ImageReflection with the Atlas Control Toolkit

A few days ago I blogged about an ASP.NET control I wrote to apply a neat effect to the images of a web form. In the meanwhile I found another implementation of the same effect which is much lighter in the means of both kBytes and cpu work and does exactly the same, so I decided to write another control using this one instead of the version.

Even I still don't like the Atlas Control Toolkit that much (suffice to say that it doesn't run in medium trust), I chose to try writing this new control using the MS framework. What I like about it is the way it extends the design mode representation of other controls, so that you don't need to create one extender for each of the controls you want to extend, but simply place one extender on the page and then hookup its properties via the wannabe-extended control's properties pane.

Let me tell you that writing an extender with the Atlas Control Toolkit isn't that easy in the starting - and mostly if you are just trying to port and existing script behavior - because you first have to know what the Atlas framework is going to do with your script, and I'm not sure I understand everything is going on behind the scenes yet.
That said, realizing the right way of doing it wasn't much difficult in this case and after some refactorings of the original script I came up with an extender called ImageReflectionExtender, which is built with the latest Atlas and Atlas Control Toolkit releases.

Binaries, source and a screencast are available.

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Published 16 August 2006 09:01 PM by simoneb
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