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How to: Build a Join (linked list) between two SharePoint Lists

Federal Developer Weblog, December 3, 2007
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I just found this really interesting about how to do something with SharePoint Lists that I didn't think that you could do, without writing some code, and that's to build a "linked list" wit...

DotNetNuke vs. SharePoint - SharePoint Wins

Patrick Santrys (aka wwwCoder) Blog, February 1, 2007
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It used to be that the argument was SharePoint was too complicated to program against, it was strictly for intranets since only AD authentication was supported, and even customizing the look was too c...

Integrating SharePoint 2007 and jQuery [Part One]

Jan Tielens Bloggings [MVP], November 20, 2008
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In the first part of this article I'll talk about how you can enable the jQuery JavaScript library in SharePoint 2007 sites and pages. The second part of this article will focus on using jQuery in Sha...

Customize the "NewForm.aspx" page for a SharePoint List

Sahil Malik -, May 23, 2007
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Creating a SharePoint list is hella easy. Point and click - and bingo - you have a form to type in and maintain your data in a structure you specified, and you can then crea...

Customizing the Login Page in SharePoint 2007

Simple Talk, June 5, 2007
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Damon shows how a few simple steps lead you to being able to include the login form in a consistent look and feel to your customer-facing Sharepoint applications...

SharePoint 2007 Web Services and Forms Authentication

Software/Technology Discussion, September 18, 2007
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It is probably no secret to most SharePoint developers that Microsoft provides web services to access SharePoint services. Unlike the traditional, object model approach, these web services provide a l...

20 Free SharePoint Site Templates

Eli Robillards World of Blog., February 2, 2007
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Half of the "Fab 40" have arrived! After clicking through, on the left-hand navigation you will find links to demo sites for each of the templates. Now AvailableBoard of DirectorsBusiness Pe...

Creating Filtered lookup dropdowns in Sharepoint 2007

Corporate Coder, March 24, 2007
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[tags: Sharepoint, Sharepoint 2007, MOSS, lookup fields, Sharepoint Designer, Frontpage] For the current project I am lead on, we are using Sharepoint 2007 as the "framework" for our applica...

Voting on MOSS Document Library - The #1 ASP.NET Community, September 12, 2007
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In this article the author examines how to vote on files uploaded to any document library on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007....

Document Library Tree View Web Part for SharePoint

The Code Project Latest Articles, June 22, 2009
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Document Library Tree View Web Part for SharePoint Server 2007...

Calendar Web Part for Sharepoint that displays & Give Details of Events from an Event List

The Code Project Latest Articles, March 28, 2008
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Custom Calendar WebPart , which highlights the dates with Events pulled from an Event List...

MOSS 2007: User Profiles & Audience Targeting

Sahil Malik -, February 14, 2007
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.. new article Check out my new article describing the usage & walkthrough of User Profiles and Audience Targeting in SharePoint 2007 Enjoy! ...

Backup and Restore Strategies in MOSS 2007

Sahil Malik -, October 6, 2007
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SharePoint is an incredible platform. It is all about a good return on investment for your clients. It lets you put together and deliver very compelling solutions with ease....

Crystal Reports Webpart for Sharepoint

The Code Project Latest Articles, September 30, 2009
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An article on building a Sharepoint Webpart to dynamically display Crystal Reports....

SQL Reporting Services with Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

The Code Project Latest Articles, April 11, 2008
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Windows SharePoint Services (WSS 3.0) and Reporting services on standalone server...

Event Handlers in SharePoint 2007

Jan Tielens Bloggings [MVP], March 5, 2007
Views: 4,853 | Hits 329

Brian Wilson has started a nice series on event handlers in SharePoint 2007, first episode: Everything you need to know about MOSS Event Handlers. I'm already looking forward to episode 3: Free Add-on...

Customizing WSS 3.0 with Master Pages - The #1 ASP.NET Community, September 4, 2007
Views: 2,967 | Hits 325

In this article Ameet explains how to make use of Master Pages to customize the look and feel of the SharePoint site. The author also explains the various components that need to be used in the Master...

Querying SharePoint List Items using jQuery

Jan Tielens Bloggings [MVP], May 6, 2009
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Due to popular demand Ive created another sample of how you can make use of the jQuery Javascript library in your SharePoint sites. This example uses SharePoints Lists.asmx web service to retrieve all...

Upgrading SharePoint Site Templates and List Templates

Eli Robillards World of Blog., March 9, 2007
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Site Template Galleries and List Template Galleries are not upgraded during a migration. This is true of WSS 2.0 to 3.0, and therefore SPS 2003 to MOSS 2007. The reason is that they're not sites o...

Free Download - SharePoint 2007 Templates

Federal Developer Weblog, May 18, 2007
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This week Microsoft has offered for free download a set of Role-Based Templates for SharePoint My Sites and custom Templates designed form MOSS 2007. Here's the download link Overview Role-Based ...

Why can't I access SharePoint by UNC path?

Eli Robillards World of Blog., March 5, 2007
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The short answer is that URLs don't support spaces, and UNC paths do. You're probably copying the URL into Windows Explorer, so just replace each %20 in your path with a space and you should b...

How to: Create a footer for your SharePoint pages

The Code Project Latest Articles, February 3, 2009
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This article shows how to create a footer for your SharePoint pages...

Test SharePoint Site for Broken Links

The Code Project Latest Articles, May 5, 2009
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Scan broken links functionality in MOSS 2007 can only scan the broken links for sites created under site directory.Fast Link Checker (, 3rd party windows bas...

How to Video: Building a Multilevel Approval Workflow with SharePoint (MOSS 2007) and Visual Studio

Federal Developer Weblog, November 28, 2007
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This is the seventh of a series (the series is listed at the bottom) of "How To " Videos that I have created to show .NET Developers how to build document workflow in a SharePoint environmen...

SharePoint 2007 Workflows - Adding a user input form

Sahil Malik -, August 25, 2007
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  Table of Contents for on SharePoint 2007 WF Authoring using VS2005. 1. Setting up your environment for writing VS2005 workflows. 2. Writing an ultra basic workflow, deplo...

Adding Breadcrumb Navigation for SharePoint Application Pages

Jan Tielens Bloggings [MVP], September 10, 2007
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Application Pages in SharePoint 2007 are a great way to extend SharePoints default user interface for your custom SharePoint solutions. An application page is deployed once per Web server and its not ...

What to know about SmartPart, and LoadControl()

Eli Robillards World of Blog., March 4, 2008
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At Infusion ASP.NET developers regularly ask how to easily build a web part or how to host a user control (.ascx) in SharePoint. Someone invariably replies "SmartPart!" at which point my job is to m...

SharePoint 2007 Flash Animation Web Part

The Code Project Latest Articles, June 11, 2007
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SharePoint 2007 Flash Animation Web Part...

Free Series of SharePoint Workflow How-to Videos

Federal Developer Weblog, November 6, 2007
Views: 1,653 | Hits 207

This is the series of "How to" Document Workflow with SharePoint using Visual Studio 2008 (using the .NET Framework 3.0 for backward compatibility to Visual Studio 2005).  I have create...

Integrating ASP.NET Ajax WebPart with SharePoint 3.0 - The #1 ASP.NET Community, August 25, 2008
Views: 2,592 | Hits 205

In this article, Abdulla examines the creation of a custom Ajax WebPart from scratch and the deployment of it into SharePoint Server 3.0. He illustrates how to add a script manager tag inside SharePoi...

WSS Picture Thumbnails Web Part

The Code Project Latest Articles, September 9, 2008
Views: 3,037 | Hits 203

Displays images from a SharePoint Picture Library in a widget-like thumbnail layout...

SharePoint Custom Content & Structure Report

Software/Technology Discussion, January 9, 2008
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I came across some really cool functionality in SharePoint 2007 today....  One of my clients has a deep hierarchy of sites and pages maintained in SharePoint - this hierarchy drives content mana...

SharePoint 2007: Deployment Tips: Defining custom content types

Sahil Malik -, May 2, 2007
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This time, I am not kidding - I have been really really busy. Either way, blogging is someting that I cannot ignore, it acts as my sounding board with the community, it vali...

Backup/Restore a site collection in SharePoint 2007

Sahil Malik -, December 7, 2006
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.. because the recycle bin or SQL Server backups ain't enough !! So we all know that Sharepoint 2007 has a fancy recycle bin. Well thats all good except if you delete an ent...

Windows SharePoint Services (WSS 3.0) and Reporting services

The Code Project Latest Articles, April 10, 2008
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Windows SharePoint Services (WSS 3.0) and Reporting services on standalone server...

Building a Hello World Web Part for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 - The #1 ASP.NET Community, October 29, 2007
Views: 1,780 | Hits 195

This article examines how to develop a simple Hello World Web Part using Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 with the help of a series of steps....

Easily Build Dropdown Cascading SharePoint Lists with Parent Child Relationship

ASP.NET Announcements, June 14, 2009
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Do you want conduct filtered lookup?Do you want lookup SharePoint items dynamically?Do you want lookup lists items from other sites?Do you want exercise dual lookup?If you want do all of those, the fi...

SharePoint Search-as-You-Type with jQuery

Jan Tielens Bloggings [MVP], July 2, 2009
Views: 3,449 | Hits 193

Already since a long time Ive been thinking about a web part that would search-as-you-type using SharePoints search engine. The idea behind this concept is that while youre typing a query in the searc...

SharePoint Object Model "Hidden Gems"

Federal Developer Weblog, October 27, 2007
Views: 1,956 | Hits 184

I was recently presented a scenario by a gentleman who wanted more control over a MOSS 2007 site, list, and item settings.  He wanted to essentially "track" changes that were made to these...

SharePoint Document Workflow Example: Extracting document details with your workflow

Federal Developer Weblog, October 24, 2007
Views: 3,350 | Hits 172

This is a 2nd part of a series that I am doing on "Building Document Workflow" in SharePoint/MOSS 2007 that I am producing.  You can find the freely downloadable workshops that accompanyin...

Translated solution to SPListItem CopyTo bug

Eli Robillards World of Blog., January 14, 2008
Views: 1,967 | Hits 170

Problem: The SPListItem.CopyTo() method doesn't seem to work on a custom list or custom properties. When called, CopyTo() returns the error "Source item cannot be found. Verify that the item exists a...

Microsoft releases toolkit for reusing SharePoint portlets

InfoWorld: Web services, December 16, 2008
Views: 1,103 | Hits 170

Microsoft has released a tool that allows developers to reuse data and mini-applications from SharePoint-based portals on rival portal software that otherwise would not be natively interoperable with ...

How to Make crossdomain.xml Work with SharePoint articles, news and updates, November 3, 2009
Views: 4,705 | Hits 167

Not long ago I worked on a web site which had all its content and media stored in SharePoint. At an early point in the project, Flash developers started to complain that none of their media played whe...

MOSS - Save Publishing Site as Template

Software/Technology Discussion, December 12, 2007
Views: 2,786 | Hits 162

Those of you who like to use the "Save Site as a Template" functionality in SharePoint might wonder where the option disappeared to; when the site you have in mind for your template is a Publishing ...

How to: Adding Custom Workflow Activities to SharePoint Designer 2007

Federal Developer Weblog, January 4, 2008
Views: 2,326 | Hits 161

If you've ever build SharePoint Workflow's with SharePoint Designer, you've probably developed a "Love/Hate" relationship with the product.  One of the best things about the tool is tha...

SharePoint 2007 - Lock down your site

Software/Technology Discussion, October 1, 2007
Views: 2,612 | Hits 161

Scenario:  You have a public facing web site in SharePoint 2007, and you have added form-based authentication for access to the secure areas of your site. The problem with SharePoint 2007 is that...

Using the Current Page URL in the UrlAction of a SharePoint Feature

Jan Tielens Bloggings [MVP], September 5, 2007
Views: 3,423 | Hits 160

With the introduction of the feature framework in SharePoint 2007, developers have some great opportunities to customize and enhance nearly everything in SharePoint. One of the things that's quite eas...

Getting SPContext.Current in a SharePoint 2007 WCF Service

Sahil Malik -, September 28, 2008
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Ad:: SharePoint 2007 Training in .NET 3.5 technologies (more information). ...

Building a Simple Email Notification WorkFlow using SharePoint Designer - The #1 ASP.NET Community, November 1, 2007
Views: 2,021 | Hits 156

This articles helps you to build a simple Email Notification WorkFlow using SharePoint Designer in a series of steps....