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Part 5, Moving Forum threads from CommunityServer to DotNetNuke

DotNetNuke Developer - DotNetNuke Core Team Member and Excellent Programmer, February 6, 2011
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This is the fifth post in a series of blog posts about converting from CommunityServer to DotNetNuke. A brief background: I had a number of websites running on CommunityServer 2.1, I decided it was fi...

C# DotNetNuke

The Code Project Latest Articles, October 28, 2006
Views: 8,968 | Hits 1,552

A C# translation of the popular ASP.NET DotNetNuke project...

Free DNN Random Image Module

BiteTheBullet - Latest 25 Items, February 26, 2006
Views: 4,283 | Hits 1,233

A free module for DotNetNuke that displays a random image from a list of images you define. Source code included in C#.Take a look at my step-by-step tutorial on how I created this module....

Free DNN Weather Module

BiteTheBullet - Latest 25 Items, March 22, 2006
Views: 7,131 | Hits 1,130

Download my latest module, a free weather module that will display the current conditions and a two day forecast for a given area. Source for the module is available in C# to download....

2 New Free DotNetNuke Skins - Using NEW DNN Nav Menu

Ninas Blog, July 13, 2006
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It's been a bit of work but I am pleased to say I've got 2 new free skins for download.. with the latest menu in the DotNetNuke 3.3+ & 4.3+ builds....

Add a Logout Option To The Admin Menu In DotNetNuke

BiteTheBullet - Latest 25 Items, February 12, 2007
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Simple modification to add a logout menu item to the admin menu in DotNetNuke....

How to Build a Website using DotNetNuke

DNN Creative Magazine for DotNetNuke, January 9, 2006
Views: 7,341 | Hits 960

This is a new series of tutorials exploring how to build a website using DotNetNuke. The series will cover all of the steps involved, from the initial planning, skin creation, adding content, through ...

New CMS Comparison grid

Joe Brinkman, November 29, 2007
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One of my favourite clients (he let me ride his new motor bike) created this comparison grid when they were deciding on a platform for the future. They chose DNN of course. This is the list of CMS's...

DotNetNuke Random Image Module Tutorial

BiteTheBullet - Latest 25 Items, February 26, 2006
Views: 1,687 | Hits 530

A step by step tutorial on how to create a random image module for DotNetNuke 3.x using Visual Studio, CodeSmith and C#. In this 8 page guide you'll learn how to create a real-world module....

Google SiteMap - Free DNN Module

BiteTheBullet - Latest 25 Items, February 26, 2006
Views: 4,332 | Hits 490

New version 2.0. Take a look at my free DotNetNuke module for creating a Google SiteMap for your portal. This module is fully compatible with parent/child portals. Source code included in C#....

A DotNetNuke ecommerce example..

Ninas Blog, June 26, 2006
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With the interest in DotNetNuke and ecommerce gaining more interest, I thought I'd show you what I've been working on for the last week - well one of the sites - and it doesn't look like DNN!...

Creating a Skin Template - part 3

DNN Creative Magazine for DotNetNuke, January 9, 2006
Views: 3,641 | Hits 469

This is part of the How to Build a Website in DotNetNuke seriesIn this tutorial we create a skin design template for beginners to DotNetNuke. We base the design of the skin on the standard skins that ...

How to install a module to DotNetNuke

DNN Creative Magazine for DotNetNuke, November 30, 2005
Views: 5,380 | Hits 469

This free video tutorial demonstrates how to install a module to DotNetNuke®.This installation tutorial is the standard method of installing a module. Some third party modules require special inst...

Friendly URLS in DotNetNuke

Ninas Blog, July 22, 2006
Views: 3,972 | Hits 450

I saw a post on the forums talking about Google and Search Engine Optimisation and thought I'd give an overview on the experiences I have had with urls and Google and how I have worked around it....

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage...

Shaun Walker, February 4, 2008
Views: 5,397 | Hits 429

Grr just spent an hour fixing this one. Wanted to make a blog post to help anyone else who has this problem. In my case we enabled SSL (https://)on our production DotNetNuke website (works great by th...

Custom Search Results Module

Joe Brinkman, October 20, 2005
Views: 3,371 | Hits 357

I recently had a customer who wanted to display the search results using a custom format. At first glance, I thought I might need to use a custom Search Input module along with a customized Search Re...

Creating Custom Reports for DotNetNuke Using Crystal Reports - Part 1 - The #1 ASP.NET Community, July 25, 2007
Views: 2,969 | Hits 311

In this series of articles Eric shows how to create custom Crystal Reports for DotNetNuke web sites....

DNN vs. SharePoint

Patrick Santrys (aka wwwCoder) Blog, February 1, 2006
Views: 3,535 | Hits 309

Here's a long comparison of DotNetNuke versus SharePoint covering topics such as module/web part development, built in functionality, support/community, and other topics....

DNN on Linux

Patrick Santrys (aka wwwCoder) Blog, June 6, 2005
Views: 4,924 | Hits 305

I'm a little late on this one, but using Grasshopper you can write VB.NET applications that run on Linux and Apache Tomcat. You can check out the demo site here, this site is running DotNetNuke, and r...

The server tag is not well formed, oh my!

Joe Brinkman, July 20, 2007
Views: 5,068 | Hits 299

Recently Microsoft posted a patch that has caused many of you DNN Blog users a lot of grief, so much grief, that the Blog forum is floaded with topics such as: "HELP!", "CANNOT ADD BLOG" and so on...

Setting up DotNetNuke on Windows Vista

Shaun Walker, September 8, 2007
Views: 2,873 | Hits 280

I have finally started using Windows Vista. I have now gone through the painful process of trying to install DotNetNuke on Windows Vista. I have created a tutorial outlining what worked for me: http:/...

The start of my DotNetNuke Webfarm performance testing journey

Joe Brinkman, September 18, 2007
Views: 2,711 | Hits 277

A good friend of mine Mark has been kind enough to lend me a complete web farm that Iam going to set up as a DNN test bed to do some testing of DNN in a web farm scenario. The testing conducted by the...

How to install DotNetNuke 4.5 to Windows XP Professional (Using IIS) - 3 Videos

DNN Creative Magazine for DotNetNuke, April 27, 2007
Views: 3,556 | Hits 276

In this video tutorial we demonstrate how to install DotNetNuke v4.5.1 to Windows XP Professional. We walk you through how to configure and install the required programmes for installing DotNetNuke u...

DotNetNuke, Web Application Projects and Visual Studio 2008

Joe Brinkman, November 21, 2007
Views: 2,808 | Hits 260

I have been working with Web Application projects for about a year now and when I developed the new Authentication providers I created them as Web Application Projects. I have also been using Visual S...

DotNetNuke: Easily Create Reports using the ReportViewer

Joe Brinkman, October 8, 2007
Views: 3,002 | Hits 252

You can implement complex reports and graphs that can be exported to Excel or Adobe PDF using the free Microsoft ReportViewer. For this example we will create a Survey and enter some data. We will th...

How to setup and use the PayPal Sandbox - Video

DNN Creative Magazine for DotNetNuke, March 4, 2008
Views: 3,470 | Hits 251

In this tutorial we demonstrate how to setup the PayPal Sandbox test environment. This allows you to create test PayPal buyer and seller accounts which you can then use to test the selling of products...

DotNetNuke : A Single Sign on Solution (C#)

Shaun Walker, August 26, 2007
Views: 2,181 | Hits 249

DotNetNuke is an ideal place to to use as a starting point for all of your users. Frequently users need to access external applications and they are required to log into those applications again afte...

DNN and GoDaddy

Patrick Santrys (aka wwwCoder) Blog, June 17, 2005
Views: 5,127 | Hits 242

As you know GoDaddy now provides DotNetNuke hosting. Many of DotNetNuke users have had some issues with hosting DotNetNuke at GoDaddy. An excellent tutorial has been posted in the forums covering many...

Next Version of DNNMenu

Shaun Walker, August 10, 2007
Views: 2,691 | Hits 237

I am getting a little excited for what is in store for the community with the upcoming release of the DotNetNuke Webcontrols v2.0. Unfortunately, I have not had much time to blog on what I have been w...

FREE SKIN for DotNetNuke 3.x & 4.x

ASP.NET Announcements, January 18, 2007
Views: 1,592 | Hits 222

Dnaxp.Net has just released a new FREE SKIN for DotNetNuke 3.x & 4.x with 4 containers!!! Found it here....

DotNetNuke Media module - 3 Videos

DNN Creative Magazine for DotNetNuke, May 31, 2007
Views: 3,102 | Hits 221

In this video tutorial we demonstrate how to use the DotNetNuke media module. The media module replaces the image module that was used in earlier versions of DotNetNuke and comes with extra functiona...

How to Install a Skin in DotNetNuke 5 - 2 Free Videos

DNN Creative Magazine for DotNetNuke, September 1, 2009
Views: 3,433 | Hits 216

In this free video tutorial we demonstrate how to install skins and containers in DotNetNuke 5. If you have used an earlier DotNetNuke version, the installation has changed slightly, or if you are a ...

DNN 5 Beta Part 1

Ninas Blog, June 21, 2008
Views: 1,604 | Hits 213

DNN 5 Beta has been released to a few people with products for sale on the DNN marketplace - After spending several hours with it, I thought I'd share some of the new features.This weblog is sponsored...

How to create Page Templates in DotNetNuke - 4 Videos

DNN Creative Magazine for DotNetNuke, September 3, 2007
Views: 4,035 | Hits 206

In this tutorial we demonstrate how to use and create page templates in DotNetNuke. Page templates allow you to add modules, data, and configuration settings to a page when you first create a new page...

Turn on HumanFriendly URLs in DNN 4.7.0

Joe Brinkman, November 11, 2007
Views: 2,046 | Hits 192

The new HumanFriendly URL provider was finally implemented into DNN 4.7.0. To utilize it though you'll need to modify your web.config file Previous Value name="DNNFriendlyUrl" type="DotNetNuke.S...

An extensible DotNetNuke Google Sitemap Generator

The Code Project Latest Articles, October 19, 2006
Views: 2,432 | Hits 190

Building a DotNetNuke Sitemap Generator using the ASP.NET Provider model...

New DotNetNuke Silverlight Module Template Published

Joe Brinkman, April 10, 2009
Views: 3,798 | Hits 185

I finally was able to get the multi-project template functionality working to enable the easy creation of a DotNetNuke Silverlight module. The sample demonstrates how easy it is to have Silverlight in...

How to install DotNetNuke v4.5 Source Code to Windows XP Professional - 2 Videos

DNN Creative Magazine for DotNetNuke, April 27, 2007
Views: 3,000 | Hits 183

In this video tutorial we demonstrate how to install the DotNetNuke v4.5.1 source code using Windows XP Professional. Installing the source code version of DotNetNuke allows you to make changes to the...

Visual WebGui / Visual DNN Admin / Visual Generic Admin issue tracker

Gizmox - Guy Peleds Blog, May 1, 2006
Views: 1,251 | Hits 182 This new issue tracker system is available for developers and users to report there bugs and enhancements for Visual WebGui platform, Visual DNN Admin a...

Welcome Aboard!

Joe Brinkman, November 10, 2009
Views: 1,149 | Hits 178

Last year at OpenForce, DotNetNuke Corporation was on the verge of closing our first round of funding. 2006, 07 and 08 were challenging years as we struggled to find a business model that would suppo...

A simple DotNetNuke Google Analytics Module

The Code Project Latest Articles, August 27, 2007
Views: 1,302 | Hits 174

Adding Google Analytics tracking to your DotNetNuke website the easy way....

A Silverlight Dashboard

Shaun Walker, December 14, 2008
Views: 2,425 | Hits 173

I just posted a DotNetNuke module/tutorial that I hope demonstrates a good use of Silverlight. It is a dashboard gauge that a user can open up and keep opened all day and it will automatica...

DotNetNuke: Ready for Prime Time?

Peter Brombergs UnBlog, December 28, 2007
Views: 1,325 | Hits 172

Our group at work needs desperately to have a CMS that is easy to work with for various clients -- especially clients that need to be able to ""edit"" their own corporate web sites. Basically, we ...

Active Directory Provider and DNN 4.8.0 Problems.

Shaun Walker, December 28, 2007
Views: 1,868 | Hits 171

The short summary is that you shouldn't upgrade to DNN 4.8.0 if you need to use the Active Directory provider....

Issue 35 - DotNetNuke Print Stylesheets and CSS Reference Book

DNN Creative Magazine for DotNetNuke, August 4, 2008
Views: 1,991 | Hits 171

August 2008 Welcome to issue 35 of DNN Creative Magazine In this issue we demonstrate how to create a print stylesheet for use with your DotNetNuke ski...

Using Favicons within DotNetNuke

DNN Creative Magazine for DotNetNuke, January 5, 2009
Views: 1,319 | Hits 170

This tutorial walks you through how to create a favicon from scratch, how to create a favicon from an existing image and how to attach the favicon.ico file to your DotNetNuke website. Favicons are a ...

Store Documentation - Part 1

Shaun Walker, April 4, 2007
Views: 1,934 | Hits 170

Brief documentation for getting started with the DotNetNuke Store Module...

Creating a DotNetNuke Module - For Absolute Beginners!

The Code Project Latest Articles, January 27, 2006
Views: 1,805 | Hits 169

How to create a DotNetNuke module using Visual Studio Express - for DotNetNuke version 4....

4.5.4 Shared SSL support

Joe Brinkman, July 26, 2007
Views: 2,110 | Hits 161

If you are hosting your site on a shared server, your hosting company might provide you with a shared SSL site to use with your normal site. Up until now, there was no way to make this work with DNN a...

DNN 4.7 Page Import/Export Features

Ninas Blog, November 6, 2007
Views: 2,885 | Hits 158

Looking ahead at what we can expect in this release was interesting and one of a couple of things I thought was handy includes the new page import/export feature - handy for site administrators and a ...