Visual Studio Tooltips unplugged: Drag and Drop code artifacts to Toolbox General Tab.

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I bet you never thought about this feature! Me either…

It’s good that there is a marvelous blog about all goodies in VS maintained by a nice lady.

I will be monitoring and making comments on the topics there that have excited me most.

So what is on today’s menu? As you’ve probably figured it out already, I will comment on a fine (but unknown to me) feature of dragging and pasting code artifacts straight to the VS toolbox. At first I was a little bit skeptic, but it really worked out, let me show you how:


1. Mark a code segment in the code editor


2. Drag the selected code to the General Tab of the Toolbox


3. You will end up with a toolbox item that represents the code snippet.


4. Drag back to the code editor, or double click to insert at the cursors position.

Yes, that was it really :) All worked as expected.

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