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Validate a podcast feed

Wallace B. McClure, September 26, 2005
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If you are like me, you can't type, and you wonder why iTunes listenership is down for a specific podcast episode, check out  It will take a look at your feed and p...

Interview with me on the ASP.NET Podcast Show

youve been HAACKED, December 14, 2007
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Yesterday, Wally McClure interviewed me for the ASP.NET Podcast Show. We chatted for around half an hour on my background, Microsoft, and ASP.NET MVC. It was a fun chat, but I have to warn you, I was...

Sample Code from the Ajax Podcast

Wallace B. McClure, September 4, 2005
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As a follow up to our podcast on Ajax, some folks asked me about my examples.  I have posted my examples on one of my sites.  You can download some source from there.  The examples are ...

Novell's Open Audio Podcast, part 2

Miguel de Icaza, February 23, 2006
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Ted has posted some updates on Open Audio: Ogg formats are comming, he discusses high/medium qualities, why they chose the format they did and the music they use. His post is: Next Steps for Novell ...

Podcamp, iJustine and Startup Weekend

Method ~ of ~ failed, September 24, 2008
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Two great events are happening here in the Valley of the Sun (yes, its still 105F outside here folks) are coming up soon that you should consider taking part in. Startup Weekend Phoenix Startup Week...

ASP.NET Podcast Show #22 - Spang, Summit Round Up, Intro to Atlas, Oh My!

Wallace B. McClure, October 18, 2005
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Subscribe  - It makes life easier.  Get a copy of iPodder or iTunes. Download. Show Notes: Spang. What Spang Truly is. Dave Sussman's Reaction to the Spang announcement. The Joke takes roo...

Sample Code from the AJAX Podcast - Populating a drop down list box

ASP.NET Podcast, November 9, 2005
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As a follow up to our podcast on Ajax, some folks asked me about my examples.  I have posted my examples on one of my sites.  You can download some source from there.  The examples are ...

Where are the Microsoft Zealots?

Wallace B. McClure, May 22, 2007
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 A friend of mine sent me some links earlier today that basically asked where were the Microsoft zealots? http://...

ASP.NET Podcast Show #34 - Database Tuning

Wallace B. McClure, January 21, 2006
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ASP.NET Podcast Show #34 - Database Tuning Subscribe Download Podcast site blog entry. Show Notes: Coach Wally. Bruce Dickinson returns. Explore the space of being Wally. You really want "More Wall...

ASP.NET Podcast Show #80 - JSON Data Format

Wallace B. McClure, December 27, 2006
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SubscribeUrl for downloads:  Show Notes: What is JSON.JSON Examples...

Non-Linear Podcasts

All Things Distributed, January 31, 2006
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I have trouble understanding when people actually listen to podcasts. I dont mean the funny and musical ones, you could listen to those while doing the dishes, but I mean the deep technical talks or i...

ASP.NET Podcast Show #88 - Page State Persistence - Video

Wallace B. McClure, April 16, 2007
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Subscribe DownloadOriginal URL: View in Flash:

ASP.NET Podcast Show #14 - Editable Datagrid

Wallace B. McClure, September 1, 2005
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Subscribe   Download   Show Notes: Julie Lerman or her blog at Ziff-Davis. Doug Reilly. Jason Salas. Scott Mitchell. Scotts articles for creating an Editable Datagrid. Article 16 and Articl...

ASP.NET Podcast #49 - Paul talks about the Secure Text Box

Wallace B. McClure, April 28, 2006
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Subscribe   Download What have I been doing lately Finished all the chapters on the book, now into Author review stage 4th Dan black belt Kneecap popped out Trying to keep up with Wally's ...

ArcCast with Ron Jacobs

Wallace B. McClure, April 12, 2006
Views: 1,354 | Hits 182 I was out in Las Vegas, I sat down with Ron Jacobs of Channel9's ArcCast (Architecture Podcast).  We had entirely way too much fun during...

ASP.NET Podcast Show #92 - Source code

Wallace B. McClure, May 27, 2007
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Looks like I forgot to add the source code in for the podcast on Silverlight and Managed Javascript Podcast.  I have updated the entry and have them at:

ASP.NET Podcast Show #23 - More Atlas, Debugging with Atlas, and Various Book Status

Wallace B. McClure, October 21, 2005
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Subscribe, its the good thing to do. iTunes and iPodder links.   Download.   Special thanks go out to Wilco Bauwer who has posted a lot of his insight into Atlas in the ASP.NET forums.  ...

Silverlight Podcast on

Brad Abrams, June 19, 2007
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Tom Raftery just posted the podcast I did with him a few weeks ago.  In this podcast we talk about some of my history, including fun stories about IE4.01 and Windows 98.  But most of the ti...

ASP.NET Podcast Show #30 - Minimizing the ASP.NET ViewState Part #2

Wallace B. McClure, December 13, 2005
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Subscribe - The Wally Way to do things.  Cool.  Hip.  Get iTunes or iPodder. Download The Not-Wally Way to do things.Uncool.Boring. Check us out on the ASP.NET Site. Show Notes: Scott...

Fixed the files on the podcast

Wallace B. McClure, July 23, 2007
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After a complete screwup on my part, I have fixed the files on the podcast server.  I think I am going to have to go to manage my xml feed better.  The keyboard model isn't getting it done. ...

Bit old but....ASP.NET Podcast Show #40 - Udi Dahan - The Software Simplist

Glavs Blog, March 23, 2006
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This should have gone up a week or two ago, but here it is anyway....(Sorry Wally) ASP.NET Podcast Show #40 - Udi Dahan - The Software Simplist Subscribe - The way to do things Download - Uncool ...

ASP.NET Podcast Show #46 & #47 - Shaun Walker, Rob Howard, and ScottW - Web Portals

Wallace B. McClure, April 11, 2006
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Yes, this is a double post about two new shows being available for the price of one.  What a deal.  How could anyone want more?  And it comes with a money back guarantee.  If you d...

ASP.NET Podcast Show #48 - Jim Minatel

Wallace B. McClure, April 21, 2006
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Subscribe the Wally Way.   Download.   Show Notes Codecamps coming up. Huntsville, AL. April 22. Atlanta, GA. May 13. Jim Minatel of Wiley talks about book writing. Wally talks a littl...

Test-Driven Development podcast with Scott Bellware

Darrell Nortons Blog [MVP], August 23, 2005
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My friend Scott Bellware has a TDD podcast on PodcastStudio.NET: Number Five is alive! We chat with Scott Bellware about Test Driven Development. Scott explains the philosophy behind TDD , why it's s...

ASP.NET Podcast - Show #18 - More on Book Writing and the HttpListener Class

Wallace B. McClure, September 14, 2005
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The ASP.NET Podcast show #18 is now live. Contained in this show: - Wally talks more about writing. - Paul conducts a *very special* interview. I am very lucky to have secured this one.- Pau...

ASP.NET Podcast Show #35 - Michael Mahemoff of and

Wallace B. McClure, January 26, 2006
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Subscribe. Download Link to ASP.NET Podcast Site.Show Notes: Michael Mahemoff of and is interviewed.Check out the contest.  Who is Bruce Dickenson?...

ASP.NET Podcast Show #26 - The Guru of Gurus Bob Beauchemin

Wallace B. McClure, November 2, 2005
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Subscribe The fresh, quick, hip way to do things! Use iPodder or iTunes.   Download The boring way to do things.   Show Notes More on the Alabama Code Camp. Speaker Event on Friday. Bruc...

ASP.NET Podcast - Show #36 - Personal Web Site Starter Kit

Glavs Blog, January 30, 2006
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Ok, so I have actually got busy and managed to do a podcast. The main content on this one is about some good and bad points on the personal web site starter kit that is available for .Net 2.0. I have ...

ASP.NET Podcast was down on Monday

Wallace B. McClure, October 25, 2005
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The ASP.NET Podcast was down on Monday thanks to Hurricane Wilma.  As a result, the extra great show that I put up on Friday afternoon was not available to our billions of loyal listners.  I...

22 hours of podcasts - 3 nuggets to share - level 200

Jeffrey Palermo, April 23, 2007
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This weekend I was a groomsman at Kevin Dulaney's (great friend from grade school) wedding in Missouri.  I drove from Austin, TX on Friday and returned Sunday.  11-hour drive each w...

Novell starts Podcasting

Miguel de Icaza, February 22, 2006
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Novell has started a podcasting show. On the first show they talk with Brady Anderson and Calvin Gaisford from the iFolder. Since iFolder is built on top of Mono, you should listen to this right away....

HanselMinutes Episode 2 rocks the boat

ISerializable, January 23, 2006
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Scott's first attempt at a podcast (which was not half bad) is now extremely well superseded by his second episode. Quick, to the point tips and tricks and techno babble galore about interesting thing...

I finally get a podcast out - #49 - SecureTextBox and other bits and pieces

Glavs Blog, April 30, 2006
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I finally manage to get a podcast done. I talk a bit about my SecurePasswordTextBox control which is proving quite popular and some ASP.NET items. Hope you enjoy it. Subscribe Download What have I b...

ASP.NET Podcast Show #31 - Paul on WSE3

Wallace B. McClure, December 23, 2005
Views: 1,044 | Hits 123 site. Subscribe - The Wally Way to do things.  Cool.  Hip.  Get iTunes or iPodder. Download The Not-Wally Way to do things.Uncool.Boring.Show Notes - Many thanks to ...

Geeky Podcasts list

ISerializable, June 21, 2005
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Polymorphic Podcast Various mp3 interviews about software development. Latest includes Paul Wilson in a 40 minute interview about O/R mappers. Sounds interesting! (cast feed) .NET Rocks Really sho...

ASP.NET Podcast Show #38 - Anand on the GridView and Wally on VB.NET 2005 My Namespaces

Glavs Blog, March 3, 2006
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Wally has pushed show #38 out the door. This one includes Anand Narayanaswamy talking about the Gridview control. One thing to note is that the sound quality with Anand is very poor so please bear wit...

I'm part of the Hall of Fame

Wallace B. McClure, March 30, 2006
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Ok, so I just saw that I had an email from  I am named to the Community-Credit Hall of Fame.  Wow, Thanks to David Silverlight, Joe Healy, and Russ Fustino for naming m...

ASP.NET Podcast Show #51 - Alabama Code Camp Rountable Discussion

Glavs Blog, May 14, 2006
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SubscribeDownloadShow Notes: Atlanta Code Camp. "Beginning AJAX with ASP.NET" goes to production. (Woohoo!) Apologies to Miljan. Roundtable from the Alabama Code Camp - What is happening in Alabam...

Silverlight on the Ireland PodLeaders podcast

Brad Abrams, May 10, 2007
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It was my great fortune to meet Tom Raftery at Mix.. I am very excited to be a guest on his PodLeaders podcast.  He is taking questions now...  Send in a few easy ones as well as hard q...

ASP.NET Podcast Show #84 - Interview with Matt Gibbs

Wallace B. McClure, January 29, 2007
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Subscribe Original Url: Download Show Notes: ASP.NET AJAX is out.Matt...

ASP.NET Podcast Show #42 - Brad Abrams

Wallace B. McClure, March 29, 2006
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Subscribe - The right way to do things! Download Podcast Site: Show Notes. Brian Pope is the #100 sign up on the f...

ASP.NET Podcast Show #44 - Rob Scoble

Wallace B. McClure, April 3, 2006
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Subscribe. Download. ASP.NET Podcast URL. Show Notes: Rob Scoble Interview. Rob's background. How he got started blogging. The power of blogging. AJAX.NET Pro Library. Charles Petzold's April Fool's...

ASP.NET Podcast Show #19 Minimizing the ASP.NET ViewState and Some Marketing Ideas/What not to do for Technical people.

Wallace B. McClure, September 25, 2005
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Subscribe   Download   Show Notes Marketing for technologists. Idiosyncrasies of high-tech people. Are customers serious Games that I have had played on me.  Note: Dont play these game...

ASP.NET Podcast Show #28 - Async ASP.NET

Glavs Blog, November 24, 2005
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The latest podcast, this time, I actually do something.... Subscribe or Download Scott Allen @  Scott says that he needs more Wally in his life, Oh dear.... Threading and Mul...

ASP.NET Podcast #36 - Personal Web Site Starter Kit

Wallace B. McClure, February 6, 2006
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Ok, so Paul has actually gotten busy and managed to do a podcast. The main content on this one is about some good and bad points on the personal web site starter kit that is available for .Net 2....

Early Day 2 Mix 07

Chris Love's Official Blog - Professional ASP.NET, May 1, 2007
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Rob and I were out late last night, in bed by 11:30! But when you consider we are East Coast guys that is pretty late. We enjoyed dinner with Mark Dunn, a Regional Director from Atlanta and former co-...

ASP.NET Podcast: AJAX (Show 11)

Jason N. Gaylords Blog, August 16, 2005
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This podcast covers a concept called AJAX, Asynchonous JavaScript and XML. AJAX allows web pages to postback without a page "refresh." Be sure to check this one out!...

GeeksWithBlogs Podcast on Windows Communication Foundation

Matt Powell, September 26, 2005
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Richard Turner and Payam Shodjai talk about the Windows Communication Foundation (you know, Indigo) on  They talk about the Indigo Roadshow (one more date today and one more on...

Updated podcast file for Show #35

Wallace B. McClure, January 27, 2006
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I messed up the editing of Show #35 and left in some of the "Hello Michael, are you still there" snips.  I have gone back and edited them out.  Sorry for the quality control problem. Wally...