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Migrating From WP7 to MangoFast Application Switching

Jesse Liberty - Silverlight Geek, October 7, 2011
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A Windows Phone Mini-Series In part 1 of this series, I provided links to downloading and installing Windows Phone Mango.  In this, part 2, Ill provide links about one of the most important new featur...

No Breakpoints in Your Silverlight 2.0 code?

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., April 4, 2008
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Debug breakpoints stopped working in my Silverlight 2.0 project. There's one very good reason why debugging won't work which Karsten blogs about in his post "What To Do When Breakpoints Disappear a...

MSDN Mag Silverlight Annotation Code Sample Download

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., September 11, 2008
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I don't know why I'm so special that my sample app has still not been put on the MSDN Magazine site to go along with my article,Write On! Create Web Apps You Can Draw On with Silverlight 2. You can ...

Silverlight 2 - Dependency Properties and DataContext, June 5, 2008
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Today my latest article on Silverlight 2 was posted on Simple-Talk . The article explains the foundations of data binding in Silverlight 2 including the importance of Dependency Properties and ...

Where's my Silverlight Pen?

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., June 14, 2007
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I keep seeing all of these flash ads that have a pen that you can move around with your mouse and draw - similar to all of the inky stuff I've been doing except I wanted that pen, too! I finally figu...

Some random Silverlight information

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., October 31, 2007
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A slew of Silverlight books, a better way to handle Silverlight installs from your website and moving to Silverlight 1.1. [A New DevLife Post] ...

How about some LIVE Silverlight service debugging?

Method ~ of ~ failed, July 10, 2008
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Ive got a thought lately and curious if Im thinking crazy. You see, probably the most asked questions I get are around working with services within Silverlight. Although Ive got some helpful (at least...

Silverlight 3 on XBox 360

Steven Smith, June 23, 2009
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Scott Guthrie earlier today twittered about a sneak peek shown today of Silverlight 3 running on an XBox 360.  Ive been waiting a long time for this and I really hope that the XBox platform will...

Understanding the Tab Control in Silverlight

MSDN: ASP.NET, December 23, 2008
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Watch this video to find out more on tab control in Silverlight....

Silverlight Gantt Chart

The Code Project Latest Articles, February 14, 2009
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An example of a Gantt chart implemented in Silverlight 2.0...

Silverlight Slot Machine

Hannes Preishuber, May 23, 2007
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 I have build in several hours following small slot machine.     I have written a story board by hand and used Blend, SDK, Orcas and MSDN to build it. There are ~1000 lines of XAML and ...

Visual State Manager in Blend 2.5, June 4, 2008
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Christian Schormann posted a video that demonstrates the new Visual State Manager (aka VSM). The quick and dirty is that the VSM allows you to customize the states of a control. This means you can cha...

Updated Silverlight Annotation Samples for 1.0 Release Candidate

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., August 6, 2007
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I have updated two of my demo Silverlight apps which broke with the RC version of Silverlight that came out last week. The little embedded drawing surface at the top of this blog has been fixed alon...

Some Silverlight events coming up

Method ~ of ~ failed, September 8, 2008
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Im pretty excited about the upcoming Fall travels I have. Fresh on the heels of a 3-day session with the entire Silverlight team this past week, Im rejuvenated and ready to rock. Ive also got some tra...

What's new in RadControls for Silverlight Q3.2009

the telerik blogs, November 5, 2009
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Our biggestSilverlight release - Q3.2009 is nowofficially released. We addedten (yes ten!) new controls to the Silverlight suite: RibbonBar TileView OutlookBar FluidContentControl Book TreeListV...

Template Binding with Silverlight Resource to Resource, June 16, 2008
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I mentioned a few weeks ago that Corrina Barber is creating some elegant skins that I will be using for my samples in my upcoming book Silverlight 2 with Data Access. Corrina has updated quite a b...

Display Images with the Silverlight Downloader in Alpha 1.1, July 4, 2007
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This article gives you a way to download images from remote servers on different domains using the downloader object of Silverlight. Without this, you can not easily keep track of when images are dow...

Silverlight Flipbook Code Available

DotNetJunkies Just Published, October 5, 2007
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The complete source code for Dr. Dobb's Silverlight FlipBook is nowfreely available. Dr. Dobb's flipbook is an e-zine special edition focused on Vista programming that was created in Silverlight....

Multiple-Selection ComboBox for Silverlight

The Code Project Latest Articles, September 10, 2009
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A tutorial on how to create a Multiple-Selection ComboBox for Silverlight...

XAML control listing

Wallace B. McClure, May 13, 2007
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As I have been reading and trying to understand the silverlight 1.1 alpha.  Given the similarities between silverlight design and XAML, I've been looking for a list of xaml controls.  We...

Silverlight community samples – what do you want?

Method ~ of ~ failed, August 27, 2009
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I normally hate short posts but my friend John Papa put a poll up that I wanted to make sure gets some attentionplease provide your opinion on this poll: What kinds of samples would you most like to...

Why Silverlight and DotNetNuke?

Shaun Walker, July 15, 2007
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Why Silverlight? The main reason is the mouse. In this example Silverlight application Amazon Search Visualization the user is able to search the Amazon catalog by creating relationships using the mo...

Silverlight 1.0 released!

Somasegars WebLog, September 5, 2007
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Earlier this year at NAB 07 and MIX 07, we unveiled the Silverlight brand, tools, infrastructure, and roadmap, and committed to shipping Silverlight 1.0 in late summer.     I am very pleased...

Halo-themed version of Tafiti

Somasegars WebLog, September 20, 2007
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Today we launched a special themed version of Tafiti to celebrate the release of Halo3.    Tafiti is an experimental search front-end designed to help people use the Web for research project...

Silverlight and Blend tutorials

Laurent Duveau, June 22, 2007
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Here is a great new website for you "expression-scary developers" : It provides tutorials on how to build rich web experiences and applications using Sil...

12 MORE Insanely Essential Utilities For Programmers

Jesse Liberty - Silverlight Geek, January 10, 2011
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In July I published a list of 12 Insanely Essential Utilities for Programmers. That list is still current and Im still using every one of the twelve. The list, however, has become popular enough, and ...

One Last Gotcha for debugging Web Service Projects with Silverlight, June 21, 2007
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So you followed all my directions and you still can't debug your Silverlight Project with a web service? Read on....

Building a simple mashup step by step with Popfly

Laurent Duveau, June 26, 2007
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If you don't know what is Popfly, please read my previous post for an introduction : Popfly: Let's have fun! Here my goal is just to show you the few steps involved during t...

Media Browser Using Silverlight 1.1 Alpha and Leverage Software's REST API, September 14, 2007
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Searchlight was born from the desire to show the outstanding ability of Silverlight to create a compelling web application using existing infrastructure technology.  The products was developed work...

Cloud Services are Important to Silverlights Future, September 17, 2008
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If there is one thing that has been solidified in my mind based on my experiences over the past few months of writing my book, it is that cloud services are important to RIAs future. Very importan...

AutoComplete for Silverlight TextBoxes

Nikhil Kotharis Weblog, May 7, 2008
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Yesterday I blogged about using and creating behaviors in Silverlight. This post will walk you through an autocomplete behavior that will hopefully furher crystallize the behavior concept.To recap, a ...

Programming Silverlight 1.0 with C# - Photo Carousel (Part 1)

Nikhil Kotharis Weblog, September 12, 2007
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It seems carousels are in vogue in the RIA world. First I saw a Flash-based carousel on Amazon. Then came Tafiti, and the main site followed by displaying a carousel of search results ...

Silverlight 1.0 tutorials

Laurent Duveau, November 17, 2007
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This website has some Silverlight 1.0 tutorials : You can test them live and download the code. Check out the nice Photo Gallery Wall  and Photo Gallery Viewer ...

Silverlight Book

Bill Evjens Blog, August 21, 2007
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While I am thinking about Silverlight, I am looking forward to Devin Rader and company's new Silverlight 1.0 book from Wrox that is coming out this Fall! Devin is one of the main characters from Infr...

Silverlight Live Streaming service update

Method ~ of ~ failed, October 19, 2009
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Yesterday, the Silverlight Live Streaming team (SLS) posted an update on their blog regarding the future of the Silverlight Streaming by Windows Live service. SLS was a beta service to users to h...

A great way to begin the new year!

Somasegars WebLog, December 28, 2007
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One of my favorite things that we released in 2007 was Popfly.    It is exciting for me to see people, especially those who are not typically software developers, creating web experiences....

First Look: Silverlight 2.0 UI Controls - The #1 ASP.NET Community, May 12, 2008
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With the release of the Silverlight 2.0 beta plug-in, Microsoft has introduced a number of new UI controls to the Silverlight platform. These tools make the task of building complete Silverlight appli...

Loader Custom Control: Dynamically Loading User Controls in Silverlight 2, September 23, 2008
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I create a lot of demo applications, and with Silverlight 2 that means creating a lot of user controls.  Sometimes I build entire applications and other times I build simple and focused user cont...

Free Silverlight Training on

Guy Barrettes WebLog, November 22, 2007
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Qixing posted this info on the MSDN Canada UX Connection blog: Five hours of free Silverlight 1.0 training is now available on Arturo Toledo, a program manager at Microsoft who leads a lot ...

Silverlight presentation material

Laurent Duveau, July 25, 2007
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  Recently I was looking for Silverlight powerpoint to download in order to give a presentation in my company. Here are some nice content I found :   Scott Guthrie (obviously) di...

Behind the Scenes at Microsoft, October 29, 2009
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Im a little over a week into my new role as the Silverlight Evangelist at Microsoft and so far it has been a blast! Ive had a lot of joking questions about how much the implants hurt when they put the...

Silverlight 3: Activity Control

Brad Abrams, March 20, 2009
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In my Mix09 talk I used a brand new Activity control that we are working on.    I had a number of folks ask me for the control (which is not yet in the Silverlight toolkit).  Check...

Silverlight TextBox control Fun Example...Fun to test the example...

Sreedhar Kogantis Blog, July 10, 2007
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From long time I was playing with Silverlight, as like all others I was also eagerly waiting for Textbox control in next release. Mean time I have found some custom textbox control from Rob Conery Blo...

Silverlight Fire Starter

Guy Barrettes WebLog, January 10, 2008
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Here you'll find a series of 8 presentations that were recorded at an event called Silverlight Fire Starter.

Silverlight From Zero

Jesse Liberty - Silverlight Geek, November 2, 2009
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    This is the first of a series of blog posts directed at folks who are new to Silverlight and/or want to brush up on the fundamentals.  It will consist of mini-tutorials on topi...

Book review: Essential Silverlight 3

Guy Barrettes WebLog, October 12, 2009
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When I first flipped thru the pages of Essential Silverlight 3, I said to myself Great! another book teaching how to draw circles and rectangles with Silverlight!.  Boy was I wrong! Essential Si...

Amazon Shopping Cart with Silverlight 2, September 4, 2008
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Ive been working on the basis for a shopping cart example using the RESTful API and Silverlight 2 for my book. Their API is pretty extensive and the documentation is top notch. Its amazing ...

Deploying a Silverlight2 Beta1 Web Project to IIS

OhmBlog, March 17, 2008
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SL2 beta1 adds a new packaging format for Silverlight apps - a .xap file. Silverlight apps work fine in cassini (the ASP.NET development webserver), but trying to deploy the web project to IIS result...

Microsoft + Facebook Partnership

Dan Fernandezs Blog, May 24, 2007
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  Today at Facebook F8, Corporate Vice President Dan'l Lewin announced a new partnership between Microsoft and Facebook.   Popfly Facebook Block: Available immediately, we've added the Fac...

Which is faster? Flash or Silverlight?

Code Climber, August 31, 2008
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The answer is: it depends. Flash/Flex is faster when it comes to graphic rendering, but Silverlight is faster when it comes to pure computation speed. There are two speed benchmarks for RIA applicati...