ASP.NET Ajax EnhancedUpdateProgress - choose the position of your UpdateProgress!

I've been playing with the new bits of the ASP.NET Ajax framework lately; I like the enhancements pretty much, a much cleaner code and a very richer API to have fun with.

Since with the Beta 2 the UpdateProgress control is bundled into the main assembly I chose to enhance it a bit so that I can choose where to show it in my page. I inherited from the UpdateProgress control and exposed an additional property called Position, which accepts the following values:

  • Center (default)
  • TopLeft
  • TopRight
  • BottomLeft
  • BottomRight
  • None (same position as in the standard UpdateProgress, that is, where placed in the page)
I've recorded a short screencast to show how it works, and the source code is available on my main project's svn repository.

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Published 14 November 2006 04:00 AM by simoneb
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# said on 13 November, 2006 07:43 PM

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# SimoneB's Blog said on 18 November, 2006 08:11 PM

Sometime ago I wrote a post about how to get the ID of the UpdatePanel which triggered an asynchronous

# Ariel said on 19 December, 2006 07:41 AM
this is a great addon and it worked well until the latest RC1 build. it is now causing some problems (although i updated yuor project with the latest assemblies). My problem is that the EnhancedUpdateProgress is causing the CollapsiblePanelExtender not to work. Could you please try to check it and make a new build which will be supported by RC1? THANKS!
# simoneb said on 19 December, 2006 09:30 AM

Hi Ariel, I am keeping the code up to date on the svn repository where I have moved all of my projects. The repository is under heavy refactoring, but you can find all the code I wrote.

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