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Error: Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.ReportViewer.WebForms, Version=

Pencil Bros. Geology, Inc., April 16, 2008
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The full error reads: Parser Error Message: Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.ReportViewer.WebForms, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' or one of its dependen...

There is no Unicode byte order mark. Cannot switch to Unicode.

Pencil Bros. Geology, Inc., November 21, 2007
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You may receive this error if: you created a project in a pre-release Visual Studio 2008, and your project contains DBML files (created by database designer, likewhen using LINQ), and This is th...

Could not load file or assembly Microsoft.ReportViewer.WebForms

Steven Smith, January 24, 2007
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Ran into this error while deploying an application to production: Configuration Error Description: An error occurred during the processing of a configuration file required to service this request. Pl...

Balloon Tooltips .NET

GotDotNet: New resources, February 24, 2006
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Balloon Tooltips .NET is a powerful .NET component that allows you to create cool customized tooltips for your .NET controls! Some advantages that Balloon Tooltips .NET has over conventional tooltips:...

.NET 2.0 vs .NET 1.1 !! Upgrade to .NET 2.0 "NOW"

Sahil Malik -, July 4, 2006
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Here is a short, brief list of reasons why you should be seriously thinking about .NET 2.0, if you haven't already done so. a) DataBinding in .NET 2.0 is quite different from .NET 1.1. The code is bac...

Walkthrough of Smiley.NET the FBML sample packaged with the Facebook Developer Toolkit

Clarity Blogs: ASP.NET, May 22, 2009
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Smiley.NET is an FBML facebook application that uses the Facebook Developer Toolkit.  This sample is meant to mimick the Smiley sample produced by Facebook in PHP.  The idea behind this appl...


GotDotNet: New resources, February 25, 2006
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The SIP .NET is client Session Initiation Protocol API for Microsoft .NET Framework....

Web Application Project: "The type 'foo' exists in both 'some dll' and 'another dll'"

Marquee de Sells: Chriss insight outlet, June 5, 2006
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In using the most excellent Web Application Project support for ASP.NET 2.0 in VS05 from Mr. Guthrie and co, I ran into what was first an intermittent and then a constant problem that actually made it...

How to incorporate social sharing buttons on the BlogEngine.NET blog

The Code Project Latest Articles, January 12, 2010
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The article describes how to incorporate content sharing functionality into blogs powered by BlogEngine.NET...

Sales Dashboard Application for Windows Forms

the telerik blogs, January 27, 2010
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Shortly after the Q3 2009 release we developed the Sales Dashboard Application for Windows Forms - a composite business application for visualizing a companys sales force performance. It is built with...

Web Parts in WSS 3.0

Software/Technology Discussion, July 3, 2006
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Web Parts have become a hot topic for developers of late. Windows SharePoint Services v2.0 and SharePoint Portal Server offered developers the ability to create specialized pluggable custom component...

Installing UCMA 3.0 and Creating a Lync Server 2010 Trusted Application Pool

Clarity Blogs: ASP.NET, September 15, 2010
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The UCMA 3.0 installation process has changed enough since the earlier builds of Lync Server 2010 that it made more sense to re-write the instructions than to update my Installing UCMA 3.0 and Creatin...

Unable to cast COM object of type 'System.__ComObject' to interface type 'Microsoft.VisualStudio.OLE.Interop.IServiceProvider'

<Rolog>, December 20, 2007
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I was getting the below error when connecting to a database in SQL Server Management Studio: Unable to cast COM object of type 'System.__ComObject' to interface type 'Microsoft.VisualStudi...

CS0117 :: 'Type' does not contain a definition for 'Identifier'

Scott Cates WebLog, June 10, 2007
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I just got stuck on something for an hour, that should have taken me 1 minute to find. The error is rather ambiguous, and left me hunting, and searching. Finally I found the answer. From the web searc...

Solving "The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send." (Webservices)

Webservices, January 28, 2004
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UPDATE: For solution when using WSE, see here! Sometimes when you invoke a webservice the call fails with the following exception: System.Net.WebException: The underlying connection was closed: An une...

Windows Workflow Interview Questions

K. Scott Allen, October 31, 2007
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A few people have asked me what "hard core" WF questions to ask a job candidate. For advanced topics, I like open-ended questions. Not all these questions have a right or wrong answer- but they sho...

.NET blog software

mikes web log, April 4, 2007
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Now and again someone on an internal alias will ask about blog software written in .NET. I was perusing the Daily Grind today, and Gunderloy noted that Mads Kristensen had just released a new .NET-bas...

Build and publish .Net 2.0 projects with NAnt and the MSBuild task - level 200

Jeffrey Palermo, August 12, 2006
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When .Net 2.0 first came out, I was left using the <exec /> task to call msbuild.exe to build my solution.  The NAnt <solution /> task is specific to .Net 1.1 because Microsoft change...

Orcas release date, first estimates

Fabrice's weblog, May 17, 2006
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Roger Jennings has spotted very interesting information on Scott Guthrie's weblog. It's not like there is anything but excellent content on Scott's blog, but I haven't seen this kind of information el...

Bak2Basics: Threading: Waiting for another thread to finish.

Sahil Malik -, October 17, 2006
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.. one of the many tricks in syncrhonizing threads. So the topic of synchronizing threads is quite huge, so I am going to write up numerous short articles on how you can use...

Don't use foreach over MatchCollection, use for

Frans Boumas blog, June 7, 2007
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Simple performance tip. Consider this code: MatchCollection matches = myRegExp.Matches(someString); foreach(Match m in matches) { // your code which uses the match This will perform awful. Th...

First Look: RadGrid 5 PDF Export

the telerik blogs, September 17, 2007
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By now you probably know that one of the biggest new features in RadGrid 5.0 is support for export to PDF. For quite some time, RadGrid has supported direct export to Microsoft Word and Excel for...

Full Name Parser - Recent Patterns, April 1, 2008
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Finds title, first name, middle initial, last name, and suffix of a name. Middle names are added to first name. Uses .Net capture group names....

How to detect VS.NET DesignMode in server controls

the telerik blogs, March 14, 2006
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An interesting question in our community forums today prompted me to write this one. When authoring custom web server controls, you often need to detect if you are running in the Visual Studio .NET de...

Telerik licensing demystified

the telerik blogs, January 16, 2008
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Customers often ask if they need to purchase licenses just for the UI developers in their team or for all the devs on the team. The question is very common since most of our clients have large teams i...

The Type Initializer for System.Drawing.ToolboxBitmapAttribute threw an exception

Rick Strahls WebLog, March 12, 2007
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Here's a fun exception that popped up in my admin error mail box today:/wwStore/item.aspx?sku=wconnect The type initializer for 'System.Drawing.ToolboxBitmapAttribute' threw an exception. on 3...

Debugging an HTTP Handler (*.ashx) in ASP.NET 2.0 Features, April 7, 2006
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An ASP.NET HTTP Handler is a simple class that allows you to process a request and return a response to the browser. Unfortunately, when things go wrong, debugging an HTTP handler can be a little tri...

Redirect Assembly Versions Using bindingRedirect Element

Keyvan Nayyeri, November 26, 2006
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Sometimes it's mandatory to use a specific version of an assembly when various versions are available in place. Simplest option is to use <bindingRedirect /> element under <dependen...

Web Resources demystified: Part 3 (Troubleshooting)

the telerik blogs, July 18, 2008
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In this post I will show you how to troubleshoot Web Resource related problems and how to deal with them. If you are using an ASP.NET server control with rich client-side behavior it is likely built t...

Create NHibernate classes using T4

Brendan Kowitzs Web Log - Yes means I understand, however, it does not correspond to action., July 19, 2009
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Overview Over the last little while there have been a raft of posts about using T4 templates, I think most of this seemed to be sparked from the drive to extend and gain more control over the Linq-to...

Analyzing Windows 8 and WinRT

Steven Smith, September 20, 2011
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Last week at BUILD, Microsoft introduced their vision for the next generation of Windows devices with announcements and previews of Windows 8, Metro style applications, and WinRT.  The BUILD conf...

Items drag and drop for RadGrid

the telerik blogs, April 16, 2008
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In the eve of the official release of RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX suite (f) I have decided to present you with a new feature of RadGrid control. Besides of .Net 3.5 data binding optimizations, calcul...

Sneak Peek: ASP.NET Splitter Control

The ASPx Blog, September 18, 2009
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Check out this sneak peek about the upcoming ASP.NET splitter control! Rich client WinForms applications usually have the ability to split the screen into different sections or panels. For example, t...

Creating a User Defined Language in Notepad++

JonGalloway.ToString(), November 25, 2006
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I just posted about adding PowerShell syntax support to Notepad++ by adding a User Defined Language definition. It's pretty simple; here's how I did it. Like most of these editors, Notepad++ saves la...

Online Compiler for C# And VB.NET

The Code Project Latest Articles, June 10, 2007
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We are talkin about compiling your source code on the fly without need to install in your computer...

Disable Copy/Paste in a Textbox in Your WinForms Application

DevX: .NET Feed, June 2, 2008
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Use these following steps to disable the Copy/Paste feature in a textbox....

Cross Page Posting in ASP.NET 2.0

Sahil Malik -, July 5, 2006
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So here is this brand new feature in ASP.NET 2.0 CrossPage posting, which put simply is when you have the ability to post your form to a different page than yourself. Now, I get the feeling that this...

50 Ways to Kill a Process

K. Scott Allen, July 17, 2006
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I've been learning PowerShell and alternating between frustration and fascination. PowerShell is potent but comes with a learning curve. ScottGu recently posted about using tasklist and taskkill to st...

Skype Wrapper for .NET - Beta version is out!

MSDN Just Published, May 1, 2006
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The Skype Wrapper for .NET Starter Kit allows you to create an application to easily send and receive calls from Skype users, automate calls from your Skype contacts list, and track call information u...

SetDataSource and "Load Report Failed" in Crystal with .NET 2.0

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., March 6, 2006
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Okay this was an obscure problem. Luckily, I found the solution quickly enough in this long MSDN forum thread. The problem was that when I was trying to pri...

Transparent Labels in WinForms

Rick Strahls WebLog, February 7, 2008
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One really annoying thing about WinForms is that there's no built in support for transparency for controls. If you want to create a label and want it to blend into any custom background colors this is...

"Unable to attach to the process" error message when you debug an ASP.NET Web application that uses the .NET Framework 1.0 :: .NET Framework, May 17, 2006
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827820 ... "Unable to attach to the process" error message when you debug an ASP.NET Web application that uses the .NET Framework 1.0 (827820) - Discusses a problem where you receive the error me...

Uri.TryCreate Gotcha

Vault of Thoughts, June 15, 2007
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Today I was working with System.Uri class a bit and I must say that it is very useful. Just imagine checking if a given URL is absolute or getting the host name from URL or even get...

Working with Zip files: Part I, Uploading and Expandning

the telerik blogs, July 10, 2007
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Have you ever wondered how hard it would be to automatically zip and unzip archives with ASP.NET? It may be easier than you think thanks to the powerful SharpZipLib open source library. This library p...

how to add a scheduled task to windows scheduler using C# New Articles, May 6, 2009
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The purpose of this article is to explore how to add scheduling task to windows scheduler using Most of the time we need do scheduling job in .net or any other system.  read moreBy Raveen Rasa...

Copy Pictures To Folders By Date Taken with Powershell

Steven Smith, January 19, 2009
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For about the millionth time, I was downloading the photos from my digital camera and organizing them into folders by date... by hand.  I've tried a few different tools to do this in the past and...

Could not load file or assembly 'AjaxControlToolkit' or one of its dependencies. Access is denied.

Datagrid Girl, April 1, 2010
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I wanted to post a solution to an issue that comes up every time I have to setup a new developer in our organization:      Could not load file or assembly 'AjaxControlToolkit' or ...

Building a Database Driven Hierarchical Menu using ASP.NET 2.0 - The #1 ASP.NET Community, May 4, 2006
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In this article, Michael demonstrates how to create a database driven hierarchical menu with only a few lines of code using ASP.NET 2.0. This is a must read tutorial for everyone who needs a professio...

.NET 2.0 new method: VirtualPathUtility.ToAbsolute()

Keyvan Nayyeri, April 14, 2006
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Jayson had sent me an email about a runtime error in my Community Server 2.0 Recent Feedbacks Control when he published it on his production server with .NET 2.0(Win 2003). Also he had noted that...