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CLR Performance Tips Chat Transcript

Rico Marianis Performance Tidbits, September 7, 2005
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Earlier this year we released a series of training videos, one of which was my own on CLR Performance Tips. We did a followup Q&A session in the form of an online chat -- I've been waiting for it ...

Stuffing Packets with net.tcp and net.pipe, September 2, 2005
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One performance tuning knob you can use over Indigo's TCP and Named Pipe transports is our level of batching messages. Sockets programmers may be familiar with this concept as Nagle's algorithm. I...

Performance of Dynamic Object Instantiation articles, news and updates, August 14, 2005
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As Provider pattern has been gaining more and more favor among developers, I’ve been wondering about performance implications of dynamic object (provider) instantiation it mandates. The most com...

System.Messaging Performance

MSDN Just Published, August 13, 2005
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Investigate the performance characteristics of .NET System.Messaging and the native MSMQ COM API for different messaging patterns and requirements. See how to create a high-performance messaging appl...

Performance of ASP.NET Web Services, Enterprise Services, and .NET Remoting

MSDN Just Published, August 13, 2005
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Compare and contrast performance characteristics of real-life ASP.NET Web Services, .NET Enterprise Services components, and .NET Remoting components, and get recommendations on how to use these techn...

Private Bytes Performance Counter -- Beware!

Rico Marianis Performance Tidbits, August 1, 2005
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Q: When is a Private Byte not a Private Byte A: When it isn't resident. The Private Bytes counter reports the commit charge of the process. That is to say, the amount of space that has been allocated&...

Whidbey Performance Opportunities

Rico Marianis Performance Tidbits, July 27, 2005
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I'm often asked "What's new in Whidbey" and so I thought I'd put together this (very) brief list of some of the more important items that got attention during this product cycle. This is by no means...

The Consequences of Performance Optimizations

Cyrus Blather, July 23, 2005
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I wanted to write a post today about a very interesting bug we just came across related to Refactoring.  As i just blogged about verification, i thought that this would be a good followup.  ...

Winsock: Get Closer to the Wire with High-Performance Sockets in .NET

MSDN Magazine: Current Issue, July 12, 2005
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The Win32 Windows Sockets library (Winsock) provides mechanisms to improve the performance of programs that use sockets, and the Microsoft .NET Framework provides a layer over Winsock so that managed ...

Performance vs. Testability and semi-virtual method calls

ISerializable, July 11, 2005
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"Premature optimization is the root of all evil": Consider making the method virtual anyway. In fact, one of the first things you learn in a software optimization course is this: "Make it work, th...

Chapter 22: Enhancing Performance with Caching

MSDN Just Published, July 8, 2005
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In this chapter from Building Websites with Microsoft Content Management Server, learn about MCMS built-in caching and how to enhance performance on your MCMS site by using ASP.NET output caching....

Tips for ASP.NET Application Performance Enhancement

ASP.NET Daily Articles, July 4, 2005
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Hi All, Though I have written about this some time back, Performance and Scalability stand next to Security in the case of Applications and is the most sought after topic wherever people raise querie...

Adolfo Wiernik presenting 10 Tips to Boost Your Performance

GrokTalks - 10 minute micro-presentations, June 27, 2005
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Adolfo Wiernik from Costa Rica presenting 10 Tips to Boost Your Performance. The streaming version is here, and the downloadable version is here, or available via podcasting our RSS Feed....

Great article on Reflection and Performance on MSDN Mag

ISerializable, June 26, 2005
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Joel Pobar (master of all things dynamic) wrote a great piece on reflection in this months MSDN Mag..  Reflection: Dodge Common Performance Pitfalls to Craft Speedy Applications [via Brad Abrams...

Always nice to get a good review...

Ablog, June 19, 2005
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Thanks for your kind words Daniel. It seems so long since I actually wrote the performance book. It is funny that one of the main concerns we had during the review phase of the book was that .NET 2.0 ...

Reflection: Dodge Common Performance Pitfalls to Craft Speedy Applications

MSDN Magazine: Current Issue, June 14, 2005
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With reflection in .NET, you can load types, understand their members, make decisions about them, and execute, all within the safety of the managed runtime. But to use this power wisely, it's importan...

A Few Good (Performance) Men

Rico Marianis Performance Tidbits, June 9, 2005
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Sometimes people ask me why my talks tend to teach the basics about performance and not Really Scary Performance Stuff (TM).   My answer is actually pretty simple, I teach what I think most ...

.NET vs. J2EE Performance Benchmarks for XML and XML Web Services

Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life, June 8, 2005
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About a year ago, the folks at Sun Microsystems came up with a bunch of benchmarks that showed that XML parsing in Java was much faster than on the .NET Framework. On the XML team a...

Fiddler PowerToy - Part 2: HTTP Performance

MSDN Just Published, June 3, 2005
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Learn how to build a faster Web site using the Microsoft Fiddler HTTP Debugger. In this article, we'll use Fiddler to explore HTTP performance, caching, and compression....

High-performance XML (V): Increase performance on message-based web services by avoiding XmlDocument creation when using XmlSerializer

eXtensible mind, May 28, 2005
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In a previous post, I discussed the way coarse-grained web service interfaces can be used in a strongly typed way by resorting to the xsd.exe or a cool custom tool. The only problem with that approach...

100: So Sahil, why does MSDTC suck

Sahil Malik [MVP], May 27, 2005
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(The below is covered in further depth in my upcoming book - Chapter #11) I lied, it doesn't suck. Heehee :-) Well, it doesn't suck because there is hardly any replacement for it, and for all you linu...

200: What is LTM: Lightweight Transaction Manager, and how does that help

Sahil Malik [MVP], May 27, 2005
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(The below is covered in further depth in my upcoming book - Chapter #11) So in my last blog post, I explained why MSDTC is sucky. If you haven't read that yet, I suggest you read that first. But anyw...

Narrowing Down Performance Problems in Managed Code

Rico Marianis Performance Tidbits, May 25, 2005
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My last entry was some generic advice about how to do a good performance investigation.  I think actually it's too generic to be really useful -- in fact I think it fails my Peanut Butter Sa...

How To Do A Good Performance Investigation

Rico Marianis Performance Tidbits, May 23, 2005
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I find that sometimes people have difficultly just getting started when doing a performance analysis meaning theyre faced with a potentially big problem and dont know where to begin.  Over the y...

Performance Quiz #6 -- Conclusion, Studying the Space

Rico Marianis Performance Tidbits, May 20, 2005
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I thought I would end this series by looking at the space costs of both solutions because it gives a real window into what I do every day and perhaps it's helpful to understand the multidimensional as...

Displaying aggregates: DataSet vs. Domain object performance - level 300

Jeffrey Palermo, May 20, 2005
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The first thing that happens when someone posts performance numbers is to question the method of benchmarking.  My test was an ad hoc benchmark on my own workstation to get a feel for the perform...

Performance Quiz #6 -- The fifth cut goes foul!

Rico Marianis Performance Tidbits, May 19, 2005
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Well today Raymond hits a snag in version 5 of the program.  I started by profiling the code as provided (in fact I had the .exe from Raymond himself so I didn't even have to build it). ...

Performance Quiz #6 -- Optimizing the Managed Version

Rico Marianis Performance Tidbits, May 19, 2005
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Well, I've been slacking off too long... sitting on my nice 124ms time and doing nothing.  It's time I did something to the managed code. You'll recall I had some observations in my analysis of t...

Performance Quiz #6 -- Looking at the sixth cut

Rico Marianis Performance Tidbits, May 19, 2005
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Well, it's time for me to surrender.  Sort of :) Raymond pulls out all the stops in his sixth version by painting a big bullseye on his biggest remaining source of slowness which is ope...

Performance Quiz #6 -- Analyzing the managed code

Rico Marianis Performance Tidbits, May 17, 2005
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Raymond didn't post an update today so I think this is a good time for me to post the first analysis of the managed code. There's some things to notice right away and I've highlighted them in the tabl...

Performance Quiz #6 -- Looking at the third cut

Rico Marianis Performance Tidbits, May 13, 2005
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The fun continues as today we look at Raymond's third improvement. Raymond starts using some pretty hefty Win32 magic with a mapped file view to eliminate once-and-for-all any costs associated with th...

Performance Quiz #6 -- Looking at the first cut

Rico Marianis Performance Tidbits, May 11, 2005
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Yesterday Raymond posted his initial version and I posted Performance Quiz #6. Today he posts the first optimization.  Quoting him: Upon profiling our dictionary-loader, I discovered that 8...

Performance Quiz #6 -- Chinese/English Dictionary reader

Rico Marianis Performance Tidbits, May 10, 2005
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Raymond Chen is running a series of articles about how to build and optimize the startup time of a Chinese/English dictionary. Developing a Chinese/English dictionary: Introduction Loading the ...

For those interested in comparing side by side results of the Saxon 8.3 based Saxon.NET bits...

The Official Saxon.NET Weblog, May 7, 2005
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To test the latest IKVM bits that Jeroen sent me I created a recompilation of the existing Saxon.NET RC1 bits based on Saxon 8.3. The reason being is that I know for a fact that these bits work and w...

New Blog - BizTalk Server Performance & Stress Team!

BizTalk ChalkTalk, April 8, 2005
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Hey check out the new action from the BizTalk Server Performance & Stress Team! The first blog dives into understanding the throughput and capac...

Welcome to the BizTalk Product Group Performance Team Blog!

BizTalk Server Performance, April 7, 2005
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  Have you ever had a question about the performance of BizTalk that you couldnt find an answer to  That is why we, the product team responsible for performance and stress testing BizTalk, ...

Find Out More About MSN's Web-based RSS Aggregator at

Dare Obasanjos WebLog, March 21, 2005
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Steve Rider, one of the great folks behind, has started a category on his blog devoted to the site. His first post discusses some of the changes they've made to the site in the past week. He...

BizTalk 2004 Performance

Darren Jefford : BizTalk 2004, December 14, 2004
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Ive been involved in a number of BizTalk 2004 Performance / Tuning engagements recently, it seems that most of this year customers have been busy writing solutions using BizTalk and are now getting to...

Rules Engine and A4Swift gotcha...

Kevin B Smiths WebLog, November 17, 2004
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I've been using the A4Swift (v2.1) accelerator a lot recently, which I have to say is extremely good. Around this I though it worth sharing a tip with you all that has caused me some pain on two occas...

Beta Book Pain, Performance Love

Mark Fussells WebLog : XML, November 12, 2004
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Writing books on beta products is probably the most painful thing that you can ever endure even if you are in the product team (or was as in my case). I finally finished up the last XML chapter&n...

Generics in VB.NET

Sonu Kapoors WebLog, October 5, 2004
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Generics in VB.NET By Sonu Kapoor AbstractIntroduction What are Generics? Why should I use Generics?     Abstract:   Generics are very useful if you know what they are and how to use th...

Delivery Notification Performance

Kevin B Smiths WebLog, September 26, 2004
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I'm over in Redmond currently for a couple of weeks working with the Biztalk Design Wins team doing some performance tuning on a solution for one of my customers, Ive also been having a lot of fun cat...

Delivery Notification Performance

Kevin B Smiths WebLog, September 26, 2004
Views: 1,093 | Hits 105

I'm over in Redmond currently for a couple of weeks working with the Biztalk Design Wins team doing some performance tuning on a solution for one of my customers, Ive also been having a lot of fun cat...

Improving XML Performance in .NET Framework Applications

Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life, May 18, 2004
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The Microsoft Pattern and Practicesfolks have produced an excellent guide to Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalabilitywith a chapter onImproving XML Performance. If you...

WSE: Compression, Security and Performance

morty@home, February 15, 2004
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We have been doing a lot of WSE testing at work while developing our new integration infrastructure. As a part of this project we have built a filter for message level compression i...

WSE, Secure Conversation and Performance

morty@home, January 13, 2004
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I read and hear that increased performance is one of the primary reasons for employing secure conversation instead of PKI and X509 certificates. Usually these statements are based u...

Advanced Unit Testing, Part IV - Fixture Setup/Teardown, Test Repetition And Performance Tests

The Code Project Latest Articles, October 9, 2003
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This article extends the unit testing framework, adding fixture setup/teardown capability and performance (time and memory) measurement/testing....

Benchmarking Direct, Delegate and Reflection Method Invocations

The Code Project Latest Articles, January 6, 2003
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This console mode applet illustrates the significant performance hit of methods invoked using reflection....