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"Linq to Memory": another old idea

Rico Marianis Performance Tidbits, January 2, 2015
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One of my readers asked if I had any particular plans around memory density for Visual Studio to go with my last posting and indeed I had one thought that I considered a very powerful way to crea...

Linq Queries Examples Using Method And Query Syntax

The Code Project Latest Articles, January 1, 2015
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Linq Queries Examples Using Method And Query Syntax...

A Very Simple LINQ Example

The Code Project Latest Articles, September 16, 2014
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This is a very simple but practical implementation of LINQ....

Be More Social: oAuth, Facebook and Xamarin

Wallace B. McClure, July 30, 2014
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It isn't breaking news that social networks are a big deal to your users. But what's the best way to add that functionality in the cross-platform development world? One of the best ways is through Xam...

LINQ to CSV library

The Code Project Latest Articles, February 18, 2014
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Easy to use library to use CSV and tab delimited files with LINQ queries....

LINQ Element Operations

The Code Project Latest Articles, January 13, 2014
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CodeProject In the last blog post, we have discussed about Click Event and Change Event injQuery. You can read that article here.In this article we will go over Element Operations in LINQ. Different E...

LINQ Tip to Use "FOR LOOP"

The Code Project Latest Articles, November 9, 2013
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Best way to use LINQ in FOR LOOP...

LINQ to Jquery

The Code Project Latest Articles, October 9, 2013
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Linq to Jquery...

LINQ and Lazy, Frenemies

The Code Project Latest Articles, October 3, 2013
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LINQ is awesome and Lazy is handy as heck, but using them together requires some thought....

Functionally Similar - Comparing Underscore.js to LINQ

Simple Talk, August 12, 2013
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Underscore.JS is a useful JavaScript library for anyone familiar with the LINQ syntax. It is not a direct LINQ port like Rx or linq.js, but provides a very useful "LINQ-like" experience for anyone f...

Imaging ASCII Art

MSDN: Coding4Fun, July 24, 2013
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I know, I've been on kind of an "Image" thing recently. Well with today's post I think I've finally got it out of my system. Today we're going to highlight two kind of, sort of, related projects.Fir...

Trading With World of Narnians

The Code Project Latest Articles, July 18, 2013
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Object oriented implementation of basic language processing / parsing leveraging LINQ / PRISM / UnityContainer....

Standard Deviation Extension for Enumerable

The Code Project Latest Articles, June 3, 2013
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Calcution of a standard deviation and filtering outliers in a Linq-style....

Invent your own Dynamic LINQ parser

The Code Project Latest Articles, May 20, 2013
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This is an alternative for "Dynamically generate a LINQ query with a custom property"....

Numeric before alpha sort in LINQ

The Code Project Latest Articles, February 11, 2013
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Shows how to sort strings in LINQ ordering numbers as first word in order...

LINQ Insight 2.0 with RavenDB Support

ASP.NET Announcements, February 4, 2013
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LINQ Insight is a Visual Studio add-in that allows executing LINQ queries right from the code editor at design time. Due to numerous requests, the 2.0 version introduces RavenDB support as well as mu...

DistinctBy in Linq (Find Distinct object by Property)

The Code Project Latest Articles, January 28, 2013
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DistinctBy in Linq (Find Distinct object by Property)...

Linq Except Operator to Get NonEmployee And Employee collection

The Code Project Latest Articles, December 17, 2012
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This is most general collection operation that we come across daily. Its set based operation using LINQ Except Operator....

Debug LINQ Easily - Execute LINQ Queries at Design-time with LINQ Insight

ASP.NET Announcements, December 4, 2012
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Devart Team is aiming to create tools that facilitate programmers' work and make it more intuitive. In November 2012 Devart presents a completely new Visual Studio add-in LINQ Insight. With it devel...

A Programmer's Guide to C# 5.0

Eric Gunnersons C# Compendium, November 21, 2012
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My author's copies of the Fourth Edition of my book showed up today: It is significantly updated from the previous version. I especially enjoyed writing the sections on Linq and asynchronous features...

Signum Framework Tutorials Part 1 Southwind Entities

The Code Project Latest Articles, November 15, 2012
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Tutorial focused in writing the entities using Signum Framework, a Win/Web LINQ-enabled framework for writing data-centric applications....

LinQ Extended Joins

The Code Project Latest Articles, November 5, 2012
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The lost joins in System.Linq...

Mocking LINQ Queries

the telerik blogs, November 2, 2012
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Unit testing LINQ queries can be really challenging. This requires a deep knowledge of how LINQ queries work and how they filter results based on predicate values.  While I am adopting test first...

ORM Release History : Q3 2012 (version 2012.3.1012)

Telerik News RSS Feed, October 17, 2012
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What's new in Telerik OpenAccess ORM Q3 2012 Enhancements Add OpenAccess Service: Web API support - ASP.NET Web API service code generation added in Add OpenAccess Service wizard Database Functio...

Extending LINQ with Random Operations

Black Belt Coder Article Feed, September 22, 2012
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You can create extension methods to extend LINQ. Here's some code I came up with for extending LINQ to return random list items and shuffle lists....

JustMock Release History : Q2 2012 SP1 (version 2012.2.813)

Telerik News RSS Feed, September 14, 2012
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What's new: New: Use proxy instead of profiler to mock interface from base class when profiler is enabled New: Support for mocking of non-public methods from proxied instance New: Support for futur...

Using LINQ to Filter by Object Type and Then Quantify

The Code Project Latest Articles, September 11, 2012
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Using LINQ to filter by object type and then quantify....

Flatten a hierarchical collection of objects with LINQ

The Code Project Latest Articles, July 18, 2012
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Adding an extension method to LINQ to flatten any hierarchical collection...

Using basic LINQ commands to query objects in memory

The Code Project Latest Articles, June 1, 2012
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Use basic LINQ commands to manipulate and query .net objects....

Code Query and Rule over LINQ

Brendan Tompkins, May 24, 2012
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Yesterday, after two years of a relentless development effort, we finally released NDepend v4. Personally, I consider this version as the biggest milestone we’ve ever achieved. The three flagship feat...

How does it work in C#? - Part 3 (C# Linq in detail)

The Code Project Latest Articles, May 22, 2012
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Language Integrated Query (LINQ) is a Microsoft .NET Framework component that works as a communicator between the objects and the data. This article will explore the different extension methods used i...

When to use PLINQ vs LINQ

The Code Project Latest Articles, April 27, 2012
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This code demonstrate pros and cons of PLINQ as compared to LINQ...

Implementation of XML Information Retrieval by LINQ

The Code Project Latest Articles, April 26, 2012
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We describe all concepts according to XML corpus by its full set of words based on the tags Term frequencies, Inverse document frequencies, words from the given document are used....

Metro app development hidden gem: anonymous type binding

Method ~ of ~ failed, April 10, 2012
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Just a little post to point out a hidden gem if you are a .NET developer creating a Metro style app: you can bind to anonymous types. This came up in a discussion with a customer today that I was havi...

Find the count of a weekday between two dates with LINQ

The Code Project Latest Articles, April 7, 2012
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This is an alternative to using LINQ for "Find the count of a weekday between two dates without iterating/looping"....

Avoiding NotSupportedException with IQueryable

K. Scott Allen, March 20, 2012
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Most remote LINQ providers can handle simple projections. For example, given a Movie class with lots of properties, and a MovieSummary class with a subset of those Movie properties, you can write a LI...

What’s Coming in JustCode Q1 2012

the telerik blogs, February 11, 2012
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The Q1 2012 release webinars are just around the corner, and we will be showing off some cool new features in Telerik JustCode. Here are the session details, be sure to check your schedule! Note: well...

ASP.NET AJAX Release History : Q3 2011 SP1 (version 2011.3.1305)

Telerik News RSS Feed, January 5, 2012
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Common for all controls What's New Added: Notification in the Skins dropdown in VS Design mode if the skins assembly is not added in the web application Improvement: jQuery version updated to ...

ORM Release History : Q3 2011 SP1 (version 2011.3.1129)

Telerik News RSS Feed, November 30, 2011
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Enhancements The OpenAccess project templates are now available for .NET 3.5. - The following project templates are now available in Visual Studio 2010 for creating projects that target the...

Moving Beyond Enums

Steven Smith, August 30, 2011
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I just published an article on ASPAlliance on Moving Beyond Enums, describing when and how to move from enums to classes in your code when you start demanding more from your enums than they were desig...

101 LINQ Samples

Recently Posted Code Samples on MSDN, August 11, 2011
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Learn how to use LINQ in your applications with these code samples, covering the entire range of LINQ functionality and demonstrating LINQ with SQL, DataSets, and XML....

Signum Framework Tutorials Part 1 Southwind Entities

The Code Project Latest Articles, July 13, 2011
Views: 1,040 | Hits 45

Tutorial focused in writing the entities using Signum Framework, a Win/Web LINQ-enabled framework for writing data-centric applications....

Lazy Exceptions for Fake LINQ Queries

K. Scott Allen, June 22, 2011
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If you want to simulate an exception from an IQueryable data source, be careful about when the exception is thrown. As an example, let's use the following interface. public interface IContext { ...

LINQ: The overloaded Contains Operator

Jesse Liberty - Silverlight Geek, June 8, 2011
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A LINQ Tutorial As part of my continuing (and occasional) series of mini-tutorials on LINQ this posting will consider the overloaded Contains operator. This operator allows you to check whether a list...

LINQ - Sample Queries

Recently Posted Code Samples on MSDN, May 31, 2011
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This project contains about 101 samples using LINQ....

YAEC (Yet Another Email Client) but this one has LINQ to IMAP...

MSDN: Coding4Fun, May 23, 2011
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Today's project comes to us via The Code Project, Yet Another Email Client (LINQ to IMAP).Did the "LINQ to IMAP" reach out and grab your attention too? You've just got to love LINQ and the possibili...

We have IQueryable, so why bother with a repository

Pablo M. Cibraro (aka Cibrax), May 5, 2011
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The repository pattern became popular a couple of years ago by the hand of Eric Evans with the DDD (Domain Driven Design) movement and Martin Fowler with his catalog of Enterprise Application Patterns...

Use LINQ to Retrieve Data for Your Crystal Reports - The #1 ASP.NET Community, March 15, 2011
Views: 1,767 | Hits 60

This article will show you how to use LINQ to retrieve your data and then "hook" it to a Crystal Report....

Video: LLBLGen Pro v3 designer and runtime framework

Frans Boumas blog, March 14, 2011
Views: 1,197 | Hits 44

With DevExpress' Seth Juarez I recorded a webinar / video (Length: 1:25:05) which shows the most important features of the LLBLGen Pro designer (roughly the first hour of the video) and how to use the...

The LINQ Max operator New Articles, March 13, 2011
Views: 1,443 | Hits 35

The Max operator (an extension method defined on the Enumerable class) allows finding the maximum value in a sequence based on arbitrary criteria.  read moreBy Indranil Chatterjee...