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A generic Collection to DataTable Mapper

The Code Project Latest Articles, April 28, 2015

A high performance extension for creating a DataTable from a Generic collection....

Online Spreadsheet, a low latency html5 websocket Cloud service (SaaS) in C# .net

The Code Project Latest Articles, April 28, 2015

Build your own cloud spreadsheet (like Microsoft Excel, google sheets) that exposes shreadsheet workbook via web browser. Users can create excel like spreadsheets using web browser save it, share it,...

SQL SERVER Collect and Analyze SQL Server Data Efficiently

Journey to SQL Authority with Pinal Dave, April 28, 2015

dbForge Event Profiler is one of the most useful SQL Server build-in tools. The Profiler records data associated with various SQL Server events for further analysis. This data is stored in a trace fil...