ASP.NET Podcast Show #32 Reflections of 2005 & Using a DataTable in Atlas

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The real final show for 2005. Wally recaps on some of the highlights,

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Wally doesn't let me get the last word in.


Wow, I didn't know if we would make it this far and what kind of form we would have ended up in.I wanted to take some time to go thru and look at some of the really cool events of 2005.


  •   Scott Forsyth and Orcsweb.
  •   Wanted to build a new school in our area and threatened us with condemnation.
  • Contract and negotiations.


  •   Cooler heads finally prevail.
  •   Final large chapter is in.
  • Project work in DC starts back up.


  • ADO.NET book changes.


    •    (Me, Paul, Buddy, Jason, Robert McLaws).
  • What is this AJAX thing


  • Atlanta.


  • AJAX
  • June CTP of Sql Server 2k5.


  •   Hey, you have to do something in the hotel room.
  •   WTF
    • Lunch with Shanku and Rich more questions on Atlas.
  • Go approval for an AJAX with ASP.NET book.


  •   Hey, you have to do something in the hotel room.
  • Work continued in DC.


  • Podcasting continued.


    • Enjoyed the whole experience with everyone.
  • AJAX with ASP.NET book.


  • site is up, thanks to Scott Forsyth and Orcsweb.
  •   ($500k vs. $86k)
  • Turned in a chapter on AJAX. (XML).


  • Chapter writing continues on Atlas.

People that I have met or remet along the way.

MS people.

  • Pablo Castro.

Wilco Bauwer.

David Yack.

Ambrose Little.


Bill Ryan.

Jason Salas.


  • Rob Chartier.
  • Chris Frazier.
  • Jason Gaylord.

Craig Shoemaker.


Frappr Map.Goto the podcast site and get in on the fun.

Send me your pictures for the listener gallery.


Iterating through a DataTable in Atlas.


getItem(i) for the rows.

getProperty(Column Name) for the column.

function MethodReturn(result)


var i = 0;

var str = ";

var strRowsInfo = ";

var strReturn = "<br />";

//get a datatable

var tbl1 = result.getItem(0);

for(i = 0; i < tbl1.get_length(); i++)


//tbl1.getItem(i) will return the ith DataRow

//getProperty("Column Name") will return the column value from a DataRow

strRowsInfo += tbl1.getItem(i).getProperty("ProjectName") + strReturn;


document.getElementById("RowInfo").innerHTML = strRowsInfo;


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