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WPF: Custom control style and theme resources

the telerik blogs, June 17, 2008
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Hi everyone. I'm Jordan Dimitrov from the WPF team. I'm planing to post about .Net, first with few post about WPF. My first post is about resources and themes. Recently I had a problem with resources ...

XAML Design Tools from Microsoft

Marquee de Sells: Chriss insight outlet, December 4, 2006
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If you're a designer looking for XAML design tools, and you're a designer type (you know -- beret, turtle neck, a wardrobe that expends beyond jeans and t-shirts), you've got two choices from Microsof...

Two free books about WPF and XAML

Ajax.NET Professional, December 21, 2006
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Thanks to Yonnie to share copies of the two free eBooks XAML in a Nutshell and Programming Windows Presentation Foundation at a new WPF/E Google group. These books will help you to understand XAM...

Silverlight 2.0 Custom Scroll Viewer with Mouse Wheel

the telerik blogs, April 18, 2008
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In this blog post i will demonstrate how to customize Scroll Viewer and enable the mouse wheel functionality. I would be using the mix08 controls for  silverlight 2.0. they are  free and wit...

Load XAML Resource Dictionaries at Runtime

Clarity Blogs: ASP.NET, May 20, 2009
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This topic has been covered by many people, but since I was recently looking at it myself, I thought Id add it here. My idea is to load resources at runtime to enable hot swapping of skins without ha...

WPF Image Sequencer (for animations)

Clarity Blogs: ASP.NET, April 2, 2009
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Working with the illustrious design team at here at Clarity has opened my eyes about the user experience limitations of coding. Specifically, some of their concepts for a particular animation are grea...

Creating a Bar Chart with RadCartesianChart, part of Telerik Windows 8 UI Controls

the telerik blogs, August 21, 2012
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In an earlier blog post I reviewed how to create a line chart using RadChart for Metro. In this blog post I will review how to create a bar chart, and no doubt you will notice some striking similariti...

Custom Panels in Silverlight/WPF Part 2: ArrangeOverride

Clarity Blogs: ASP.NET, August 21, 2009
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This is Part 2 of my series of posts dedicated to creating an animating and virtualizing WrapPanel for Silverlight. If you missed the Introduction or Part 1 I suggest you take a look. Setup WrapPane...

XAML Tip: Adding a Line Break to a TextBlock

Jason N. Gaylords Blog, April 7, 2008
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I'm just starting to mess with XAML as I'm looking to see what I can do with it. As I come across some pretty basic tasks that I'm struggling with, I'll post about it in case any other newbies run int...

Converting Silverlight InkPresenter images to a PNG file

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., January 31, 2008
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In the TabletPC SDKs and in WPF it's very easy to take an ink image and save it to an image format - BMP, JPG, etc. Then came Silverlight and the InkPresenter and naturally I wanted to do the same...

Silverlight IValueConverter vs. TypeConverter

Bryant Likess Blog, November 24, 2008
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This is something that wasnt clear to me so I decided to blog about so that I could fully understand it. Both IValueConverters and TypeConverters are used to do conversions (imagine that!), but they a...

5 Minute Overview of MVVM in Silverlight, September 8, 2009
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Model-View-ViewModel (better known by its super hero alias of MVVM ) is a great pattern to use with Silverlight and WPF. Here is my 5 minute perspective on MVVM (yep, it took me 5 minutes to spit this...

WPF Video Reflection (Fixed)

Granville Barnett, January 18, 2007
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Got the gradient positioned just right this time :-) Xaml: 1: <Window 2: xmlns="" 3: xmlns:x="http://schemas.microso...

Multi-Page Applications in Silverlight

Jesse Liberty - Silverlight Geek, May 31, 2008
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I wanted to build a multi-page (Search - Results) application when I realized that isn't really our model. Fortunately, I wrote to Ashish Shetty , who combines enormous knowledge with enormous kin...

XAML, Expression Blend, and WPF

Peter Brombergs UnBlog, February 14, 2007
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Microsoft is apparently moving forward as fast as it can with the integrated ""next gen"" tools like Expression Blend that are XAML - compliant.XAML has a lot of promise, expecially because of it'...

Starting with Silverlight 3 MEF to load .XAP files dynamically

Al Pascual, September 11, 2009
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Tonight I wanted to play a little with the new Managed Framework MEF for short library. A few simple steps to start with MEF. Download the Managed Extensibility Framework from here Add a reference to ...

Simple Expander Silverlight Toolkit

Jesse Liberty - Silverlight Geek, December 1, 2008
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[Updated 16:00 GMT-5 to include working version and link to code: ]   The new Silverlight Toolkit includes a Expander control that, in its simplest form, is incredibly ...

Editing Telerik's Silverlight Controls in Expression Blend

the telerik blogs, September 4, 2008
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  Along with the release of Telerik RadControls for Silverlight Beta 2, we also released a "blendable" Silverlight project. What I mean under "blendable" is that when this project is opened i...

Pie Chart: Taking Control of the Label

the telerik blogs, September 5, 2012
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It is pretty straight-forward to create a pie chart with a simple label that identifies the category for each slice.  What is a bit trickier is to modify that label so that it shows not only the ...

Answers to WF Interview Questions

K. Scott Allen, November 1, 2007
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Due to popular demand, here are some answers to the questions. Well, not answers exactly ... just some pointers to the get you in the right direction...1. Are there advantages to building workflows ...

Free e-learning on XAML

Laurent Duveau, September 17, 2009
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Microsoft Learning has just released an online course "Introduction to XAML" which is free. To access the course follow this link: Clinic 6375AE: Introduction to XAML   Overview...

Mark working hours and days in different colors with RadScheduler for Silverlight

the telerik blogs, August 25, 2009
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We received a couple of questions on how some of the days and hours in the different views of RadScheduler can be customized. The answer of this question is in the attached application illustrating h...

Building a Dial Control

HackingSilverlight, September 24, 2009
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A friend posed a question a few weeks back about implementing a dial control. I found a few but they seemed problematic so I decided it can't possibly be that hard. So the idea is a control with a cus...

Create Dynamic XAML Forms with the Presentation Model Pattern

DevX: Latest XML Articles, August 10, 2007
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Harness this powerful user interface pattern to XAML forms to simplify capturing unbounded sets of data....

XAML By FARR: Resource Dictionaries Vs User Control Resources

Clarity Blogs: ASP.NET, June 3, 2009
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A while ago I had a debate with my co-worker on when to put a resource in a User Control (whether it would be in XAML or in code behind) or put that resource in a Resource Dictionary.  We had thi...

Restyling RadDataPager for WPF and Silverlight

the telerik blogs, March 16, 2010
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  A small but powerful control has joined the great family of Telerik XAML controls with the recent release. RadDataPager is a result of an increasing demand from our customers who needed to ...

Tutorial: Create a Silverlight 2 User Control from a Popup Control, June 19, 2008
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I created a simple user control using the Popup control as a starting point. The end result is a nice little user control that can be used as a popup control to display a message. It has only 1 butt...

Introducing the Lync Controls SDK

Clarity Blogs: ASP.NET, September 13, 2010
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Microsoft today announced Lync Server 2010 as the official name for Communications Server 14.  A release candidate (build 7457) is also available for download at  Lync inclu...

Inkscape to support XAML export

JonGalloway.ToString(), January 10, 2008
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Today, Adam Kinney gave me the tip off to some cool news: Inkscape is adding XAML export. Great, what's Inkscape? Glad you asked! Inkscape is an open source vector graphics editor, like Adobe Illustr...

XAML By FARR: Animations, Resources Vs. Code Behind

Clarity Blogs: ASP.NET, June 9, 2009
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Animations are a feature in WPF and Silverlight that greatly enhance the user experience of the application.  Animations provide a smooth transition from one scene or view to the next and can sig...

Silverlight data binding and value converters

Method ~ of ~ failed, July 30, 2008
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If you are working with Silverlight and data you most likely are going to leverage data binding at some point and run into some needs to format the data in the XAML. Luckily this can be done using val...

Programming Windows Workflow Foundation: Practical WF Techniques and Examples using XAML and C#

GotDotNet: New resources, January 22, 2007
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Programming Windows Workflow Foundation book understand what Windows WF is, and what it can do for you. The book details all the information needed to develop successful products with Windows Workflow...

Silverlight Toolkit WrapPanel

Jesse Liberty - Silverlight Geek, January 3, 2009
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The Silverlight Toolkit includes a couple new panels, one of which is the incredibly handy WrapPanel. In its most straight forward use, the WrapPanel allows you to add UIElements which it position...

Bubble chart

Jesse Liberty - Silverlight Geek, December 18, 2008
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This is the first of a mutli-part entry on the Bubble Chart from the Silverlight Toolkit.  I became interested in this chart when I was working on my soon-to-be-released videos on the PieChart...

Referring to Enums (and Other Nested Types) in XAML

Clarity Blogs: ASP.NET, July 27, 2009
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This is going to be a brief post, because its really just about making the XAML parser happy in an obscure case. I ran into a problem when I tried to refer to an enum in XAML. This isnt something you...

Animated Visual State Transitions with the Transitioning Content Control

Jesse Liberty - Silverlight Geek, April 30, 2009
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The Silverlight Toolkit is innovative in many ways, not least of which is that controls are released in one of four quality bands: Mature: ready for release Stable: suitable for most scenarios Prev...

Silverlight 3: Navigation URI Routing

Method ~ of ~ failed, March 22, 2009
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One of the new features in Silverlight 3 is providing an application navigation framework via the Frame and Page controls in the APIs. If you saw my guide to Silverlight 3, you may have seen the secti...

Silverlight 3 Visual Studio 2008 Designer Preview

Hannes Preishuber, July 18, 2009
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Documentation says that Design Preview in Silverlight 3 Tools for Visual Studio 2008 is away. The preview with Silverlight 2 was only read only and sucks. OK is bad but no preview is even worse. When ...

XAML Clipart and Icons

Guy Barrettes WebLog, September 20, 2010
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Last week, I was doing a proof of concept Windows Forms screen and I wanted a little bit more punch so I went looking for some free icons.  I found a great site called that has a ...

Simple Silverlight 2 Progress Bar for Web Services, August 31, 2008
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Here is a small/basic but useful sample to create a progress bar in XAML that is updated when making a call to a RESTful web service using WebClient (in my case) for Silverlight from my book.  Th...

Use Silverlight to build a Live Messenger Login Screen

Scott Cates WebLog, March 10, 2008
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Jose Fajardo built a Windows Live Messenger Login with Silverlight / XAML, and has a great step-by-step tutorial on how things come together.

Did You Know... How to create XAML objects in Javascript?

Jesse Liberty - Silverlight Geek, February 4, 2008
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I have had a very strong positive reaction to focusing on the Javascript in code behind for Silverlight 1.0, and so will devote not only today's Tip of the Day to a bit more on the topic, but will...

The Header Content Control

Jesse Liberty - Silverlight Geek, January 18, 2009
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This quick introduction to the HeaderContentControl of the Silverlight Toolkit will lay the ground work for future entries on the Expander control. To see the HeaderContentControl with as little fuss...

Themes Revisited: The Implicit Style Manager

Jesse Liberty - Silverlight Geek, October 31, 2008
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In a recent post on theming using the new Themes from the Controls Toolkit I showed that you can add a theme to your Xaml and then add a container as the content of that theme. A powerful alternati...

Asynchronous Image Loading in Silverlight

HackingSilverlight, January 4, 2010
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So one task that was bugging me today was doing image loading asynchronously so as to not drag the app down. Now there are some 'xaml' ways of doing this in wpf and supposedly in SL but alas I have no...

Dynamic XAP loading in Task-It - Part 1

the telerik blogs, March 29, 2010
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Download Source Code NOTE 1: The source code provided is running against the RC versions of Silverlight 4 and VisualStudio 2010, so you will need to update to those bits to run it. NOTE 2: After downl...

Silverlight Chart Drilldown: Part One

ComponentArt WebLogs, November 11, 2009
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    This blog post will demonstrate how to use the drilldown capability of the Silverlight Chart control. Parts two and three will show how to integrate Chart drilldown with a BreadCrumb co...

My Visual Studio 2010 Dark Theme, April 20, 2010
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Everyone has their preferences for their development IDE. Colors, fonts, tools, keyboard shortcuts, etc. Im certainly no different. I really prefer the darker themes over the white background. The bri...

Silverlight and unsupported features

Glavs Blog, May 20, 2007
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Like a lot of people lately, I have been playing with Silverlight (Alpha 1.1 version), trying to understand the nuts and bolts of it, and when that fails, just diving in and seeing how I go. I canR...

Silverlight 4 + RIA Services - Ready for Business: Authentication and Personalization

Brad Abrams, March 26, 2010
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To continue our series,  In real business applications our data is often very valuable and as such we need to know who is accessing what data and control certain data access to only users with ...