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A brief excerpt from mail to my team today

Rico Marianis Performance Tidbits, July 29, 2015
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"I couldn’t possibly list [...] all the crucial changes we made to make [?#‎MicrosoftEdge?] possible. Dozens of big initiatives and literally thousands of smaller improvements (and removals...

SQL Style Habits: Attack of the Skeuomorphs

Simple Talk, July 14, 2015
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Although we like to think that our programming techniques are progressive and in tune with the bleeding edge of software development practices, too often they are directly influenced by restrictions f...

Think You Can Be a Software Tester?

Simple Talk, June 29, 2015
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We all use software, and we all find it alarmingly easy to find bugs in it. Does that mean that we have a natural talent for testing software? Devyani suggests that there are some qualities that chara...

Questions About Devops that IT Pros are Too Shy to Ask

Simple Talk, June 29, 2015
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DevOps isn't a particular technology, nor a job role. It is more of a software development method, initiating originally from system administrators, that promotes ways of enhancing collaboration and ...

Find middle of a Linked List in one pass (Pseudo code/Java/JavaScript)

The Code Project Latest Articles, June 25, 2015
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This is a classic interview question that I think most engineers should basically have memorized. Why; because it is a simple problem with a simple solution but very low level compared to our day to d...

Software Engineering: Just How Immature is it?

Simple Talk, June 12, 2015
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"Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering by Robert L. Glass has become a classic of Software Engineering as cherished as 'The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering' by Frederick P. B...

Shortest Proof of Elegance

Rico Marianis Performance Tidbits, June 7, 2015
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About two months ago I had an extraordinary opportunity to talk to some Great People in the context of creating a computer science program at Reed College.  These days being in a roomful of peopl...

Test Driving Your Database

Simple Talk, June 4, 2015
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In any engineering project, you can’t avoid testing your product against reality. A friend who once worked at a car design center told me that throughout each development cycle, in adding to a compone...

A bug, an error, or fault, and the irrelevance of classification

The Code Project Latest Articles, May 19, 2015
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There’s a lot of confusion about how to classify software issues. Is something a programmer error, or is it an …Continue reading →...

The Rule of Transparency

The Code Project Latest Articles, May 2, 2015
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An introduction to transparency in software design, with particular focus on OO languages...

Coupling and Cohesion

The Code Project Latest Articles, April 19, 2015
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Coupling and Cohesion are two properties that deserve your attention when you design software. These are important because they have a direct effect on how flexible and maintainable your software will...

Intel IoT Developer Kit v1.0 is here

The Code Project Latest Articles, April 13, 2015
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The new Intel IoT Developer Kit v1.0 software components are available now for immediate download on the Software Downloads page (as of March 5, 2015)....

Progress Announces Winners of the Telerik Sitefinity 2014 Website of the Year Awards

Sitefinity Blogs, April 7, 2015
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Sixteen winners across industries honored for the best in website creativity, design, user experience, functionality and overall presentation BEDFORD, Mass.–April 7, 2015 – Progress today...

How to Add Hindi Inscript Keyboard Typing Functionality to Your Website

The Code Project Latest Articles, March 20, 2015
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A tip to fulfill the requirement of getting the Hindi Inscript Typing on your website without using any external software...

Progress Announces New Digital Marketing Command Center, Combining Telerik Sitefinity CMS and Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud to Personalize the Customer Journey across Channels and Devices

Sitefinity Blogs, March 17, 2015
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Predictive and prescriptive analytics, 360- degree customer profile, advanced machine learning, and third-party data integrations improve digital marketers’ ability to manage the customer journe...

Continuous Delivery with TFS: Creating Automated Web Tests with Selenium

The Code Project Latest Articles, March 4, 2015
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In this blog post (which is part of my series onon implementing continuous delivery with TFS) we look at creating automated web tests with Selenium. Although the need for manual testing will probably ...

Announcing MongoDB 3.0 and Bug Hunt Winners

The MongoDB NoSQL Database Blog, March 3, 2015
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Today MongoDB 3.0 is generally available; you can download now.Our community was critical to ensuring the quality of the release. Thank you to everyone who participated in our 3.0 Bug Hunt. From the s...

Thoughts On End to End Testing of Browser Apps

K. Scott Allen, February 10, 2015
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In a previous post on using the PageObject pattern with Protractor, Martin asked how much time is wasted writing tests, and who pays for the wasted time? To answer that question I want to think about ...

Implementing Genetic Algorithms in C#

The Code Project Latest Articles, February 7, 2015
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Genetic Algorithms (GAs) are the nearest thing a software developer can get to magic....

Book review: Soft Skills: The software developers life manual

The Code Project Latest Articles, February 1, 2015
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This is a book review of the book “Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual” by John Sonmez. What is soft skills? Soft skills are basically the non-techical skills you need...

Windows 10 install fail with Modern Setup Host error

Laurent Duveau, January 28, 2015
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ProblemTrying to install Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9926 on my Dell Venue 8 Pro with Windows 8.1 and gets the Error: Modern Setup Host has stopped working. CauseIt appears that you should make...

Customizing Team Foundation Server 2013

Simple Talk, January 26, 2015
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Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) manages workflow of software development projects. It is designed for the typical development. If it doesn't support all your team development activities, yo...

Thinking about the future: What are your goals?

The Code Project Latest Articles, January 26, 2015
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Chapter excerpt from Soft Skills: The software developers life manual...

Arduino-compatible software library for FRDM-KL25Z board

The Code Project Latest Articles, January 16, 2015
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This article describes software library for the FRDM-KL25Z board which allows writing programs for this board using the Arduino API....

Staying up to date with technology developments

The Code Project Latest Articles, January 16, 2015
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For a software developer, staying up to date with technology developments and follow latest trends of software developmentis of utmost importance. But nowadays, the number of online posts/activities t...

Webinar: Microservices and the Cloud-Based Future of Integration

Charles Young, January 15, 2015
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Originally posted on: will be presenting at the UK Connected Systems User Grou...


Rick Strahls WebLog, January 2, 2015
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Ive been working on a Cordova app on a cheap Galaxy Tab for testing. After a lot of tweaking and finessing config settings and SDK pieces to install I finally managed to get my app to install, run and...

Software components as a toy

Brendan Tompkins, December 22, 2014
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For kids Christmas has a lot to do with toys. Looking forward to new ways to play. For me an as elder kid who still enjoys to toy around, aka as a software engineer, I want t reflect on the … Continue...

Does Inline CSS Make Me A Terrible Person?

The Code Project Latest Articles, December 8, 2014
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There is a lot of dogma in programming. I dont know if there are similar levels of dogma in other forms of engineering, but the adamance with which some programmers subscribe to certain practices and ...

Throwing the BDUF out with the bathwater

Simple Talk, December 5, 2014
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Recently, it has been interesting to observe a more critical and considered reaction to some of the more extreme ideas in software development, from berating the nonsense of the 10x developer, to a bu...

A Personal History of Microcomputing (Part 2)

Rico Marianis Performance Tidbits, November 20, 2014
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I could spend a long time writing about programming the PET and it’s various entry points, and I’m likely going to spend on the CBM family of computers because that’s what I know, bu...

Solution to the awful Lync for Mac client

Sahil Malik -, November 13, 2014
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SharePoint Training: more information Lync 2011 for Mac is terrible. The w...

Thoughts on Angular 2.0

K. Scott Allen, November 13, 2014
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Neil Young once sang how every wave is new until it breaks. The line was a poke at trendiness in the music industry, but I find the lyrical snippet is applicable to software development, too, in a num...

Unit tests are to testing

More Whidbey stuff, November 10, 2014
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Developing good software at a large scale requires the collaboration of several disciplines, that are not, contrary to your boss’ opinion, interchangeable. You need developers, of course, but yo...

What's in a Name? On Shakespeare, Lincoln, Cream, and European Starlings (and how they relate to "Software Developers")

The Code Project Latest Articles, November 8, 2014
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A better definition for what it is we who create software do/are....

Microsoft Tweaks Per User VDA and Software Assurance Licensing

Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online | Todays Top Picks, November 7, 2014
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New per-user licensing have been rolled out by Microsoft for its Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) and Windows Software Assurance (SA) licensing plans....

Developing Immersive Apps For A New Breed Of All-In-One Computer

The Code Project Latest Articles, November 6, 2014
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This paper presents four guidelines that can help guide software developers as they design applications that encourage touch interaction and deliver a memorable user experience on Intel processor-base...

Take your CRUD to the next level with DDD concepts

Simple Talk, October 30, 2014
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Sometimes, in a software development, the level of complexity in part of the project can get to a point where the experienced developers will rethink their strategy. Domain-Driven Dasign can often hel...

MongoDB University MCP Spotlight: Nestor Campos

The MongoDB NoSQL Database Blog, October 29, 2014
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As part of MongoDB Universitys 2 Year Anniversary, we are sharing stories from our MongoDB University classes to showcase how they got started with MongoDB and where theyve gone since graduationThis i...

InfoSec is Not enough

The Code Project Latest Articles, October 19, 2014
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I’ve worked in large organizations where IT and software was the means to an end by supporting business and I’ve worked in purely technical organizations where software & IT was our busine...

Digital Security and Surveillance on 4th generation Intel Core processors Using Intel System Studio

The Code Project Latest Articles, October 17, 2014
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This article presents the advantages of developing embedded digital video surveillance systems to run on 4th generation Intel Core processor with Intel HD Graphics, in combination with the Intel Syste...

Paint Your Music: A Table-Top, Multi-Touch-Enabled Virtual Musical Instrument/Game

The Code Project Latest Articles, October 16, 2014
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TheBestSync, a China-based software company focused on integrated software and hardware solutions, entered the Intel App Innovation Contest 2013 (Intel AIC 2013) in partnership with Intel Developer Z...

CyberLink and Intel Use Collaborative Design to Create MediaStory

The Code Project Latest Articles, October 16, 2014
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CyberLink MediaStory* software greatly streamlines the process of organizing and accessing the mountains of pictures and videos stored across phones, cameras, tablets, PCs, and the cloud to assemble p...

One Touch Composer: Creating a Digital Sheet Music App with Touch, Stylus, and Keyboard Control on Microsoft Windows* 8 Tablets

The Code Project Latest Articles, October 16, 2014
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When Dmitriy Golonanov, the CEO of the international company, Maestro Music Software, learned that many musicians would rather use a lightweight tablet than carry a laptop to gigs or a classroom, he d...

Protection & Decompiling Software

The Code Project Latest Articles, October 10, 2014
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Software protection & Decompiling software as a new cracking method...

Career advice for anyone who cares to listen :)

Rico Marianis Performance Tidbits, October 10, 2014
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At the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing there are many attendees offering and looking for good advice.  Dear friends among them.  I read some, “inarticulate” respon...

Announcing The William Zola Outstanding Contributor Award

The MongoDB NoSQL Database Blog, October 9, 2014
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Nominate a community champion for the William Zola Outstanding Contributor Award hereWe place a tremendous value on community engagement at MongoDB, specifically around working with you on your toughe...

Another free Xamarin ebook

Laurent Duveau, October 7, 2014
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Falafel Software has put together all Jesse Liberty's blog posts on Xamarin and Xamarin Forms into a free e-book! The book is called: Learning to Master Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin...

The Business Value of Short Branches

Brendan Tompkins, October 4, 2014
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Context: I recently wrote this for an internal email. I thought I would share it with the rest of my friends. In the world of software development, we cant say its done until the code is in production...

The Business Value of Short Branches

Brendan Tompkins, October 4, 2014
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Context: I recently wrote this for an internal email. I thought I would share it with the rest of my friends.   In the world of software development, we cant say its done until the code is in producti...