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Pinal Kumar Dave is a Microsoft SQL Server MVP and author of several hundreds SQL Server articles. He has six years experience as Principal Database Administrator in MS SQL Server 2008/2005, .NET (C#) and ColdFusion MX. He has a Masters of Science degree in Computer Networks, along with MCDBA, MCAD(.NET) and ColdFusion Advanced MX Certifications.


Future of Business Intelligence

Pinal Dave, Jun 28, 2009

Pinal Kumar Dave discusses the future of Business Intelligence.

Policy-Based Management – Create, Evaluate and Fix Policies

Pinal Dave, Jun 26, 2009

This article will cover the most spectacular feature of SQL 2008 - Policy-based management and how the configuration of SQL Server with policy-based management architecture can make a powerful difference.

SQL Server –Understanding Table Hints with examples

Pinal Dave, Jun 19, 2009

A look at the different types of hints that are available in SQL Server and how they may be useful to you.

SQL SERVER - Difference Between Candidate Keys and Primary Key

Pinal Dave, May 25, 2009

Pinal Kumar Dave illustrates the difference between a candidate key and a primary key in SQL Server.


Pinal Dave, May 05, 2009

In this article, Author Pinal Dave clarifies the basic concepts of SQL JOINs.