controls with Web Service / Page Methods call. The included controls exposes same API in the client side as the Asp.net version with few more enhancements. Curently the project contains the following controls:

  • GridView
  • DataList
  • Repeater
  • Pager

Need More Info?

  • Forum: Questions about these controls can be asked here DotNetSlackers Forum
  • Bugs: If you're using it and found a bug, please check the Issue Tracker prior posting it.
  • Latest Bits: If you want to download the latest stable version, check the Releases section, and if you want to get the latest source codes, check out the Source Code section.

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The project is still in beta and if you want to contribute in this project, do not hesitate to contact us.


If you are using AjaxDataControls (ADC) in one of your projects and would like to link to use, please use one of the following below images.