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Postmaster, why isn't my email being delivered!

Wanta .NET ?, February 24, 2004
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This is classic! Some of my products integrate with IMAIL, and I'm on an IMAIL technical listserver. This post just came across, it had me in stiches. <quote>Our town USPS postmaster called in a...

An Event Pool

The Code Project Latest Articles, February 22, 2004
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An event pool helps manage large amounts of events that otherwise clutter up your code and make maintenance difficult....

Post-PDC pondering...

WS-Security, November 6, 2003
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Back from PDC, mailbox dealt with, finally some time to post... As David observes, for many of us last week was a wonderful whirlwind of Indigo and Don, blende...

Speaking at PDC

WS-Security, October 1, 2003
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Cleaning out my inbox after vacation, I find a note pointing me to this post from Brian Jackson, wondering if I'll be speaking at PDC. Yes, and I'm looking forward to it. Don...

PDC, XQuery, and mfussell

Arpan Desais WebLog, September 23, 2003
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That special time of year has finally come: Microsoft is hosting PDC (Professional Developers Conference) at the end of October. For those of you not completely in the know, ...

Part II: Web & Window Form Unification: Synchronous And Asynchronous Event Handling For Controls Created At Runtime

The Code Project Latest Articles, July 13, 2002
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This is the second part of a multipart article on unifying web and window form application development. This part demonstrates synchronous and asynchronous event handling of GUI control events, abstr...