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.NET Important Topics Summary - Code Examples

The Code Project Latest Articles, May 31, 2016

.NET interview questions and answers with real world examples and code snippets...

Dynamically Building JSON Tree For Use In Javascript Components Using C#

The Code Project Latest Articles, May 31, 2016

These days, many JavaScript components use JSON when it comes to working with data, the reason is obvious enough, but some components that build some kind of tree structure like this one, are going to...

DRY: Do Repeat Yourself

QuirksBlog, May 31, 2016

I am increasingly of the opinion that the general software engineering adage “Don’t Repeat Yourself” does not always apply to web development. Also, I found that web development classes in CS academia...

SQL SERVER SSMS Tip: How to Get Larger Fonts for Results in Grid Output

Journey to SQL Authority with Pinal Dave, May 31, 2016

A couple of weeks back, I was at the GIDS (Great Indian Developer Conference) speaking on my favorite topic of performance. Often as a speaker I make sure I attend a couple of sessions from friends or...

IIS Channel Listener Errors in Windows 10 Insider Build 14342

Rick Strahls WebLog, May 31, 2016

After installing Windows 10 Insider Preview 14342 my IIS installation appeared to be completely hosed. Navigating to any of my local Web sites gets me the dreaded 503 Server Error: And a string of d...