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Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 available.

Al Pascual, February 11, 2008
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Well Microsoft calls it Roll up instead of Service Pack 1. You can download it from here.There are many fixes for VS 2008. The more important ones that developers experienced: I believe that&#...

Debugging Classic ASP Application in Visual Studio.Net

ASP.NET Daily Articles, May 29, 2005
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Lots of us had difficulties to set up true debugging environment to debug classic ASP applications using Microsoft Visual Interdev 6 and lots of us used Response. Write to debug instead. With Visual S...

Visual Studio 2008 Plug Ins

Bill Evjens Blog, March 11, 2008
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I was looking at the site Visual Studio Gallery at what was available as plug-ins for the new VS2008. Here are some that I know are cool and others that looked rather promising: PowerCommands for VS2...

Using .NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2005

Charles Young, December 1, 2007
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The recent release of Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Fx 3.5 is causing some confusion. The problem is that by tying the release of .NET 3.5 to Visual Studio 2008, the impression is given that, unless yo...

Home-brew Your Own Instant Messenger App with Visual Studio .NET

DevX: .NET Feed, May 11, 2005
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Learn .NET network programming by writing your own chat application, and in the process, create a slick client-server application that supports simultaneous conversations with multiple clients....

How to deploy the Crystal Reports 2008 Basic Runtime

Guy Barrettes WebLog, April 24, 2008
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If you created reports using Visual Studio 2008 and Crystal Reports 2008 Basic (the one included with VS) and you want to deploy your app on a server, you'll also need to deploy the CR runtime.  ...

Tabbed or MDI Interface in Visual Studio 2005

Rick Strahls WebLog, November 19, 2005
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 If you’re anything like me, you probably fire up VS.NET daily and just leave most of the myriad of configuration settings untouched. With VS 2005 just out and – well shall we say it ...

Installing controls to the Visual Studio Toolbox

Rick Strahls WebLog, April 21, 2006
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I've been playing around with getting the Web Connection controls automatically installed onto the toolbox. This is drastically easier in Visual Studio 2005 than it used to be in previous versions of ...

Visual Studio ASP.NET Designer Crashes

Rick Strahls WebLog, July 25, 2006
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Aaaargggh…   So last night for reasons unknown one of my Web projects started crashing Visual Studio consistently. It started on one form and originally I thought this was caused by introdu...

Open Folder in Windows Explorer in VS 2008

Rick Strahls WebLog, August 17, 2007
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Sometimes it's the little things that make life easier. While working I frequently find myself dropping to the Explorer folder level for a number of scenarios: Tortoise SVN/Subversion checking Non-c...

Intellisense Code Snippets in Visual Studio 2005

Rick Strahls WebLog, May 13, 2006
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Several people at DevTeach came up to me after sessions asking about an Intellisense Code Snippet I use to create properties in code, so I figure I'll post it here. Some of you might find it...

New Version of Free Visual Studio Add-In Released

WebServices.Org, February 28, 2006
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Thinktecture announced WSCF Version 0.6 for improved schema-based Contract-First Web Services design and programming....

MSDN January doesn't integrate with Visual Studio 2005?

Rick Strahls WebLog, January 24, 2006
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So I got my MSDN Library CD today after I got back from LA CodeCamp this weekend and tried to install it. I've been running with the October Library CD because the install for Visual Studio seemed to ...

Crystal REports 2008 Service Pack provides integration with VS2008

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., March 18, 2008
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In my article, What Visual Studio Developer Should Know about Crystal Reports 2008, for ASPAlliance, I pointed out the fact that CR2008 integrates with VS2003 and VS2005 but NOT VS2008 and that ...

Video of WCF and Workflow in Visual Studio 2008

Federal Developer Weblog, June 17, 2007
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I just viewed a great, almost all demo presentation (recorded video) of building Windows Communication Foundation and Workflow Foundation applications in Visual Studio 2008 (code name: "Orcas").&nbs...

A WIX web setup

The Code Project Latest Articles, May 4, 2007
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Create WIX web setup using VS2005 and Wix 3.0...

Setting up TypeScript with Visual Studio Code

Sahil Malik -, July 15, 2015
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SharePoint Training: more information In my previous blogpost, Debugging w...

Visual Studio 2008 (ORCAS) "Project Creation Failed"

Peter Brombergs UnBlog, October 27, 2007
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This is due to some assembly redirects that are added to the devenv.exe.config file by installing the GAX (Guidance Automation Extensions).   Here is the fix, and it's an easy one:   1) Navi...

Building a Site Map with Visual Studio 2005

XML Tips and Tricks, May 23, 2005
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Site maps are a visual way to show the layout of a Web site. Similar to an organization chart of an organization, it provides similar types of services for a Web application. It helps to break down t...

TF26201: This work item has unsupported fields, or user does not have permissions.

MrDaves (David Yack) Blog!, August 23, 2006
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This is one of the errors I encountered when I wrote a sync process that created WorkItems in TFS at first I thought what a lousy error message - but the interesting thing is the details that you can...

The Visual Studio 2005 November 2005 CTP Toolbox Issue

Bill Evjens Blog, December 30, 2004
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I just got my VS2005 CTP Nov 2005 disc in the mail and installed it yesterday. Today I tried pulling up an old project and creating a new project, but I found that there was nothing but the ...

Creating a Crosstab Report in Visual Studio 2005 Using Crystal Reports - The #1 ASP.NET Community, October 19, 2006
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This tutorial describes the various steps in generating a cross-tab report using the Crystal Report elements that are integrated with the Visual Studio 2005 default installation....

Visual Studio Dual Monitor Support

Vault of Thoughts, May 11, 2007
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For a long time now I have been working with only one monitor. For a developer it poses some difficulties like lots of overlapping windows. Without even really knowing how it is rea...

I don't get the visual Copy Web Site feature in Visual Studio .NET 2005

Rick Strahls WebLog, August 4, 2005
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I don’t get the Copy Web dialog in Visual Studio 2005. This feature sounds like it’d be useful if you could get it pointed at your deployment directory, but no – it points at your pr...

Debugging SharePoint Timer Jobs

<Rolog>, October 11, 2007
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Before I begin, I'd like to point out Andrew Connell's blog entry on creating custom SharePoint timer jobs. It's an excellent starting point. The process of debugging the timer job is stra...

SlickRun and Visual Studio 2005 Intellisense under Vista

Rick Strahls WebLog, October 2, 2006
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Ok, so thanks to a little nudge from Scott Guthrie I figured out what my problem with Intellisense is in Visual Studio 2005. And it turns out the problem is:   SlickRun     SlickRun is ...

Visual Studio 2008 RTM Installed

Rick Strahls WebLog, November 20, 2007
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Downloaded Visual Studio 2008 late yesterday and I'm happy to report that installation went fairly painlessly. Amazingly the downloads were coming down at a 500+kb/sec so the actual 3.5 gig download o...

XSLT Profiler AddIn for VS2008

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., February 10, 2008
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I haven't tried it out yet, but there's never an end to needing tools to help save your butt when you are trying to code XSLT. This one is from Microsoft's XML Tools team....

My Personal Fonts and Colors Settings for Visual Studio 2005

Roland Weigelt, January 17, 2006
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After reproducing my old VS.Net 2003 settings (using a proportional font) on Visual Studio 2005 and playing around with features like bold fonts, I’ve finally settled on fonts and colors se...

VS 2005 SP1 Beta - no relief for me

Rick Strahls WebLog, October 2, 2006
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So I installed the Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Beta in hopes that some of the issues Ive reported (here and here and here) on Vista RC1 but this seems to have made little difference.   I still see Vi...

Could not load file or assembly in VS2008 RTM

The Moth, November 20, 2007
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If you open your existing Beta 2 web projects with VS2008 RTM you may face the following error:Could not load file or assembly 'System.Data.DataSetExtensions, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicK...

ReportViewer with nested tables

Williams .Net Zone, February 21, 2009
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Sometimes you may need a report that can not be done easily with standard grouping in a table. Say you want to a repeatable data region that is repeated by an outer group, but contains two other table...

Working with the Wizard Control Using Visual Studio 2005 - The #1 ASP.NET Community, January 31, 2006
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In this article, Eric Arther examines the workings of the Wizard control shipped with .NET Framework 2.0. He also discusses how to use the control to present forms and populate the entered values int...

Getting the Context Menu CommandBar for the ASP.NET designer in Visual Studio?

Rick Strahls WebLog, May 2, 2006
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Does anybody know how to reliably retrieve the  CommandBar for the Context menu for the ASP.NET designer?   I'm working on my Web Connection Add-in to pop up VFP ontop of Visual Studio and ...

Download Updated VS2008 Hotfix KB967253

The ASPx Blog, May 13, 2009
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Microsoft just released an updated hotfix to the Visual Studio 2008 Serialization issue. Why release an update? When the hotfix was released, several developers found that it caused other issues. Yo...

Visual Studio: Difference between Build and Rebuild

Peter Brombergs UnBlog, December 20, 2007
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Believe it or not, I was never sure about this until this morning when another dev and I were discussing it. So, I searched the web and found the answer:   Build means compile and link only the s...

What's new for Crystal Reports in Visual Studio 2008?

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., November 21, 2007
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Okay I'm just going to torture you and make you click over here to read the answer.... [A New DevLife Post] ...

Download the Free C# Code Snippet Libraries for Visual Studio 2005

MSDN Just Published, February 23, 2006
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Get the full set of C# Code Snippets for using within Visual Studio 2005 to have reusable, task-oriented blocks of code that you can easily paste into your development projects....

Bookmarks in Visual Studio 2008 verses Visual Studio 2005, November 26, 2007
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Bookmarks in visual studio 2008 are not quite what I remember from visual studio 2005. Read on to see what I've found....

Expression Studio is shipping today

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., April 30, 2007
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Rray Ozzie just announced that Expression Studio is shipping today. All MIX attendees will be getting "a special commorative edition". ...

Run Visual Studio SLN file shortcut as Admin in Vista

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., March 23, 2007
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Dominick Baier posted this 3 months ago, but I only needed it for the first time today. It's quite handy having the SLN files as shortcts when doing conference presentations, and I am preparing my new...

Sample Application: FFAssist using Crystal .NET for Visual Studio 2005 - Part 3 - The #1 ASP.NET Community, May 18, 2005
Views: 1,173 | Hits 335

In the third and final part of our series creating the FFAssist sample application, Eric Landes demonstrates new features of Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 and Crystal Reports .NET....

Which Visual Studio 2010 is Team Suite?

Steven Smith, October 21, 2009
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The new VS 2010 has a new lineup of versions which you can find described on the Visual Studio 2010 Products page.  Some things to note: Ultimate is the new Suite The Data Dude SKU is now ...

Generate Email Notifications With MSBuild and Web Deployment Projects

Steven Swafford - ASPAlliance Columnist/Editor, May 28, 2007
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If you are not familiar with MSBuild I suggest you take the time to read over the reference and overview. I use Web Deployment Projects to automate my build process to include the build release t...

Installing VisualSVN Subversion

Steven Smith, October 3, 2008
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Wrapping up HeadSpring's Agile Boot Camp class this week, we're installing VisualSVN Server locally.  Running the setup is just a matter of hitting Next three times - it's very simple.  Runn...

Extending the Win Forms Binding Source Component Features, March 13, 2008
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The binding source component in Visual Studio 2005/2008 Windows Forms provides a valuable service for data driven applications by providing automatic data binding between controls and the data source....

Why you should use Visual Studio 2008 today!

Wallace B. McClure, August 17, 2007
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If you have an ASP.NET project that use ASP.NET AJAX, you should take a serious look at using Visual Studio 2008 today.  The javascript debugging makes it all worth it.  I was tracking an er...

TFS Project Server Connector

Somasegars WebLog, June 11, 2007
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Last week nearly 13,000 people gathered in Orlando for TechEd 2007.  We heard lots of excitement around Visual Studio 2008 (yes we announced the actual name for Orcas), the Visual Studio Shell (i...

Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 and Reporting Services - The #1 ASP.NET Community, July 15, 2005
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Reporting Services in Visual Studio 2005 has a major new feature: the ability to run a report locally from your appplication. Terry Voss examines local versus remote reporting....

You may receive an "Access is denied" error message when you try to debug a Web application, and you have administrative permissions in Visual Studio .NET :: ASP.NET 1.0, March 29, 2005
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(894433) - Describes a problem that may occur in Visual Studio .NET. If you have administrative permissions, you may receive an "Access is denied" error message when you try to debug a Web applicati...