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Knowing the Limitations of XML Schema Validation

Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life, May 6, 2004
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I recently stumbled on blog postingby Phil Ringnalda called a little chip in the concept where he notes Still, I was a bit surprised when Xiven linked to a post to t...

WebHost4Life Review : My First Year with WebHost4Life

Scott on Writing, May 5, 2004
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One year ago to the day I started using WebHost4Life to host Since then, I have used WebHost4Life to host a number of hobby Web sites. I've gotten probably a dozen of so emails ov...

the dark side of the moon

monogatari, April 22, 2004
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Just a note, I found that in the recent article about mono on osnews, there was a mention about XmlDocument.GetElementById(). There has been description about it (why it is incomplete). GetElementById...

Generate Dynamic Maps and Flight Routes with XML and SVG

XML for ASP.NET Developers - Dan Wahlin, March 31, 2004
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This code sample demonstrates how over 30 meg of XML data containing world mapping points, airport locations, and flight routes can be dynamically parsed and used to generate Scalable Vector Graphic ...

How to perform bulk updates and inserts by using the OpenXML method with .NET providers in Visual Basic .NET :: ADO.NET 1.1, March 16, 2004
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(316244) - Explains how to use OpenXML with .NET providers to perform bulk updates and inserts in Visual Basic .NET. Requires SQL Server 2000 to perform this task....

it's my turn to drive

monogatari, February 26, 2004
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This is my first blog entry here.First, I have to introduce myself. I am Atsushi Enomoto, llving in Tokyo. I always write Atsushi Eno (since many Japanese friends call me eno). You will find me usuall...

The Great SOA Defintion Debate

benjaminms blog, February 17, 2004
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Matthew Adams left a comment on my last post disagree with my characterisation about services being more to do with messages as opposed to remote procedure calls (RPC). It was a ...

MyXAML--XAML-style gui generator (added styles)

The Code Project Latest Articles, February 13, 2004
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Generate controls, set property values, and wire up event handlers at runtime from an XML definition....

Essential XQuery - The XML Query Language - SQL Server 2005 Resources, February 2, 2004
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XQuery or XML Query Language is a W3C specification designed to provide a flexible and standardized way of searching through (semi-structured) data that is either physically stored as XML or virtua...

Don Box ServerSide.NET interview notes

benjaminms blog, January 25, 2004
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In preparation for the London Bloggers Dinner with Don Box and Chris Anderson on Monday(see the report of this dinner, and what went on at the pub afterwards), I thought Id ge...

Quality articles on Xml Versioning

benjaminms blog, January 22, 2004
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If you care about designing web services and believe in the 'share schema and contracts, not class' mantra then you'll be interested in XML versioning. I mentioned pre-PDC that this...

Reporting in a SOA World

Webservices, January 21, 2004
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Besides that SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) is a cool buzz-word nowadays, it's also an architecture that can bring you some interesting advantages.O'Reilly has an article that...

Bill Dwight Champions HTML DB

Jeff Bernknopfs XML DB & HTML DB Blog, January 13, 2004
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Just prior to OracleWorld in September, Bill Dwight, Oracle's Vice President of Application Development Tools, gave an interview where he described this exciting new technology and answered several ot...

Oracle HTML DB Has an OTN Home Page

Jeff Bernknopfs XML DB & HTML DB Blog, January 12, 2004
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HTML DB, which began life as Project Marvel, has not until recently had a Home page on OTN.  You can now access information about HTML DB at

Getting Started with XML DB

Jeff Bernknopfs XML DB & HTML DB Blog, January 12, 2004
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If you are just getting started with XML DB, check out my article that was published in the March, 2003 issue of the Technical Journal of the New York Oracle User's Group (NYOUG) ("Get...

New Blog on XML DB and HTML DB Launched

Jeff Bernknopfs XML DB & HTML DB Blog, January 11, 2004
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Hello and welcome to my new Weblog! My weblog will concentrate on two new Oracle facilities: XML DB, Oracle's built-in XML repository available starting with 9.0.1 HTML DB, Oracle's new tool for buil...

Sharing the fruits of summer's labors

System.Xml, September 19, 2003
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I did a lot of XML work over the summer. One of the byproducts was a pair of XML readers. The XmlElementReader wraps an XmlReader that is positioned on an Element node and allows you to read...

Serialize Arrays and ArrayLists to XML

XML for ASP.NET Developers - Dan Wahlin, September 12, 2003
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The XmlSerializer class provides a great way to convert (serialize) objects to XML and back (deserialize). However, it can be difficult to properly serialize collections such as Arrays and ArrayLists...

"But I'm a plumber..."

WS-Security, September 11, 2003
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I've spent a lot of time with WS-Security lately, partly because of the bruhaha over its use in MsComService, and partly because I'm digging more deeply into WSE 2.0. Like mo...

Picking Up Steam

Arpan Desais WebLog, September 9, 2003
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Just got back from a relaxing week in beautiful southern california.  Mid-80s, not a cloud in sight...basically perfection.  Fry's, (mom's) food, friends, and ...

James Avery is a God Among Men

Scott on Writing, August 19, 2003
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I owe James Avery a beer. He has written stellar reviews for NUnit and CodeSmith for .NET Toolbox. A nice follow-up would be a review on the NUnit add-in: Jamie Cansdale, care to tell the world about ...

XML Emend

ASP.NET Announcements, August 4, 2003
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The following article has been added or updated at If you have ever wanted a way to make a quick change to the structure of an XML file then take a look at this example. XML Emend w...

So you've decided build a Newsletter, huh?

Wanta .NET ?, July 7, 2003
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Building a Newsletter Building some of the most popular .NET email components (aspNetEmail, aspNetMime, aspNetPOP3) has taught me a lot about email publishing. I thought I would share some tips with y...

The Application Automation Layer - Using XML To Dynamically Generate GUI Elements--Forms And Controls

The Code Project Latest Articles, June 23, 2003
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Exploring the issues of runtime form and control generation as specified by XML files....

The Application Automation Layer - Using XML to generate Menus

The Code Project Latest Articles, May 6, 2003
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Exploring the issues of menu management as specified externally via an XML file, in the context of status bars, toolbars, and events....

A Dynamically Generated XML Data Editor

The Code Project Latest Articles, February 11, 2003
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Using an XML Schema Definition (XSD) document, this utility dynamically generates a data entry form to create and edit XML data....

An XML Database Schema And Data Editor

The Code Project Latest Articles, September 30, 2002
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View and edit your XML database schema and data...

New year, new features: Flakes to take-away!

Pageflakes Community Site, January 2, 2001
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Here's the third new feature of last week's update: Flakes to take-away! If you have a blog or a homepage on the Web, listen up: Now you can easily add your favorite flakes to almost any web page! Whe...