Build a WinRT Metro App to Access the Windows 8 File System published in DevProConnections

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Hi Everyone,

I hope you are enjoying Windows 8 as much as the team at Telerik is. Matter of fact, we have launched our new Windows 8 Team Blog and have a new post called, Metro, Direct2D and XAML Burst of Performance in Windows 8 But it doesnt stop there, we have a new article published on DevProConnections today called, Build a WinRT Metro App to Access the Windows 8 File System. This article takes a look at what is involved with accessing the Windows 8 file system to create, read, modify and delete files. We also discuss file attributes and the Most Recently Used list in Windows 8. Go ahead and read the introduction below then check out the full article.

Article Introduction

Windows 8 introduces a new native runtime called Windows Runtime (WinRT), which is the backbone of the new Metro user experience in Windows 8. For Windows developers, now is the ideal time to explore the Windows 8 Developer Preview and start working with Windows 8 and WinRT. Because file system access is one of the first things any developer needs to understand when learning a new platform, a good way to help you get your feet wet with WinRT is to use it to build a file systemaccess application. I'll walk you through the process of creating a Windows 8 C# and XAML Metro application and demonstrate how to manipulate files programmatically. After building the app, we'll explore additional file features, including reading file properties and adding a file to the Windows most recently used (MRU) list.

The Full Article

The full article is hosted on DevProConnections and you can access it by clicking here. Dont forget to share it and feel free to leave feedback as I will be watching it.

Thanks for reading!

Michael Crump, XAML Evangelist

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