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The Whidbey provider pattern was the tip of iceberg

eXtensible mind, August 16, 2005
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I have complained in the past about the shortcomings of the Whidbey provider pattern (ASP.NET should I say), which I always regarded as woefully inadecuate as a general purpose pattern for complex blo...

What it takes to be a Dev Lead at patterns & practices

eXtensible mind, August 12, 2005
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One very important area where a dev lead must excel, specially at patterns & practices where there's a lot of interaction with product groups across Microsoft, is to be able to handle situations s...

Shamless book plug: Framework Design Guidelines : Conventions, Idioms, and Patterns for Reusable .NET Libraries

Brad Abrams, August 12, 2005
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If it is on Amazon it must be for real ;-)    Framework Design Guidelines : Conventions, Idioms, and Patterns for Reusable .NET Libraries How should we refer to this one  We affectiona...

Design Patterns: Dependency Injection

MSDN Just Published, August 10, 2005
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As application size and complexity increase, so do dependencies. One way to mitigate the proliferation of dependencies is by using the Dependency Injection pattern, which Griffin Caprio outlines this ...

Regex: This Pattern matches a HTML like tag and its closing tag without any childtags, that was i... - Recent Patterns, August 9, 2005
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Regex: This Pattern matches a HTML like tag and its closing tag without any childtags, that was identified by an attribute or anything identifiable () mark inside the opening tag. Loo...

Design Patterns links

Darrell Nortons Blog [MVP], August 9, 2005
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This site about SmallTalk has some great pattern references. There is a good discussion of the Model-View-Presenter compared to the Model-View-Controller.  Check out all the other great...

Small Domain Specific Language for the GoF Design patterns

ISerializable, August 9, 2005
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I've met some very nice people while I was at Ireland, some of them MVPs and quite brilliant (and good drinkers!) Take for example, Eamon O'Tuathail , who created a small Domain Specific Language fo...

Patterns & Practices Enterprise Library

Steven Swafford - ASPAlliance Columnist/Editor, August 4, 2005
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I decided to download patterns & practices Enterprise Library (EAL) and incorporate it into a Department of Defense web application that I am currently working. While I have never used the EAL in ...

Not 'not-invented-here' syndrome

WebServices.Org Weblogs, August 3, 2005
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In a curious inversion of normal IT industry practice, we are watching with amusement as various vendors skirmish about who, exactly, first 'invented' the ESB....

Regex: This pattern will match 1 or more instances of a NON-alphanumeric character. This is very ... - Recent Patterns, August 2, 2005
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Regex: This pattern will match 1 or more instances of a NON-alphanumeric character. This is very handy to use when you want to filter input only by alphanumeric characters, by using R...

Adapter Patterns and Cross Page Post Backs

K. Scott Allen, July 25, 2005
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It was a quiet weekend morning, and I thought Id write up a quick blog posting with the above title. About 1400 words later, I realized I had zoomed past post length material into article length, so I...

Website: "Please wait while I load"

MrDaves (David Yack) Blog!, July 23, 2005
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Me:  No! It’s like calling a company and having them answer the phone “Please Hold” I think it’s simple – first impressions do matter and if my first impression of y...

Ass first design pattern !!!

Sahil Malik [MVP], July 20, 2005
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Pardon the title, and seriously thank your stars that I didn't ask Geoff for a photograph to modify the cover of this book to suit the title - But I just saw something so awful that I just had to b...

Bicycle Adventures Columbia Gorge Family Tour

Eric Gunnersons C# Compendium, July 17, 2005
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Our vacation was, to put it succinctly, fabulous. Bicycle Adventures did a great job, our guides were great, and we had lots of fun. While some of their other tours require more bicycling abilit...

Refactoring WSMQ - Provider Patterns, DAAB and CodeSmith

Brendan Tompkins, July 11, 2005
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Now that CodeBetter.Com is humming along fairly nicely, Ive been turning my extra time (much to my wifes chagrin) to my pet project, WSMQ. If youre not familiar with WSMQ, its a simple queueing applic...

Regex: This pattern will match any multi-line or single line comments in TSQL (Stored Procedures ... - Recent Patterns, July 10, 2005
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Regex: This pattern will match any multi-line or single line comments in TSQL (Stored Procedures or SPROC's) in MS SQL Server. ***********************...

Working for patterns & practices rocks

eXtensible mind, July 8, 2005
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For quite some time now, I've been lucky enough to be involved in various projects from Microsoft patterns & practices. I've already posted about the previous war room we had and also mentioned th...

Domain Objects Persistence Pattern for .NET

DotNetJunkies Just Published, June 30, 2005
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Domain objects in an application represent the core data and business validation rules relating to it. And, domain objects are usually central to the entire application and used by most subsystems. Th...

Mauro Sant'Anna presenting Exceptions: Best Practices

GrokTalks - 10 minute micro-presentations, June 27, 2005
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Mauro Sant'Anna from Brazil presenting Exceptions: Best Practices. The streaming version is here, and the downloadable version is here, or available via podcasting our RSS Feed....

When do I need to implement a finalizer or IDisposable

Peter Brombergs UnBlog, June 25, 2005
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Recently another developer was experimenting with structs we are using to serialize a class for eventual mapping into an XmlDocument to transmit to a vendor. I noticed he had derived from IDisposable ...

Refactor to Patterns

Dave Donaldsons Blog, June 17, 2005
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Ben Carey has a nice post about simplicity in software. He's dead on in his assessment of making software too complex to start and how developers tend to worry about the wrong things at the wrong time...

What was that

James Shaw at CoverYourASP.NET, June 16, 2005
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From "Random Kiwi Thoughts".. I'm really getting a kick from being here. I'll never move back to England, but I sure do miss the old ways sometimes.. Perhaps I was too hasty - maybe never is too st...

Behind the Scenes: Discover the Design Patterns You're Already Using in the .NET Framework

MSDN Magazine: Current Issue, June 14, 2005
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In this article, the author presents a basic overview of several common design patterns and how they are used in the .NET Base Class Library and other areas of the .NET Framework. You'll discover some...


GrokTalks - 10 minute micro-presentations, June 7, 2005
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Ok, we're ready to film Groktalkstoday! Yesterday, Monday,was practice and setup. We're learning a lot of things about filming, especially how important lighting and sound can be. ...

How to Use Design Patterns

Darrell Nortons Blog [MVP], May 26, 2005
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Bill Venners just posted Part 1 of an interview with Erich Gamma called How to Use Design Patterns. So why should developers learn patterns "I think patterns as a whole can help people learn object-...

Head First Design Patterns book now has C# code samples available

Darrell Nortons Blog [MVP], May 18, 2005
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Mark McFadden has made the excellent Head First Design Patterns book's code samples available in C# here. He even uses NUnit instead of Console.Writelines. Great job, Mark!...

Schema Design Patterns: Garden of Eden

Stephen Kaufman's WebLog, May 11, 2005
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This is the fourth of five entries talking about schema design patterns.  In previous entries the Russian Doll, the Salami Slice and the Venetian Blind approaches were discussed. The Garden of Ed...

Guidance Automation: a little history from another key player

eXtensible mind, May 3, 2005
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Finally, Wojtek got a blog, and after a short intro, he delves into the history that underlies PAG's latest addition: the Guidance Automation Extensions and Toolkit, already announced at the MSDN Arch...

Schema Design Patterns: Venetian Blind

Stephen Kaufman's WebLog, April 29, 2005
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This is the third of five entries talking about schema design patterns.  In previous entries the Russian Doll approach and the Salami Slice approach were discussed. The Venetian Blind approach is...

Schema Design Patterns: Salami Slice

Stephen Kaufman's WebLog, April 25, 2005
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This is the second of five entries talking about schema design patters.  The previous entry discussed the Russian Doll approach. In the Salami Slice approach all elements are defined globally but...

Schema Design Patterns: Russian Doll

Stephen Kaufman's WebLog, April 21, 2005
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I am working on a BizTalk solution which uses a schema that was hand created using XML Spy.  The schema was created in such a way in which everything was globally available and when I brought it ...

Don't miss the new cool addition from MS PAG (aka patterns & practices): integration with VS was never so easy....

eXtensible mind, April 20, 2005
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For the past 6 months I've been the dev lead on a new framework coming from PAG, called the Guidance Automation Toolkit (or GAT). With it you'll be able to package so-called recipes that can greatly e...

Patterns: Provider vs. Plugin vs. Strategy - level 300

Jeffrey Palermo, April 5, 2005
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Previously I made an implementation and called it the Provider pattern.  After some good discussion, I must redefine what I implemented.  I implemented something that had major traits of Pro...

ETech 2005 Trip Report: From the Labs: Microsoft Research

Dare Obasanjos WebLog, March 17, 2005
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These are my notes on the From the Labs: Microsoft Research session by Richard F. Rashid, Ph.D. Rick decided that in the spirit of ETech, he would focus on Microsoft Research projects that ...

Biztalk and Integration Patterns

Integration through Biztalk, March 10, 2005
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I found this very nice white paper on Integration Patterns. It gives a very macro level view of Solution Architecture and then breaks it down to specific Biztalk level. I recommend this paper to every...

February 2005 MSDN Magazine now online!

Stephen Toub, January 11, 2005
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The February 2005 issue of MSDN Magazine is now available online at The February installment of my favorite column, .NET Matters, is available at ...

Retrieving File and Request Path Information

Scott Cate .net Knowledge Base and Weblog, November 15, 2004
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It seems to be a very common practice to check the URL and File paths. Many, Many scenarios require this information, and it seems that a lot of native classes are commonly overlooked. To bring awaren...

Steve Smith's Awesome Caching Pattern

Scott Cate .net Knowledge Base and Weblog, April 2, 2004
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My friend Steve Smith who wrote this article has solved a major problem for me. With his permission I'm duplicating some of his code here. About one in 50,000 page views, I was getting an "Objec...

Advanced Unit Test, Part V - Unit Test Patterns

The Code Project Latest Articles, January 5, 2004
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An Introduction To The Concept Of Unit Test Patterns...


.NET Toolbox - Latest Reviews, August 10, 2003
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FxCop is a tool that can scan .NET assemblies to determine if the classes in the assemblies follow best practices for naming conventions, library design, localization, security, and performance. Ther...