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IIFE Immediately Invoked Function Expressions

The Code Project Latest Articles, September 26, 2016
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An in-depth guide on Immediately invoked function expressions in JavaScript....

Learn AngularJS for Beginners

The Code Project Latest Articles, September 19, 2016
Views: 194 | Hits 14

This article explains basic concepts of AngularJS like Modules, Controllers, Expressions, Directives, Scope and Scope Inheritance....

Generating Facebook Like Preview using Regular Expression

The Code Project Latest Articles, August 26, 2016
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Download page as HTML string. Parse it using regex and extract desired contents to generate Facebook Like Preview....

Creating PowerShell Stacks and Expression Evaluators

Simple Talk, August 2, 2016
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To demonstrate that dynamic modules in PowerShell can be used to easily create objects with methods and properties, Phil Factor implements an expression analyser written in PowerShell, using a variati...

JavaScript IIFE Design Pattern

The Code Project Latest Articles, July 28, 2016
Views: 285 | Hits 9

Immediately Invokable Function Expressions in JavaScript...

PowerShell Desired State Configuration: Automating and Monitoring Pull mode

Simple Talk, June 16, 2016
Views: 192 | Hits 2

The Pull mode of Desired State Configuration (DSC) is more complicated to implement because you need to meticulously manage the MOF files and their naming conventions so as to ensure that you deploy y...

Validate Email ID in ASP.NET TextBox using JavaScript

The Code Project Latest Articles, June 6, 2016
Views: 233 | Hits 5

Validate Email ID in ASP.NET TextBox using JavaScript Regular Expression. Get the code and checked example on how to allow only E-Mail ID in TextBox....

The Good and the Bad of Programming Forms in Angular 2

K. Scott Allen, May 2, 2016
Views: 205 | Hits 8

Compared to Angular 1, Angular 2 offer more choices for working with forms and more control over the data flow between a form and a model. However, I feel that Angular 2 provides form-related APIs and...

MongoDB 3.3.5 is released

The MongoDB NoSQL Database Blog, May 1, 2016
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MongoDB 3.3.5 has been released. As a reminder, 3.3.5 is a development release and is not intended for production use. The 3.3 series will evolve into 3.4, which will be for production.New/fixed in th...

Whats in Your Project Folder?

Simple Talk, February 4, 2016
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I think that almost every developer likes to try out a new computer language occasionally. Many devs that Ive spoken to tend to write the same application in each language, over and over again. An exp...

Automatically applying styles to a Word document with search and replace

Code Climber, December 14, 2015
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Word as end-use is a very strange topic for me to blog about, but I just discovered a tip that would have saved me countless hours of time. So I thought to share it. At the moment Im writing a book (...

Styling placeholder texts

QuirksBlog, December 3, 2015
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A quick note on styling placeholder texts. Although it’s very easy, it turns out that both MDN and the usual go-to CSS Tricks article leave out one important bit of data: when setting the color you sh...

Database Continuous Integration with SQL CI and Jenkins

Simple Talk, November 24, 2015
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DATABASE LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT PATTERNS & PRACTICES LIBRARY Continuous Integration Continuous integration (CI) is the process of ensuring that all code and related resources in a development project ar...

What is New in C# 6.0

The Code Project Latest Articles, November 4, 2015
Views: 502 | Hits 18

New features added in C# 6.0 like "Auto-property Enhancements", "Primary Constructors", "Expressions as Function Body", "Use of Static", "Exception Filters", "inline declarations", "nameo...

Implementing Continuous Integration for Databases

Simple Talk, November 2, 2015
Views: 236 | Hits 4

Continuous integration (CI) is becoming more and more common in application development. It ensures code and related resources are integrated regularly and tested by an automated build system, and hig...

Avoiding Continuous Disintegration

Simple Talk, October 9, 2015
Views: 327 | Hits 8

A build is a regular health-check for the database. If all is well, then automated builds will run regularly and smoothly. Assuming all necessary database and server-level objects have been accounted ...

Automating Your SQL Server Best-Practice Reports:The Checks

Simple Talk, October 6, 2015
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A DBA in charge of a whole lot of databases and servers has to check regularly that there are no likelihood of problems. The task is well suited for automation as workload increases. Laerte Junior int...

JavaScript Promises and Error Handling

K. Scott Allen, October 1, 2015
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Errors in asynchronous code typically require a messy number of if else checks and a careful inspection of parameter values. Promises allow asynchronous code to apply structured error handling. When u...

SOLVED: Web Deploy fails with The "CollectFilesinFolder" task failed unexpectedly.

Run Tings Proper, August 30, 2015
Views: 1,042 | Hits 37

If youre seeing this error when youre trying to build a package with Web Deploy then you have some deeply nested folders in your project which is causing the problem. A common problem web developers o...

ServicePredicateBuilder for creating Serializable Expressions

The Code Project Latest Articles, August 15, 2015
Views: 538 | Hits 8

A library for creating .Net Serializable Expressions to send via WCF services...

C# 6 string interpolation is not a templating engine, and its not the new String.Format

More Whidbey stuff, August 3, 2015
Views: 782 | Hits 46

One of the neat features in the new C# 6 is string interpolation, which is a concise way to inject values into a format string, using curly-brace-enclosed expressions. Here’s a simple example of...

What you really need to know about regular expressions before using them

Rico Marianis Performance Tidbits, July 21, 2015
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  Approach #1 -- Non-deterministic Finite Automaton This approach first converts the regular expression into a non-deterministic state machine, which is just like a state machine expect you have...

What you really need to know about regular expressions before using them

Rico Marianis Performance Tidbits, July 20, 2015
Views: 195 | Hits 3

If you want to use regular expressions in production code the most important thing you must know about how these things are matched is that there are three general approaches to doing it.  They have d...

Understanding ECMAScript 6: Template Strings

The Code Project Latest Articles, June 3, 2015
Views: 458 | Hits 6

In this article, Ill focus on template strings based on my personal experience creating embedded expressions....

Blueprint CSS Template for Expression Design

Carl Camera, June 1, 2015
Views: 434 | Hits 1

In preparing for my own design work, I created an Expression Design template for myself based on theBlueprint CSS framework.There are utilities to customize the Blueprint grid to any number of columns...

Right To Left (RTL) Text Display in Angular and ASP.NET

Rick Strahls WebLog, May 24, 2015
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Yesterday I got a request for my Westwind.Globalization library about better support for Right To Left (RTL) language editing. The request was a simple one: When editing resources in our resource edit...

Querying DecentCMS, part 3: a paginated list of results

More Whidbey stuff, May 15, 2015
Views: 458 | Hits 5

In the previous two posts, I exposed the general design of DecentCMS search feature, and described its indexing and querying APIs. In this post, well apply what weve learned to build a paginated list ...

Manipulating CSS and HTML with RegEx

The Code Project Latest Articles, May 12, 2015
Views: 524 | Hits 8

This tip provides you with several RegEx find and replace patterns to search through and alter HTML and CSS....

Using Expressions to Provide a Type-Safe Member Lookup

The Code Project Latest Articles, May 11, 2015
Views: 494 | Hits 7

When GetProperty leaves you wondering if there really is a property named "Addreess" (sic) on the Type, using an Expression may be a better option....

PhoneGap and Jquery Mobile ? A Truly Winning Combination

The Code Project Latest Articles, May 8, 2015
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Any regular readers may have noticed that I finally got around to updating and adding a new book under "My Books" on the right-hand side of the screen. Yes, I not-so recently published my third book...

Validate and Find Addresses with RegEx

The Code Project Latest Articles, May 7, 2015
Views: 647 | Hits 6

Learn how to use regular expressions to find addresses or parts of an address in a given string. These patterns can also be used to verify that a given string is a true address....

Convert RTF to Plain Text (Revised Again)

The Code Project Latest Articles, May 5, 2015
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Handling for hex expressions and the trailing '}'...

ECMAScript 2015 Iterators Revisited

K. Scott Allen, May 5, 2015
Views: 514 | Hits 5

In an earlier post, we saw how to work with iterators at a low level and use an iterator’s next method to move from one item to the next item. What’s interesting about iterators in JavaScr...

Full Stack Web Camp Montreal

Laurent Duveau, April 11, 2015
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If you are into web development technologies do not miss this free event in Montreal!!What: Full Stack Web Camp.Microsoft is hosting a full stack web camp with a focus on front-end web development wit...

Manipulate your expression trees with elegance

The Code Project Latest Articles, April 8, 2015
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Create and manipulate your expression trees without having your hands dirty....

Introducing Semtrex

The Code Project Latest Articles, April 6, 2015
Views: 515 | Hits 10

Semtrex is a semantic tree expression evaluator...

Entity Framework 5.0 Generic Repository classes for CRUD operation with complex LINQ expression. Microsoft Visual Studio Test Tools Unit Testing

The Code Project Latest Articles, April 3, 2015
Views: 583 | Hits 8

The article demonstrates how to develop Generic classes not only for CRUD operation but also for search with System.Linq.Expressions.Expression parameter as predicate using Entity Framework 5.0 Databa...

Supporting nested shortcodes in WordPress

Run Tings Proper, March 30, 2015
Views: 535 | Hits 5

If youre writing your own [shortcodes] or have done in the past then its important that you follow this little tip. It will only take a couple of minutes to implement and it will save your end-users f...

The widget layer file in a DecentCMS site

More Whidbey stuff, March 24, 2015
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The widgets layer file can be found under /sites/name-of-the-site/widget/index.json. The index.json file describes the layers of widgets for the site. Layers are collections of widgets that can be tur...

DecentCMS placement files

More Whidbey stuff, March 20, 2015
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Placement files describe how to dispatch shapes into zones. They are necessary in order to decouple UI composition from individual templates. Templates can focus on what to render, while placement det...

Getting the most out of Sublime Text 2

Run Tings Proper, March 18, 2015
Views: 564 | Hits 16

Some cool tips that explain how to add in extra packages for LESS and Grunt support. I've been using this for a few weeks now and cancelling off the nagware requesting me to purchase as to be h...

Minimize Spacing using Regex

The Code Project Latest Articles, February 13, 2015
Views: 645 | Hits 9

Regex patterns that will condense multiple spaces, tabs or line breaks into a single space, tab, or line break....

Snippable: a human-writable multipart document format

More Whidbey stuff, January 20, 2015
Views: 595 | Hits 11

More and more projects are managing their documentation as a bunch of Markdown files in a repository. Sites such as Github make that really easy and convenient, by providing an easy web interface arou...

Dynamic Expresso

The Code Project Latest Articles, January 18, 2015
Views: 887 | Hits 14

Generate LambdaExpression or function delegate on the fly without compilation....

Why Developers Need to Understand Execution Plans

Simple Talk, January 12, 2015
Views: 582 | Hits 20

As a coder, the more you know about the business, the better code you're going to write. The more you know about the language in which you code regularly, the better code you're going to write. Simila...

Unleashing Path List Box | Expression Blend (WPF )

The Code Project Latest Articles, January 7, 2015
Views: 615 | Hits 6

Unleashing Path List Box using Expression Blend...

Delegates, Anonymous Methods and Lambda Expressions

The Code Project Latest Articles, January 1, 2015
Views: 632 | Hits 34

Brief description about Anonymous Methods and Lambda Expressions using Delegates....

Whats new in C# 6.0? - Expression-bodied function

The Code Project Latest Articles, December 28, 2014
Views: 878 | Hits 32

Did you explore the latest of C# 6.0? It brought another new feature called Expression-bodied function members which will allow you to write expression bodies for properties, methods etc. instead of w...

Database Build Automation The First Step to Continuous Integration

Simple Talk, December 16, 2014
Views: 557 | Hits 8

So you're keen to take the first steps to the continuous integration of your database. You have to start by getting your database into source control. You can then begin to automate your build process...

Textbox Regular Expression Validation

The Code Project Latest Articles, December 15, 2014
Views: 628 | Hits 19

An extension to the textbox control to offer textbox validation without the need to constantly apply code using regular expressions....