DotNetSlackers is growing and paying you! is one of the best .NET news providers there are, it aggregates a lot of feeds from the most interesting bloggers out there and provides them either as a dynamic aggregate RSS feed or a newsletter service which are much easier to follow since grouping all the interesting stuff into a single channel, evolving continuously and adding new content day by day. The service is highly customizable since you can choose to filter the content you receive by tags and keywords.

I got to know DNS about a year ago when following a link on Scott Guthrie's blog - need I say anything more? - and I always found it just what I needed to stay up to date with the daily news from the .NET world. 

Driven by Sonu Kapoor and powered by CommunityServer, DNS provides a vast range of services, like forums, newsgroups, web services, a blogging platform and lately even articles written by well known authors explicitly for DotNetSlackers.

Some days ago Sonu announced that DNS is going to pay article's authors as much as $100 per article, and if you've got something to say about .NET and want to write about it I highly encourage you to look at the submission guidelines and submit your article proposals! As I already did ;)

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A few days ago I wrote about the chance of writing technical articles for DotNetSlackers. My article

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