Great Web Programming Reference: W3 Schools

Posted by: Don Kielys Technical Blatherings, on 14 Jan 2006 | View original | Bookmarked: 0 time(s)

Lately I’ve been working on one of those “legacy” applications you hear about sometimes, where you have to go backwards in time. In this case I’m way back in the last millenium, making some major fixes to an ASP Web site developed in the late 90s. It’s for a wonderful niche e-commerce site located here in Fairbanks, and the people are totally fun to work with. So that keeps me sane while I deal with antique technologies.

I’ve long forgotten some of the more arcane details of ASP development and VBScript, but have found a marvelous reference for Web technologies: W3 Schools. It has all kinds of tutorials and references for old and new technologies, and I’ve been living in the VBScript reference section. The site is free, supported by donations and discrete (read: not in-your-face) ads.

They have been a lifesaver the last few weeks.

I have no connection to them. I just want to share a great resource.

Visit W3Schools

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