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Converting a LINQ to Entities query to a DataTable

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., September 7, 2007
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I wrote this in response to a question on the ADO.NET Orcas forums and thought I would copy it here. Note that Danny Simmons writes more information about Entity Framework and DataTables in the thre...

ObjectQuery, LINQ to Entities and IQueryable

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., April 2, 2008
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The return type of a LINQ query is an IQueryable, even a LINQ to Entities query. Here is a screenshot of a LINQ to Entities query at design time (code is NOT being debugged). But when the query has...

LINQ Row Number Column

Vault of Thoughts, April 4, 2008
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Today I needed to add an special field to my LINQ query. A kind of Row Number column. Actually it was not a row number nor was it a column since LINQ deals with objects, but since it was used for pre...


Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., March 18, 2007
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From the forums (this thread): A future version of SqlMetal.exe will generate DataContract and DataMember attributes on your entities for you. Putting them on the DataContext won't work because the D...

LINQ: difference between Single(), First(), and Take(1) - developing for the new web, November 16, 2006
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LINQ provides a few different methods that return you a single object: Single(), First(), and Take(1). It took me a while, but I think I understand the difference: Single() operates on a collectio...

LINQ Cookbook, Recipe 9: Dynamic Sort Order

The Visual Basic Team, October 17, 2007
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Ingredients:          Visual Studio 2008 (Beta2 or Higher)   Categories: LINQ-To-XML   Introduction: You can use the Order By clause to easily sort th...

LINQ to SQL and stored procedures

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., September 15, 2007
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I've been watching Roger Jennings blog as he forayed into hammering on the use of stored procs in LINQ to SQL. Like a great and supportive pal,I sat on the sidelines while he dug dizzyingly deeper an...

LINQ - Learn by example

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., January 8, 2008
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Roger Jennings writes about issues with finding examples of complex LINQ to XML queries. Boy have I been there and done that. One of the problems with learning LINQ is that you have two options 1) l...

LINQ to XML in Silverlight - Not! (Well, not yet...)

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., September 13, 2007
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Hey, so I'm not a walking encyclopedia. I thought it would be cool to try to build an xml file from a Silverlight object - namely the StrokeColleciton of an InkPresenter. I coded it up in what I th...

Mike Pizzo on LINQ to SQL vs. Entity Framework

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., July 30, 2007
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Some of the best Entity Framework info is currently living in the MSDN forums. Mike Pizzo is the Principal Architect on the DP (Data Programmability) team. Today, Mikewrote a lengthy response to ye...

38 page "Leverage LINQ in ASP.NET 3.5 Projects" article by Roger Jennings

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., November 2, 2007
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Roger's post are so chock full of information, it's easy to miss things on the first read or two but they are alwasy worth returning to, especially as he updates them to keep them accurate. In a rec...

My first LINQ Experience. How to do a simple COUNT() with LINQ to SQL, December 24, 2007
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This post has some sample code using LINQ to do a simple SQL count function. It compares the code to a non-LINQ version. It's my first actual LINQ code do don't expect much besides excitement...

LINQ in Action samples in LINQPad

Fabrice's weblog, June 6, 2009
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Do you know LINQPad? It's a really simple but great tool for testing LINQ queries. Not only that, but it can be used to test all kinds of C# and VB code snippets. Another great thing about LINQPad ...

Feb CTP of Orcas with LINQ and more coming soon

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., February 19, 2007
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Since a few people have asked me in email (which is not a problem...), I thought I'd make mention that the next CTP for Orcas is the February CTP. It is coming out either late February or early March...

Should database providers be targeting LINQ or Entity Framework?

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., January 24, 2008
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People are always asking "when will I be able to use LINQ against databaseA or databaseB?" and "when will I be able to use Entity Framework against databaseA or databaseB?" In my mind this is th...

LINQ in Action XML samples now in LINQPad too

Fabrice's weblog, June 28, 2009
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After we published the code samples for LINQ in Action's first chapters in LINQPad a few weeks ago, the samples of three more chapters have just been added. These chapters cover LINQ to XML. Thanks Ji...

Anders Hejlsberg and Me (or is that I?) on LINQ in Redmond Developer News

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., April 5, 2007
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It's not often that one sees their name right next to Anders (especially considering that I'm a VB programmer ), but check out this LINQ article in the current issue of Redmond Developer News. While ...

LINQ in Action TechEd Europe coupon code

Fabrice's weblog, November 2, 2007
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At the occasion of TechEd Europe in Barcelona, Manning is offering you to save 30% off the list price for LINQ in Action! All the chapters are already available as an e-book. We are currently polishin...

LINQ to XSD - Typed XML programming with LINQ

Fabrice's weblog, January 15, 2007
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I haven't written about LINQ to XSD yet on this blog. So, here goes... LINQ to XML has been revealed with the first versions of LINQ. It was known as XLinq at that time. LINQ to XML allows queryin...

LINQ to Objects for JavaScript

Fabrice's weblog, December 28, 2006
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Nikhil Kothari, whose blog you should visit immediately if you're doing web development, demonstrates how to reproduce LINQ to Objects in JavaScript.Nikhil is an architect on the Web Platform and...

Use the power of let in your LINQ queries

Fabrice's weblog, December 5, 2007
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Often, when you try to find out how to write the correct LINQ query you need, you end up being confused because it becomes too complex. In such situations, you should remember that the let clause is h...

LINQ to XML in action

XmlTeams WebLog, August 4, 2006
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We're starting to see some real applications that demonstrate how easy it is to use LINQ to XML (I'm just gonna keep abbreviating it "XLinq") to get real XML work done without too much sweat or tear...

i4o, indexed LINQ to Objects

Fabrice's weblog, April 21, 2007
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LINQ to Objects is a great improvement in .NET 3.5 to query in-memory collections. It offers a nice declarative query syntax, strong-typing and support for a rich set of operations. One of the things ...

Use LINQ Aggregate to Multiply a Series of Digits

Steven Smith, September 6, 2009
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The LINQ Aggregate() extension method uses a Func<int, int, int> to operate on items in a series.  If you want to use it, for example, to return the product of each value with its successor...

Parsing WordML using Linq to XML

Fabrice's weblog, August 3, 2006
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Eric White, Programming Writer for XLinq, MSXML, and XmlLite, shows how he used Linq to XML (XLinq) to query Word documents.This is good example to get an idea of where Linq will help us. Linq comes w...

LINQ support on .NET 2.0

Fabrice's weblog, September 5, 2007
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We have a forum for LINQ in Action, where current and future readers can post questions related to the book or to LINQ in general. Here is one question we received recently: The first chapter states "...

Using LINQ to solve puzzles

Fabrice's weblog, March 28, 2007
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Do you want to see LINQ used for something else than querying a database for customers or for querying an array of dummy strings? After Derek Slager who showed us how he calculates baseball statistics...

Linq, DataContext, and Transactions

The Code Project Latest Articles, April 5, 2008
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How to set Linq Transaction levels using a custom base DataContext class...

XAML + XLinq + VB.Net's XML Literals Equals Classic ASP For WinForms

DonXML Demsaks All Things Techie, October 10, 2005
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Disclaimer: I do not work for Microsoft, but I am a Microsoft MVP.  The following is all derived from public information, and any inferences or extrapolations are entirely the work of my imaginat...

LINQ to SQL vs. Entity Framework

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., April 4, 2007
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A recent LINQ forum question asked about the differences between Linq to SQL and the Entity Framework. This is the response that I wrote and thought I would surface it in my blog: Besides that Linq ...

Mashups with SyndicationFeed and LINQ

K. Scott Allen, March 17, 2008
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I was experimenting with the new SyndicationFeed class in 3.5 earlier this year and devised a mashup LINQ query: string[] feedUrls = { "",   ...

LINQ and the DTO Tax

K. Scott Allen, December 20, 2007
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Jean-Paul Boodhoo's post on MappingEnumerable<T> reminds me how DTOs sometimes require an inordinate amount of effort for the simple jobs they perform. You need to define them, instantiate them,...

Introducing Linq to Amazon

Fabrice's weblog, June 26, 2006
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As an example that will be including in the Linq in Action book, I've created an example that shows how Linq can be extended to query anything.This example introduces Linq to Amazon, which allows quer...


Panopticon Central, May 10, 2006
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FYI, we just released an updated community preview of our LINQ support for both VB and C#, entitled “Microsoft Visual Studio Code Name “Orcas” Language-Integrated Query, May 2006 Com...

Sample uses of LINQ, DLINQ and XLINQ

Fabrice's weblog, May 11, 2006
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My article entitled Sample uses of LINQ, DLINQ and XLINQ is now available in English.In this article, we will see how to put LINQ, DLINQ and XLINQ in action. The goal is just to show how to use these ...

Get the Blinq Demo...

Brad Abrams, July 25, 2006
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Polita Paulus does a great demo on Blinq.   Polita Paulus BLINQ (hint, the demo starts at 7:15)....    Keep in mind the *WHOLE* app she is showing is completely created by running...

LINQ presentation

Fabrice's weblog, June 21, 2007
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I gave my first presentation about LINQ, C# 3 and VB 9 yesterday. During one hour and a half, we covered the basics of the new language features, LINQ to Objects, LINQ to XML and LINQ to SQL. Most of ...

Query Notifications and LINQ to SQL - Well I'll be, you *can* do it (with caveats)

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., September 15, 2007
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I'm ashamed that this is STILL on my to-do list as I have probably written and presented more about Query Notification than most people. But I see via Roger Jennings blog that Ryan Dunn has the key o...

LINQ update: May 2006 CTP

Fabrice's weblog, May 10, 2006
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LINQ (including DLinq and XLinq) has just been udpated!There are many new features to discover. This update includes: Productivity enhancements via DLINQ designer and debugger support within the Visua...

LINQ in Action forum

Fabrice's weblog, December 3, 2007
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Did you know that a forum dedicated to LINQ in Action is available? It was already available from the book's web page at Manning, but we've just added a link to it in the top menu of this site so it c...

LINQ samples

The Moth, August 9, 2007
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I opened the Help menu of Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 and observed three additions compared to Beta 1. Can you spot them without reading beyond the screenshot:That's right:1. MSDN Forums browses to the...

Multiple Enumeration of LINQ results

Rick Strahls WebLog, August 16, 2007
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Quick, how many times will this LINQ query hit the database: Stopwatch sw = new Stopwatch();sw.Start(); NorthwindDataContext context = new NorthwindDataContext();context.ObjectTrackingEnabled = f...

Choosing LINQ to Entities vs Entity SQL vs. EntityClient

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., October 17, 2007
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The title is a bit of a misnomer and not comparing apples to apples. To do it right would have been longer. The real comparison is "Choosing LINQ to Entities vs. Entity SQL+Object Services vs. Entit...

Trying Out Persistence Ignorance with LINQ (Part II)

K. Scott Allen, August 29, 2007
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In Part I, we defined an IUnitOfWork interface to avoid coding directly to the System.Data.Linq.DataContext class. IUnitOfWork gives us the opportunity to manipulate IDataSource<T> objects. IDa...

LINQ in Action samples source code

Fabrice's weblog, December 12, 2007
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LINQ in Action won't be available as a paper book before January, but the e-book is already available in preview, and of course .NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008 are there. This is why we are now able t...

How to implement IQueryable (by Kevin Halverson)

The Visual Basic Team, July 11, 2007
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Heres a link to a post I just finished on How to implement IQueryable (create a custom Linq provider). My exam...

Working with LINQ Using Visual Studio 2005 - The #1 ASP.NET Community, May 30, 2006
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Language Integrated Query (LINQ) technology contains .NET Framework enhancements to support querying data. This is an extension to VB and C# language and integrates to Visual Studio 2005. This article...

Fix XML encoding in LINQ to SQL files to open up in RTM designer window

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., November 21, 2007
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When opening a dbml file created in a pre-RTM version of Visual Studio 2008, you will probably see this error message: Cannot load '[filepath].dbml': Error encountered, check Error List window for d...

Developing Linq to LLBLGen Pro, day 3

Frans Boumas blog, September 19, 2007
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(This is part of an on-going series of articles, started here) In the previous post in this series, I discussed the problem of a select with aggregates using derived tables vs. a query which result...

XLinq Overview, Overview Diff and Reference online at

Signs on the Sand, May 22, 2006
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I've uploaded HTML versions of the XLinq Overview, XLinq Overview Diff (Sep 2005/May 2006) and XLinq SDK Reference to the portal. I don't fee it's right that I have to install heavy preview...