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FIX: Requested Registry Access is not allowed (Visual Studio 2008)

Peter Brombergs UnBlog, January 12, 2008
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  Symptom: in Visual Studio 2008, you attempt to add a new WebContentForm and associate it with a MasterPage. You receive an error dialog ""Requested Reqistry Access is not allowed"".   ...

More BindingSource WinForm Databinding frustrations

Rick Strahls WebLog, January 12, 2006
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I'm once again getting stuck on WinForm DataBinding. I work primarily with forms that bind to entity business objects so the thing I do a lot of is binding textboxes, checkboxes etc. to business objec...

Master Pages and Content Pages in WSS 3.0

Software/Technology Discussion, July 3, 2006
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This short article demonstrates the use of ASP.NET 2.0 master pages and content pages in Windows SharePoint Services v3.0. Since WSS 3.0 uses ASP.NET 2.0 to provide core functionality, it is worth do...

Create docx files using c# without com

The Code Project Latest Articles, December 27, 2008
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Create and modify open xml (docx) file using c#/vb without ms word installed...

Advanced FoxPro COM Interop Article Series

Rick Strahls WebLog, December 24, 2005
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I've put up a three part article series on advanced FoxPro and .NET Interop topic dealing with handling complex object passing, handling .NET COM events and multi-threading with .NET components. This ...

Using the Serial and USB ports with VB.NET

Brad McCabes WebLog, April 7, 2005
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I was playing around with my USB GPS receiver the other day and started to wonder how hard it would be to integrate it into my applications (more on this in the future).  The first challenge I ha...

Drag and Drop from Explorer into a FoxPro TextBox

Rick Strahls WebLog, September 29, 2005
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  This might seem like a trivial thing to do, but as it turns out it’s not. My use case for this scenario is that somebody last week suggested it would be very nice if Help Builder supporte...

Back Button in ASP.NET

ASP.NET Announcements, February 7, 2005
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Dear All: I have seen many threads in this forum where developers ask: >> How to implement a back button in ASP.NET I found it convenient to create a component that will make your life easy...

Converting SQL to LINQ, Part 9: Full Outer Join (Bill Horst)

The Visual Basic Team, February 12, 2008
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This post assumes youve read the previous posts in this series.  It makes the same assumptions as Part 8, and I will pick up where I left off, covering Full Outer Join.  Once again, I recogn...

How can I capture all HTTP traffic on a specific port

Rick Strahls WebLog, December 2, 2005
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Seems like there’s a huge variety of people stopping by here with all sorts of skillsets and so I’m going to take advantage of that and pick YOUR brain today <g>…   I need...

The Visual Basic language on Silverlight

MSDN: Visual Basic, May 3, 2007
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See what it takes to develop Visual Basic applications that run cross-browser and cross-platform! Silverlight 1.1 is here and it will allow Visual Basic developers to create rich applications that wil...

Crystal Reports and Visual Studio 2010

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., February 19, 2010
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If like me, you have a cant live with it, cant live without it relationship with Crystal Reports and have made a significant investment in reporting with their tools, you might be digging around the V...

InfoPath: How To Populate a List Control With SharePoint Users

Webservices, March 16, 2004
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Since the Service Pack 1 Preview of InfoPath it is really simple to fill for example a drop-down list box on a InfoPath form with data that is stored in a SharePoint list. But it’s not quite str...

Converting SQL to LINQ, Part 8: Left/Right Outer Join (Bill Horst)

The Visual Basic Team, January 31, 2008
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This post assumes youve read the previous posts in this series.           After my post on joins, Ive had some questions about outer joins.  As you c...

Don Box: VB Evangelist?

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., December 23, 2007
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Last spring, I ran into Don Box in the hallways at MIX07. I hadn't seen him in quite a while and asked what he had been up to lately in his wizard's tower. Though he couldn't really talk about what...

New: Survey Module Tutorial (C# and VB)

Shaun Walker, October 21, 2006
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I completed a new tutorial that is a walk-thru for creating the Survey Module: Survey Module Tutorial (C# and VB) It contains a section that some might find useful. I usually cut-and-paste blocks of ...

.NET Open/Save file dialog components with preview pane

GotDotNet: New resources, April 11, 2006
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The .NET Framework contains components that present standard Open/Save dialog boxes, which you can use in your applications, but you can not extend these dialogs, can not add custom controls as many a...

Creating Undo functionality in a Visual FoxPro TextBox

Rick Strahls WebLog, October 26, 2005
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The Visual FoxPro textbox isn’t exactly a highly featured control as is – in Help Builder I had to bend over backwards to make it work as a text based editor for long text that includes fo...

Micro XP looks like it sucks

Michael Slatterys Weblog, January 4, 2005
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I found this article about a minimal process called "Micro XP" disappointing. I found it referenced in this guy's blog. XP becomes a dangerous process without Pair Programming unless you compensat...

'foo' is a 'variable' but is used like a 'method'

Andrew Conrads WebLog, April 27, 2007
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  Over the last several months, because of my current project I have had to program in a bunch of different languages.   (The reason for this will become crystal clear early next week)....

VS 2005 Install issue: Smart Device Designer is not working

Rick Strahls WebLog, November 1, 2005
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I’m doing a SmartPhone session at a conference next week and I just found out that my VS.Net 2005 install is broken for any mobile development. When I open a new project or existing device proj...

youve been HAACKED, October 26, 2006
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Dan Appleman takes the .NET focused custom search engine ideaone step further by grabbing a great domain namefor his search engine. Now why didnt I think of that! Sometimes thats all it takes between ...

Check out my "Real" NHibernate Example App

Paul Wilsons .NET Blog, May 26, 2005
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As most of you know that follow my blog, I not only have my own WilsonORMapper, but I've also been tinkering with NHibernate some.  Why  I needed to use a "free" set of code for my recent ...

Does VB.NET have a Yield Return, as with C#?

All About Interop, February 16, 2007
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Someone asked me about this and I wasn't sure.  So I looked around and didn't see a definitive answer.  I asked the VB Team and got it. VB.NET does not have language support for iterators.&n...

Auto-incrementing assembly build numbers for ASP.NET web apps with VS 2005

ScottGus Blog, December 2, 2005
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Brad Bartz has a really great write-up on how to build a custom MSBuild task that enables you to auto-increment the build version number generated in your deployed assemblies on each new build.  ...

New Book - Professional VB 2005 with .NET 3.0!

Bill Evjens Blog, May 29, 2007
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Another book! I and some friends just finished a new release of our Visual Basic book. This is another book I wrote with the wonderful Kent Sharkey! :) We really cleaned up this version of the book. ...

Google Suggest Functionality Using AJAX

ASP.NET Daily Articles, October 31, 2005
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Google Suggest is way cool. You type your search text and it gets the hits without doing the POSTBACK. You can easily implement this functionality using AJAX. In this article we will create a very sma...

Uninstall a VSI File

Wallace B. McClure, November 9, 2005
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If you want to uninstall a VSI file for Visual Studio .NET 2005, its kinda hard to figure out what is going on.  I didn't find anyway any way in the Control Panel applet.  I couldn't find it...

VB.NET-XML based Dynamic Menu Component using Recursion Technique New Articles, December 16, 2006
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In this article, we will see how to generate Dynamic Menus (using recursion) in based on the XML data which has the complete details about the Menu like Menu Text, Shortcut keys etc., It's a ge...

Implementing IEnumerable(Of T) and IEnumerable in Visual Basic.Net

DonXML Demsaks All Things Techie, September 28, 2007
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OK, this is one that gets me every time I switch back to Visual Basic from C#, and is one of the times that I find C# much easier to work with.  Even with all the XML Literal goodness in Visual B...

ASP.NET Today: GridView Gripes

Dino Espositos WebLog, June 30, 2005
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The following was a rather common task to accomplish with DataGrids. Users click a button in a button column (say, Add to Cart), a server-side event fire (ItemCommand), you handle it and do what's nee...

ImageMagick in VB.NET

The Code Project Latest Articles, March 4, 2007
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ImageMagick is a powerful image manipulation that supports a wide variety of formats. In this article we develop an ImageMagick Wraper in C++ to expose functionalities in Magick++ to a .NET applicatio...

Deploying .NET Compact Framework 2.0 Applications with .cab and .msi Files

MSDN Just Published, December 12, 2005
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Learn how to deploy your application to Windows Mobile-based devices by using Visual Studio 2005 to create device .cab files and by creating a desktop computer Microsoft Installer Package....

Simulating VB.NET's lost String() function

Technology and Programming - Speednets Lottery Post Blog, October 12, 2007
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Before VB.NET was around -- back in the days it was just called "Visual Basic" -- there was a function named String(), which was used to repeat a character sequence multiple times.For exampl...

FoxPro and COM typelibrary creation

Rick Strahls WebLog, September 4, 2005
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In case you missed it, Calvin posted an entry a couple of days ago in his Blog that describes how you can hack a typelibrary in order to provide Visual FoxPro COM exports with the ability return prope...

Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition Now Available

MSDN: Visual Basic, November 19, 2007
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The Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition is the ideal deal tool for productively building object-oriented applications for Windows on the .NET Framework....

Export GridView Data in MS-Excel

ASP.NET Announcements, December 18, 2006
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This is a very simple example which demonstrates how GridView Data can be exported into MS-Excel using VB.NET. This is available on my blog,

How to debug your SchemaImporterExtension

MarkItUp - Thinking Products, September 9, 2005
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As I mentioned yesterday, you can write a custom SchemaImporterExtension component to customize the output from XSD.  Basically I want to write my own extension so that I can control some of the ...

C# 3.0 and VB.NET 9.0 language specifications

Fabrice's weblog, October 24, 2007
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The language specifications for the upcoming versions of the C# and VB.NET languages have been published by Microsoft.The Word document for C# 3.0 contains no less than 519 pages. Something to keep yo...

C# Feeds and News

Steven Smith, July 31, 2006
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Today CSharpFeeds officially goes live.  This is a pet project of mine and Gregg Starks based on Serges site and its source code (thanks to Serge for letting me see the source!). ...

Implementing Getting Things Done using Outlook 2007

simon.says, June 4, 2006
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Last week, I made the switch from Office 2003 to Office 2007 Beta 2.  Prior to the upgrade I was organizing my stuff to do using David Allens Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology and using the N...

How to make Asynchronous WebService WebMethod Calls

ASP.NET Daily Articles, July 15, 2006
Views: 2,388 | Hits 298

Shows a simplified model of how to consume a WebMethod using the BeginXXX and EndXXX asynchronous methods. Examples in both VB.NET and C# along with a downloadable test solution....

Implementing Serviced Component in COM+ using Visual Studio 2005 - The #1 ASP.NET Community, January 7, 2008
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In this article, Abhishek Singh describes the step-by-step procedure to implement and configure a .NET assembly to run as a COM+ service using Visual Basic 2005. He also demonstrates how to consume it...

VB LINQ preview now updated for VB 2005 RTM

Panopticon Central, November 1, 2005
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Now that VB 2005 has released to manufacturing (RTMed in TLA-speak), we’ve updated our installer for the VB LINQ preview. You can find it here. I think the pages at

Languages in the 2nd Edition of Programming Entity Framework

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., August 20, 2009
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I have a very difficult task ahead of me with the EF4 version of my book. The book is already over 800 pages and will only get longer with all of the new features in Entity Framework 4. However O&rsqu...

Reflection Data Access Layer

Scott Cate .net Knowledge Base and Weblog, November 15, 2003
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Reflection is an interesting topic. Code describing itself Code looking at and examining other code Well that pretty much describes what reflection is. First of I have to give thanks to my good friend...

Passing Arrays to a .NET COM object from Visual FoxPro

Rick Strahls WebLog, June 7, 2005
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A number of people have asked me about passing arrays to .NET functions from Visual FoxPro applications. The problem here is that Visual FoxPro arrays are not formatted the right way to just be calle...

CreateObject on remote server in .NET

ISerializable, April 12, 2006
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In VB6 you could easily create a COM+/MTS object on a specific server by using CreateObject(progId, serverName). Corrado Cavalli, an MVP, just pointed this snippet showing how one would do the equive...