ScottGu blogs about fixes for common VS2008/.NET 3.5 b2 issues

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Scott has collected a list of issues which might occur when working with VS2008/.NET 3.5 beta 2. See the post.

I am one of those people who have emailed Scott to say VS2008 beta 2 is the best VS beta so far. I've had mixed feelings with both VS2005 and VS2003 betas in the past, sometimes they screwed my machine for real (I'm old-fashioned, and don't use Virtual PC at home) and usually they were just slow or some other issues occurred. With VS2008 there hasn't been any signs of anything like that.

Installation worked fine for my XP SP 2. IDE itself has worked smoothly, and has not crashed even once. Yes, 0 crashes so far. And if it has misbehaved at any point due to a possible bug or something, I haven't noticed such, which means it cannot have major issues or they occur at very rare cases. I certainly have found things which could be improved, especially productivity features in JS intellisense, but I cannot claim they would've been bugs.

Only true complaint I've had so far, is that JavaScript Intellisense has been slow when adding SCRIPT tag for the first time on a page and typing the first letters of the script. Probably some initialization e.g happens at that point which hangs IDE for a couple of seconds.

I'd like to remind that if I'd find an issue, I wouldn't hesitate to report that to MS, since it's the only way they can make things better, if they are told what's wrong. Therefore it is imperative that everyone trying the product tells what they think about it, and especially what's bad and also what's good. That's why MS Connect and the other mediums like ASP.NET Forums are there.

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