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A simple web proxy with ASP.NET

The Code Project Latest Articles, April 28, 2006
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A simple web proxy that able you browse web pages without government filtering!...

Web Services - Sending Large SOAP Messages

Bill Evjens Blog, September 13, 2006
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I have been working in the area of Web services for some time and  I am on a project where I needed to distribute some extremely large datasets to some clients (Windows Forms). So, imagine a...

Chat Application using Web services in C#

The Code Project Latest Articles, May 16, 2008
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This is a cool chat application created in DotNet using web services having all the functionalities....

Using Fiddler with non-Internet Explorer Browsers

Rick Strahls WebLog, January 5, 2006
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This is not particular insightful tip, but often when I use Fiddler for debugging non-IE requests with customers or during training sessions I hear they didn’t know that they can use ...

Manipulating HTTP Headers in your WCF Message, November 3, 2006
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I was going to write a quick note about how to suppress Expect 100-Continue as a result of this forum post. But it seems no one’s covered the background of WCF best practices for manipulating HTTP hea...

Accepting invalid Certificates for WCF/Web Services/HttpWebRequest gets easier

Rick Strahls WebLog, December 12, 2007
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Looks like .NET 3.0/3.5 has updated functionality to allow setting certificate certificate polices. In fact I noticed that the old mechanism I showed in an earlier post has been marked as obsolete, bu...

Web Services, Interoperability and Portability

WebServices.Org Weblogs, May 2, 2006
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The discussion about the difference between interoperability and portability isn't new by any means, and neither is it a Microsoft versus everyone else argument: J2EE and CORBA both suffer too....

ASP.NET : Make "Export to Excel" always open excel in a separate Window

ASP.NET Daily Articles, February 3, 2006
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This article discusses on implementing Export to Excel functionality always open up in New Window rather than opening in the same browser....

Invoking a Web Service Without Web Reference

The Code Project Latest Articles, June 27, 2006
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How to support loosely coupled integration by invoking Web Services dynamically, without setting a Web Reference....

Why Limit ?Governance? to SOA and Web Services?

WebServices.Org Weblogs, March 16, 2006
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Governance needs to involve the entire business. However, opening up the process too hastily is like inviting the passengers in a 747 to contribute their life experience and wisdom to help fly the pla...

WebBrowser Control No PostData in Navigating Event

Rick Strahls WebLog, September 4, 2006
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So I was going over some demos for my ASP.NET Core talk this week and I was looking over my ASPNET Hosting demos which host the ASP.NET runtime in a WinForms application. There are a number of example...

The Big WS-Difference

WebServices.Org Weblogs, March 21, 2007
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The biggest difference between web services testing and full SOA testing is the concept of testing implementation and side-effects as opposed to just the middleware layer....

Everything about REST Web Services - what and how - Part 1

The Code Project Latest Articles, November 4, 2007
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Want to design a REST web service? Need to know what REST is and how to go about it? What are the differences between a traditional web service and a REST one? This article starts with the basics, ass...

Websites Back In The Day

youve been HAACKED, January 6, 2006
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Scott Mitchell reminisces about Websites Back in the Day. You mean like this one1 Scott 1 Creds to Mr. CodingHorror for finding this lovely lovely website that proves just because you can publish on ...

Internationalized URLs

youve been HAACKED, November 30, 2007
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Despite an international team of committers to Subtext and the fact that MySpace China uses a customized version of Subtext for its blog, I am ashamed to say that Subtexts support for internationaliza...

JAX-WS 2.1 RI Released

WebServices.Org, February 2, 2007
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JAX-WS 2.1 FCS RI is a Web Services framework that provides tools and infrastructure to develop Web Services solutions for the end users and middleware developers....

Survey Results: What does the WS-Testing Community Think?

WebServices.Org Weblogs, October 2, 2007
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Almost a year ago, we released the first edition of our free WS-* only version of LISA, in LISA WS-Testing. Now as we near 10,000 downloads, we wanted to know how teams are progressing in their adop...

Getting Your Message Across in Binary

WebServices.Org Weblogs, June 26, 2006
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What ever happened to ?Binary XML?? Is the Fast Web Services initiative going to bring solace?...

WS-BPEL 2.0 Approved as an OASIS Standard

WebServices.Org, April 13, 2007
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WS-BPEL uses Web services standards to describe business process activities as Web services, defining how they can be composed to accomplish specific tasks....

Next stop .... the Twilight Zone!

WebServices.Org Weblogs, January 25, 2006
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Two events happened recently that got me thinking that we do stand at a crossroads in the evolution of Web Services: firstly, the OASIS WS-Context specification has passed its final vote on the road t...


All About Interop, January 20, 2006
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Do you use web services?  If you have concerns about interoperability and security, then you probably would like to see SAML support on .NET.  Well here's something for you.  The Patte...

Invoking the B-Word and the G-Word, Early and Often

WebServices.Org Weblogs, March 1, 2006
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Business value and governance are the dominant themes at this year?s gathering of top Web services and SOA deployers in financial services....

Sample WinForm application to call and display various WSS web services

ASP.NET Announcements, July 8, 2005
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I have created a sample WinForm application to call the various WSS web services and display the data. Visit my website to download the binary and source-code for the sample. The application also has ...

Want to connect to Windows Sharepoint services or Sharepoint Server programmatically?

All About Interop, September 21, 2007
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The WSS network interface is documented here. What it means is you can browse, save, or insert files into lists and libraries programmatically, from any app that can do REST style invocations, Web ser...

WCF: Unable to open IChannelListener

Bryant Likess Blog, August 3, 2006
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On one of my current projects we are trying to use WCF with BizTalk 2006. In order to do this I was trying to implement the WCF adapter for BizTalk Server 2006 community project. The project comes wit...

WSE3 with WCF February CTP

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., March 31, 2006
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Everything I thought I knew about how to interop messages between WCF and WSE3.0 went down the toilet with the newest bits of WCF. Thanks to some serious counseling from William...

WSE3 Demos recorded in Camtasia

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., April 16, 2006
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I recorded my basic "Securing a web service with WSE 3" demo using Camtasia. There are two versions of this. In the 30 minute version, I spend a lot...

Implementing a Secure token service with WCF

Pablo M. Cibraro (aka Cibrax), March 14, 2006
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I decided to write this post in order to show some necessary steps to build a Secure Token Service (STS) with the latest WCF CTP. There is a lot of messages in the newsgroups from people with problem...

Interoperability between WSE 2.0 and WCF

Pablo M. Cibraro (aka Cibrax), July 10, 2006
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William Tay (Aka Softwaremaker) one of the most  knowledgeable WSE guys around has published an excellent article about interoperability between WSE 2.0 and WCF.I usually find people concerned ab...

Everything about REST web services - what and how - Part 2 - design

The Code Project Latest Articles, November 11, 2007
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This article is Part 2 in my series on REST web services. While the first article introduces REST web services, this one takes us through the process of designing a RESTful web service...

Doing the Tango Java Style

WebServices.Org Weblogs, June 5, 2006
Views: 1,717 | Hits 380

Roundup of the main Web services announcements from JavaOne 2006, including project Tango, now officially known as Web Services Interoperability Technology....

Streaming Music (Radio) Suggestions?

Rick Strahls WebLog, January 23, 2007
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Ive been kinda struggling with my online music listening for some time and am looking for some suggestions on alternatives. I've been pretty conservative when it comes to music - I still buy CDs ...

ServiceHostFactory vs ServiceHostFactoryBase

steve maines blog, July 15, 2006
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Last time around I talked about how the ServiceHostFactory API allows you to use custom derivatives of System.ServiceModel.ServiceHost with the WCF hosting infrastructure that runs ...

Solving "The underlying connection was closed" when using WSE

Webservices, May 8, 2004
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Some time ago I've posted a code snippet to solve following exception which in some cases can happen when you're calling a web service: System.Net.WebException: The underlying connection was closed: A...

Calling Cross Domain Web Services in AJAX

Simple Talk, December 29, 2006
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The latest craze for mashups involves making cross-domain calls to Web Services from APIs made publicly available by companies such as Google, Flickr and so on. Unfortunately, the XMLHttpRequest objec...

Images and partial Page Refreshes

Rick Strahls WebLog, March 12, 2006
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I'm updating a form in my West Wind Web Store that provides resorting of items dynamically in the browser without reposting the entire form. I've been running the form both with IE and FireFox and not...

Last Call: Web Services Policy 1.5

WebServices.Org, November 17, 2006
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The Web Services Policy Working Group has released Last Call Working Drafts of Web Services Policy 1.5. Comments are welcome through 12 January....

August WSE3 CTP to go with August VS2005 CTP

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., August 22, 2005
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I learned on the WSE newsgroup that there will be an August CTP for WSE 3.0 to go with the August CTP of VS2005, though it will be a "couple of weeks".

Browser Standards, WC3 and Web Development Stagnation

Rick Strahls WebLog, March 16, 2006
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There's an interesting discussion going on in Bertrand's Weblog about browser standards and whether they are helping or hurting us in terms of progress in the Web Development world.   This is a t...

Google Web Portal

MarkItUp - Thinking Products, February 11, 2006
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I've used my home page now for some time and have become used to seeing all of my favourite information in one place whenever I fire-up a browser. I can see my Gmail, USA Today ...

Web Services: Concurrent Connections

Darren Jefford : BizTalk 2004, March 7, 2005
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The issue of concurrent outbound Web Service calls being throttled to two per endpoint comes up again and again with unmanaged and managed code and it embarrassingly bit me last week in a BizTalk Per...

Using SharePoint Web Services: SharePoint Explorer Example Tool

Webservices, February 4, 2004
Views: 2,873 | Hits 316

One of the nice things about SharePoint is that there are many ways of accessing the data. The most obvious is of course the web interface, but to accomplish thight integration with for example Office...

WS-Federation quickstart for WSE 3.0

Pablo M. Cibraro (aka Cibrax), June 14, 2006
Views: 2,615 | Hits 310

Microsoft has recently released a WS-Federation sample based on the SAML implementation for WSE 3.0.This sample adds some new cool features to the SAML implementation and shows a scenario similar to w...

Soap Headers Authentication in Web Services - The #1 ASP.NET Community, April 19, 2006
Views: 1,245 | Hits 308

In this article, Vishal demonstrates how to secure Web Methods in XML Web Services using Soap Headers....

Using SharePoint Web Services to Change Subsite Permissions - The #1 ASP.NET Community, March 23, 2006
Views: 1,190 | Hits 307

In this article, Grant examines how to retrieve all the sub sites, add roles, add users, add and change permissions at the site and list levels using Sharepoint web services....

Internet Explorer 8 is Released Diagnose Connection Problems!!

Chris Love's Official Blog - Professional ASP.NET, March 19, 2009
Views: 6,652 | Hits 297

Today Microsoft released the Release version of Internet Explorer 8 (I would provide the link here but I am waiting for it to load in my browser.. ), which is great there are some cool new features su...

How To Redirect To Login Page After Session Timeout

The ASPx Blog, August 26, 2008
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Check out this 6 1/2 minute video which shows how to redirect users to a login page when the browser session times out. Click the image to see how to build a small application which uses a Login contr...

Browser Work Around :: 2 Connections Max

Scott Cates WebLog, March 21, 2006
Views: 1,255 | Hits 287

I'm sitting in Scott Isaacs talk "Lessons from the Trenches: Engineering Great AJAX Experiences" and He just gave a quick little tip, that I didn't know about. I knew (or have heard frequently) that...