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Detecting Page Refresh

The Code Project Latest Articles, April 29, 2005
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A common problem that Web Application Developers encounter is how to stop the user from refreshing the page. So What to do Although we cant stop user from refreshing the page but we can however determ...

Trace Asp.Net Application User Information

ASP.NET Daily Articles, April 29, 2005
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Wouldn't it be nice to see who is visiting your website or what pages are they visiting and for how long Yes, it's possible to trace all of this information. This article will show you how to accompli...

Smart Access: Access Answers: Hide Your Input, and it's Pretty Common

MSDN Just Published, April 28, 2005
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Smart Access's Doug Steele looks at how you can enhance the built-in InputBox, as well as how to programmatically call a couple of the standard Windows dialogs (the Color and Font dialogs)....

Beginning J2ME publishes...

Ablog, April 25, 2005
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Beginning J2ME: From Novice to Professional lets the J2ME beginner learn all the Java API and tools necessary for building rather sophisticated wireless/mobile Java game and other applications for the...

N-Tier Applications and .NET: Achieving Isolation between UI and BOL

DotNetJunkies Just Published, April 24, 2005
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In the previous three articles we have seen how a typical 3-tier application looks like and how to achieve isolation between Data Access Layer and Business Object Layer. I mentioned in the last articl...

Aspose.Excel.Web 1.2 released!

DotNetJunkies Just Published, April 24, 2005
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Aspose.Excel.Web is a pure .Net web component which allows you Create interactive web pages that look and feel like a desktop spreadsheet application; load data directly from Excel spreadsheets; ect.T...

N-Tier Applications and .NET: Achieving Isolation between UI and BOL Latest Articles, April 24, 2005
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In the previous three article we have seen how a typical 3-tier application looks like and how to achieve isolation between Data Access Layer and Business Object Layer. Taking it one step ahead this a...

Good Golly...I'm blogging again!

dasBlonde, April 23, 2005
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Ok folks, it has been a phenominally long and hard few months for this little programmer chick...the clients, the speeches, the articles...oh my! So, I've been stockpiling some thoughts that...

Online Article: Configure It Out with the Configuration Management Application Block

CoDe Magazine News, April 22, 2005
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Online Article: Configure It Out with the Configuration Management Application BlockManaging application configuration and meta-data could not get any easier.Every application needs some way to config...

Online Article: Using the CMAB for Enterprise, Client, and User Settings

CoDe Magazine News, April 22, 2005
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Online Article: Using the CMAB for Enterprise, Client, and User SettingsApplications use many forms of configuration data, storing settings that are used in applications, enterprise, client computers,...

CAB (Composite UI Application Block) is coming from PAG

eXtensible mind, April 22, 2005
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Don't miss the opportunity to give us feedback on what you think about this new cool application block that ClariuS Consulting is working jointly with Microsoft!...

Skype Wishlist Web Development Weblog - Full Posts, April 20, 2005
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As Skype gains in popularity, I'm finding that I am using it more often to communicate with clients. It has an edge over simple text messaging, and better sound quality than voice on MS Messenger. Her...

The use of P/Invoke in Automation

Joes WebLog, April 19, 2005
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The platform invocation (P/invoke) framework was designed to allow interaction between your .net application and unmanaged DLL functions. When it comes to UI automation, that framework is very useful ...

Ah, nothing like the feeling of a fresh re-installed computer

.Avery Blog, April 16, 2005
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Well, I finally had to do it. I made the mistake of not doing a fresh install when I first got my Toshiba M200, but a year later I finally got around to it. Toshiba, like most computer manufacturers, ...

ObjectSharp's Architect Breakfasts Finaly in Montreal

Guy Barrettes WebLog, April 11, 2005
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ObjectSharp's Architect Breakfasts are finaly coming to Montreal.  The next topic is "Migrating to a Service-Based Architecture - Exposing Legacy Applications as Services".  Don't miss thi...

N-Tier Applications and .NET: Achieving Isolation

DotNetJunkies Just Published, April 10, 2005
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In the previous two article (N-Tier Applications and .NET and N-Tier Applications and .NET: A Simple Example) I explained the concept behind N-tier applications and also gave you a simple example. Thi...

N-Tier Applications and .NET: Achieving Isolation between DAL and BOL Latest Articles, April 10, 2005
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In the previous two article I explained the concept behind N-tier applications and also gave you a simple example. This example builds on what we developed previously and illustrates how to achieve mo...

City Wide Wi-Fi Coverage

Brad McCabes WebLog, April 8, 2005
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Before moving to Washington last week I lived in New Jersey just over the river from Philadelphia so I have been hearing about this saga for awhile, but yesterday the city formally announced it would ...

The Connected Car

Brad McCabes WebLog, April 7, 2005
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I was reading this morning about Windows Automotive.  The car has become a very "smart" place.  People have DVDs and other entertainment systems installed, cars track your location and giv...

Image.FromFile Throws OutOfMemoryException

Dave Donaldsons Blog, March 30, 2005
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Let's say you are writing a WinForms app and you need to create an Image object (from the System.Drawing namespace), and on that Image object you need to load the actual image at runtime, like for an ...

MSDN Canada WebCast: Localising and Globalising your Web and Smart Client Applications in .NET

ActiveNicks Big Bald Blog, March 1, 2005
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If you attended one of my 2 MSDN Canada Webcasts on Localising and Globalising your Web and Smart Client Applications in .NET, you can find additional information here. I presented the Webcast in Engl...

MSMQ adapter error if MSMQ/C adapter was installed

Stephen Kaufman's WebLog, February 18, 2005
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My client had a preview of the MSMQ/C adapter and was using it in their development environment.  When the new MSMQ adapter came out they installed that and promptly received the following error:...

Job Openings in my Group

All Things Distributed, February 2, 2005
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I am looking for some really smart people who would be interested in working with me at on very interesting, advanced distributed system problems. All of these problems are in the space of...

Smart Watch

Gottlieb.NET, January 12, 2005
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I got my new smart watch in the mail yesterday. This thing is too cool. I've got it set up to give me local weather updates, movie times from my local theaters, messages from people, local and nationa...

UPDATE: WS-Eventing (Plumbwork Orange)

John Bristowes Weblog, January 11, 2005
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Major props to Shawn Girard for providing me with a sample application that uses the WS-Eventing bits from Plumbwork Orange. After figuring out what was happening with the app...

Back to business in 2005

James Shaw at CoverYourASP.NET, January 4, 2005
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After what seems like a long time away, I'm back to work. Christmas, then a trip away to Savannah for a week, then starting anew with two new computers - man, what a lot to install and configure. <...

Online Article: Sorting Custom Collections

CoDe Magazine News, December 20, 2004
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Online Article: Sorting Custom CollectionsHave you ever wanted to use a strongly-typed collection to bind your data presentation controls to, only to find that you have very limited sorting capabiliti...

MSDN Smart Client Developer Center REBOOTED:

Love that ASP.NET and SQL Server, December 4, 2004
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Check out this entry from Jonathan Wells about the MSDN Smart Client Developer Center This is the link From the site 'The goal of the site is ...

iPAQ without a phone, why bother

Web Services, November 30, 2004
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That is what I thought when my boss, Dr. Bix, gave me a new iPAQ (yes, ungrateful person).  It sat in my office for a few months collecting dust until today when I ripped it open.  ...

Any customers asking for double encryption

Dino Espositos WebLog, November 9, 2004
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A client recently requested to encrypt some critical data twice. I'm not really sure if a double encryption really weakens the strength of the encryption algorithm--a colleague mentioned some weird (t...

Just like your Mother: The Garbage Collector

Jason Alexanders Site, November 8, 2004
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Maoni has a great article on the GC, how it handles finalization, and some recommendations on how to use finalization. Really a great read. I've heard this same question before: "Do I need to impleme...


Jason Alexanders Site, September 30, 2004
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Ok, did I get your attention now :) Check this out: apparently Microsoft's SPOT team is taking proposals for Smart Watch applications. If I only had a bit more spare time, I would be all over tha...

Document Normalization

BizTalk Core Engines WebLog, September 13, 2004
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Okay, I have seen this copied on two different blogs, so it is apparently usefull enough that others might be interested. I posted this originally on a public discussion alias in response to a questio...

Top 2 reasons why WMP10 isn't my audio player

Andy Smiths Blog, September 2, 2004
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1) No OGG support. Come on Microsoft, you can do it. I know you can. You were even willing to ( apparently ) pony up the money to include high bitrate mp3 encoding. You can't hire a contract/temp deve...

WS-* as a design checklist

benjaminms blog, August 31, 2004
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Gregor Hohpe weighs in on the WS-AlphabetSoup debate with a new ‘ramble’ that provides some guidance on how to approach the WS-* standards.  He recommen...

FIX: You may experience increased latency in a custom COM+ application with each call to the CreateObject method :: ADO.NET 1.1, July 3, 2004
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(821179) - Fixes a problem where a custom COM+ application runs slowly because the hash table size increases when you are running the .NET Framework 1.0 in Windows 2000....

Dr. Neil blogging!

Datagrid Girl, June 28, 2004
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I think I've mentioned him before, but my friend and smart dude Dr. Neil is doing the blog thing.  He lives an interesting lifestyle (travels the Northern and Southern hemispheres in order to avo...

Transports, channels, and the office mailroom

Brain.Save(), May 25, 2004
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I work in a fairly large office building with a central mailroom. The existence of this mailroom greatly simplifies life for both me and the postal service employee who delivers mail...

Job opportunity in Santa Cruz, CA

Web Services, April 30, 2004
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I may have taken too long on this, I meant to post it 2 weeks ago!Anyway, in case it's still an option... there is (was) some job opportunities going for someone with .NET Remoting and Flash skil...

Relation between maxRequestLength and request Object

W3coder info! (A Complete Site on .Net for Developers!), February 22, 2004
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Please have a look at this link (@ my Blog), to get info on the relation between maxRequetLength and request Object. You have to take care of this relation when you are developing a fileUpload applica...

Reading .NET User Group YAWP

benjaminms blog, November 14, 2003
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As Tim Sneath spotted, I did another YAWP (Yet Another WSE Presentation) to the .NET Exchange User Group at Microsoft UK campus in Reading last night. I'm doing a number of presentations arou...

INFO: What Is a DLL :: Visual Studio 2005, October 23, 2003
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(815065) - Microsoft Windows and Windows applications use Dynamically Linked Libraries (DLLs) to perform functions such as to register and unregister (DllRegisterServer, DllUnregisterServer) or load a...

HOW TO: Deploy an Assembly to the Target Computer Global Assembly Cache (Q324168) :: .NET Framework 2.0, October 1, 2002
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SUMMARY This step-by-step article describes how to deploy an assembly to the global assembly cache of the target computer. This makes the target computer shareable in other applications. When you do t...