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Routing and State (The AngularJS Discussions), March 26, 2015
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Im a big fan of the Adventures in Angular podcasts.  At a recent podcast that happened at ng-conf in Salt Lake City, there was a lively discussion around the topic of routing and URLs.  Specifically, ...

Google Chrome Extension Clear Cache, My Pick!, November 30, 2014
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Ive been listening to the podcast recently Adventures in Angular and in particular the Podcaster Picks at the end of each podcast.  At first I thought this was pretty silly but have been surprised tha...

Adventures in Angular Podcast and an AngularJS Oslo Meetup

K. Scott Allen, November 18, 2014
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Last month I did an interview with the Adventures in Angular podcast crew, you can listen here. I also did a talk at the AngularJS Meetup in Oslo. You can watch the recoding here. Both the podcast a...

.NET Rocks! on Fusion!

Roland Weigelt, September 26, 2014
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Ive been following the .NET Rocks! podcasts of Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell for many years now. Theyve had virtually all well-known names of the .NET development community on the show and hearin...

5 Tricks for catching up on the Channel 9 event videos for Build 2014

JonGalloway.ToString(), April 15, 2014
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Okay, you've had a week to digest all the video content from Build 2014? Done yet? Me, neither. Well, how about some tricks to make this easier? I'd written up a few tips and tricks for catching up o...

Couple of my favorite Microsoft podcasts

Sahil Malik -, January 17, 2014
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SharePoint Training: more information Information overload ugh! Anyway, lo...

Interview with me on Hanselminutes

Frans Boumas blog, September 27, 2013
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I had the honor to be interviewed by Scott Hanselman for his great podcast Hanselminutes! Check out the full podcast here: The State of Object-Relational Mapping with Frans Bouma....

Interview with me on Hanselminutes

Frans Boumas blog, September 27, 2013
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I had the honor to be interviewed by Scott Hanselman for his great podcast Hanselminutes! Check out the full podcast here: The State of Object-Relational Mapping with Frans Bouma. ...

Removing background noise in Audacity by differencing stereo channels

JonGalloway.ToString(), July 17, 2013
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While at NDC13 this June, K Scott and I (joined by Rob Conery as honorary guest host) recorded a lot of Herding Code podcasts in a cool podcast booth. It was an interesting audio challenge. The confer...

Career-Defining Moments

Fervent Coder, June 25, 2013
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Originally posted on: Fear holds us back from many things. A little fear is healthy, but dont let it overwhelm you into missin...

Career-Defining Moments

Fervent Coder, June 25, 2013
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Originally posted on: Fear holds us back from many things. A little fear is healthy, but dont let it overwhelm you into m...

Career-Defining Moments

Fervent Coder, June 25, 2013
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Originally posted on: Fear holds us back from many things. A little fear is healthy, but dont let it overwhelm you into missin...

Teaching your Gadgeteer project to speak...

MSDN: Coding4Fun, June 21, 2013
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Need Text to Speech for your next Gadgeteer project? Brett has your back...EMIC 2 text to speech module, on GadgeteerBack in July 2012, I saw a post on Dangerous Prototypes that highlighted EMIC-2, a ...

Reflective Parenting

youve been HAACKED, May 27, 2013
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This post is a departure from my typical software related topics, but I think youll find parallels with management and dealing with software developers. Parenting is a skill like any other it can be...

SPA Conversations, March 19, 2013
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Recently I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be a guest on the Herding Code podcast and the Channel 9 Web Camps TV video series to discuss SPA. Herding Code Podcast The episode of the Herdin...

SQLBeat Podcast Episode 9 Spider Monkey Spiders and Two SQL Nuts

Simple Talk, March 9, 2013
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When you’ve known someone as long as I have known Shawn McGehee, you have a tendency when conversing to finish one another’s sentences, to read ahead and know where each other is going in the conversa...

Podcast in Dutch

QuirksBlog, November 8, 2012
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A podcast interview with me — in Dutch.Ik werd geinterviewd door Maurice de Beijer van dotNed, de .NET gebruikersgroep Nederland. We hadden het over mobiele browsers, Fronteers, en een boel andere din...

Mash This Episode 16: The NPR API with Javaun Moradi

Keyvan Nayyeri, October 18, 2012
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The 16th episode of Mash This podcast is out and it's featuring Javaun Moradi from National Public Radio to talk about NPR's API. Javaun holds the position that was previously held by our guest in epi...

Mash This Episode 15: Mashape with Augusto Marietti

Keyvan Nayyeri, October 10, 2012
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After a long break in my blogging due to my busy schedule with the new job at Match.Com, and another long break in publishing new episodes of Mash This podcast, we finally published episode 15 bout Ma...

Polite Code, News Articles, And Pulling Out Early

ISerializable, September 21, 2012
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Christine Gorman gave a talk about getting rid of uneeded complexity in code, but removing ideas many of us (me too) find make it more readable. I couldn’t explain why I disagreed with her, exce...

Mash This Episode 14: Daniel Jacobson on the Netflix API

Keyvan Nayyeri, September 14, 2012
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After a short break, we published a new episode of Mash This podcast with another great host. In episode 14 we talk to Daniel Jacobson, the Director of API Engineering at for Netflix, about Netflix AP...

Mash This Episode 13: Dalton Caldwell is a Man on a Mission

Keyvan Nayyeri, August 12, 2012
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The 13th episode of Mash This podcast is out featuring Dalton Caldwell to talk about his new proposal for a paid social network model that has gained some attention on the internet. This story had...

Mash This Episode 12: IFTTT with Linden Tibbets

Keyvan Nayyeri, July 31, 2012
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Continuing our progress on Mash This podcast by hosting some prominent developers and community leaders, we have episode 12 ready featuring Linden Tibbets, co-founder of famous IFTTT mash up. Unless ...

Mash This Episode 11: AppHarbor with Rune Soerensen

Keyvan Nayyeri, July 2, 2012
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The newest episode of Mash This podcast, episode 11, is published today, and it features the co-founder and CEO of AppHarbor, Rune Sorensen, to talk about AppHarbor as a Platform as a Service (PaaS)...

Interviewed by the Scobleizer

Joe Brinkman, June 29, 2012
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A few weeks ago I had the honor of being interviewed by Robert Scoble, celebrity blogger, technical evangelist, and author who is best known for his blog Scobleizer which covers world changing technol...

Seven Years of Blogging

Keyvan Nayyeri, June 28, 2012
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This is no joke, and its something I can brag about: for seven continuous years Ive been blogging non-stop on here in English language, a language that I wasnt born into, and this is the 1145th post o...

Mash This Episode 10: Should APIs Be Copyrightable?

Keyvan Nayyeri, June 18, 2012
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Most podcasts don't pass the 7 episodes limit and die in infancy, but we've already passed that stage and today we're happy to release the 10th episode of Mash This podcast where we go b...

June, 2012, Florida: Best TechEd Ever!

Marquee de Sells: Chriss insight outlet, June 7, 2012
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This month in Florida is going to be my 2nd TechEd ever and Im sure the best by far. The number of things I get to do is staggering: I get to work the Telerik booth for my first big show. Well be ...

Mash This Episode 7: Building a Better API with Neil Mansilla

Keyvan Nayyeri, May 8, 2012
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We're publishing new episodes on Mash This podcast on a regular basis, and have had a very good progress in the past three months inviting good guests and having great discussions about online s...

NEW: Ruby podcast in hebrew

ISerializable, May 1, 2012
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A few of the members of the ruby underground in israel have started a ruby related podcast in the hebrew language. It’s pretty awesome - go have a listen to the first show ab...

Mash This Episode 6: State of the API Ecosystem with Adam DuVander

Keyvan Nayyeri, April 24, 2012
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Earlier today we dropped episode 6 of Mash This podcast featuring Adam DuVander where we discuss the current state of API and service ecosystem. This episode goes through different topics related to ...

Mini Hawraman Goes Open Source

Keyvan Nayyeri, April 3, 2012
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Those who have thought about starting their own podcast would already know that finding a good engine to power a podcast website is not an easy job, and most people end up at using their own custom en...

Mash This Episode 4: Twilio and More with John Sheehan

Keyvan Nayyeri, March 26, 2012
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Weve been doing a lot of work for Mash This podcast and have had our regular recording sessions for almost two months now. Were slowly finding the best format for the episodes and have been improving ...

Mash This Episode 3: Clients

Keyvan Nayyeri, March 15, 2012
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Weve been working a lot on improving Mash This podcast as the only podcast dedicated to one of the hottest topics in software development, which is online services and APIs. Today we published the thi...

Keyvan.FM Episode 1: Introduction

Keyvan Nayyeri, March 12, 2012
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If you're a hardcore reader of this blog, you would know that I started a video and audio podcast channel called Keyvan.TV last summer. After publishing 9 episodes that received very encouraging...

Mash This Episode 2: API Tools

Keyvan Nayyeri, March 1, 2012
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When it rains, it pours! It's the story of my blog with two blog posts for today! A short while ago, we teamed up to start a new podcast, called Mash This, focusing on online services, APIs, mash ups,...

1&1 is Evil

Keyvan Nayyeri, February 21, 2012
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I’ve been writing programs for most of my life and for a big part of this, I’ve been a web developer. Having this background and knowing people on this community, one common question tha...

Mash This Episode 1: Hello World

Keyvan Nayyeri, February 13, 2012
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As I mentioned before, recently I joined Lee Dumond, Nick Berardi, and Dustin Davis to start an audio podcast dedicated to online services, API’s, and mash ups. After some planning and discuss...

Mash This Podcast

Keyvan Nayyeri, January 27, 2012
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As I had mentioned last year during the launch of my own podcast channel, Keyvan.TV, web is moving toward multimedia content (i.e., video and audio) for online publishing and a common part of this p...

Excerpt Old Posts - A WordPress Plugin to get around the Feedburner 512K Limit

JonGalloway.ToString(), January 7, 2012
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Summary If you've got a WordPress blog and use Feedburner, you may notice that the posts stop updating. It's often due to a limitation on Feedburner that stops updating if your feed exceeds 512K. I w...

Leveraging Background Services and Agents in Windows Phone 7 (Mango)

JonGalloway.ToString(), November 23, 2011
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Earlier this month at DevConnections, I gave a presentation on Background Services and Agents in Windows Phone 7. The next week, I got to join Jesse Liberty on his podcast interviewing Peter Torr, a P...

Weekly Links 2010_34 (50 for Web Devs & Other Geeks)

MS-Joe, October 3, 2011
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Software Developer Links of the Week. MyEclipse Blue + Spring = Bling IDE Red Hat’s OpenShift PaaS for Cloud Now Supports Java EE 6 Projects Now on Maven Central Repository NetBeans #PHP – Su...

The Joy of Blogging

Keyvan Nayyeri, September 16, 2011
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As always, I had written something before to refer to and this time I can refer to my post about the way Twitter has changed the medium of online content publishing by reducing the number of blogs a...

Keyvan.TV Episode 1: Pilot

Keyvan Nayyeri, August 27, 2011
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As I had introduced it before and announced its launch date a few days ago, today I finally made Keyvan.TV public with a short Pilot episode that is supposed to serve as an introduction where I talk a...

Keyvan.TV - Keyvan Nayyeri's Podcast Channel

ASP.NET Announcements, August 16, 2011
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Today I launched my video and audio podcast site that provides content on software development (mostly .NET), computer science, and technology. Keyvan.TV site has an HTML5/CSS3 design, is powered by A...

Keyvan.TV Episode 1 - Pilot

Keyvan Nayyeri, August 16, 2011
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As I had introduced it before and announced its launch date a few days ago, today I finally made Keyvan.TV public with a short Pilot episode that is supposed to serve as an introduction where I talk...

Ive Been Deep Fried!

Chris Love's Official Blog - Professional ASP.NET, August 16, 2011
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Nope, I am not the latest deep fried treat available at your local state fair, but speaking of fried SnickersOk back to business. A few weeks ago I got to spend a little time with Keith Elder and Chri...

Keyvan.TV's Launch Date

Keyvan Nayyeri, August 13, 2011
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Almost 1.5 months ago I announced a new project that I’ve been working on in the past three months and that project is Keyvan.TV, my online podcast channel with video and audio content about s...

Dan and Scott Talk Kinect

MSDN: Coding4Fun, August 11, 2011
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Dan Fernandez was recently a guest on the must listen podcast, HanselMinutes, by Scott Hanselman, where as you might have already guessed, they chatted about the Kinect. If you're doing Kinect dev, or...

Appreciation for Free Content

Keyvan Nayyeri, July 25, 2011
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Ive been blogging for over six years and in this while Ive published over 1000 blogs posts that are mostly articles, tutorials, and tips/tricks about programming and software development that have bec...