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Sort a datatable before binding using DefaultView

Clarity Blogs: ASP.NET, May 22, 2006
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Here's a quick solution I found that may save you a few minutes... I needed to sort a datatable of records, which normally would be handled by my stored procedure, however in this case the data had be...

Use DataTable.Rows.Find() Instead of DataTable.Select()

DevX: .NET Feed, January 16, 2007
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Find out why using DataTable.Rows.Find() is faster than using DataTable.Select() to find records based on a primary key value....

DataView Trivia - DataTable must be set prior to using DataView

MrDaves (David Yack) Blog!, June 29, 2005
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In case you were wondering – if you set a Dataview on a table that does not exist in a dataset it will create the instance of the DataView but not allow any operation on it DataSet ds = new Data...

Export DataSet to Multiple Excel Sheets

The Code Project Latest Articles, December 7, 2008
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Exporting multiple tables in a DataSet to multiple sheets in an Excel file....

Limit Rows In DataTable or DataSet

Steven Smith, October 30, 2007
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I wrote some quick and dirty ADO.NET code to go against an RSS feed instead of a flat XML file today.  In the process I had to figure a way to limit the number of rows returned by the function, w...

DataView vs DataTable

Bigyan Rajbhandari, September 11, 2006
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Anyone who has used ADO.Net is familiar with DataTables and Dataviews. These objects bring a whole lot simplicity to data manipulation in .Net. Previously in ADO.Net 1.1 DataSets and DataTables had a ...

GridView and dynamic data sources

mikes web log, February 3, 2006
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Now and again you want to bind the GridView control not to a data source control or dataset, but just to some data you happen to have hanging around. A typical example, for example, might be that you ...

Export an ADO.NET DataTable to Excel using NPOI

Scott on Writing, June 7, 2011
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My latest article on DotNetSlackers looks at how to create Excel spreadsheets using NPOI. NPOI is a free, open-source .NET library for creating and reading Excel spreadsheets and is a port of the Java...

The Namespace and Class Names for Strongly Typed DataSets and TableAdapters

Scott on Writing, June 22, 2006
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In my multi-part tutorial series on Working with Data in ASP.NET 2.0, the tutorials are built upon an application architecture that uses a Typed DataSet as the Data Access Layer (DAL) and custom class...

How to: Create RadRotator Programmatically

the telerik blogs, August 27, 2007
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It recently came to my attention that there is no good documentation on the Telerik website showing you how to create a RadRotator (with a defined template) programmatically. There is some documentati...

Cascading DropDownList Controls -- Insert mode

mikes web log, June 2, 2007
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In response to the post about using casccading (dependent) drop-down lists in a FormView control, a number of people have wondered how you can use similar drop-downs in Insert mode in a FormView contr...

Returning the Just-Inserted ID Value Using Typed DataSets

Scott on Writing, October 23, 2007
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Probably the most frequent question I field from readers of my Working with Data in ASP.NET 2.0 tutorial series is, How do get the just-inserted ID value from theDAL? This is an important area, and on...

Binding Hierarchical RadGrid for ASP.NET Ajax with Telerik OpenAccess ORM

the telerik blogs, October 2, 2009
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Eventually developers face the need to use a master-detail hierarchical representation of their data. However most users are not aware that this is extremely easily achieved by using Telerik OpenAcces...

LINQ Query to DataTable (DataRows)

TheChaseMans Frenetic SoapBox, June 6, 2009
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Interested in writing a LINQ query to fill a DataTable? Normally I don't condone writing ugly code but let's have some fun. In this example, an anonymous type array is created followed by a DataTable...

Binding to custom fields with RadScheduler for WinForms

the telerik blogs, July 7, 2009
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We just finished working on the Q2 2009 release of RadControls for WinForms. One of the best things about releases is that we get to show off the cool new stuff that we managed to get done. One of my ...

Getting list of files sorted by date

Jotekes Blog, June 10, 2006
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This one was asked on Forums. Code to get files into a DataTable is very, very straighforward. For example files on current directory your aspx page is running on    &nbs...

Microsoft Access - Bind Dataset with ComboBox New Articles, November 22, 2006
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This is a simple article which describes how to bind a dataset to a comboBox. By Ajay Arora...

Remoting De-bloating with .Net 2.0

Clarity Blogs: ASP.NET, November 16, 2006
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.Net 2.0 Remoting de-bloating The .Net 2.0 framework has baked in some new remoting capabilites that, in my opinion, no remoting solution should ever hit production status without. Today I'm focu...

Building and Consuming a Dynamic Sitemap in ASP.NET 2.0

The Code Project Latest Articles, September 17, 2006
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You need to build a dynamic sitemap right from a dataset because you don't have static content on your website...

How to display data from different tables using one data source

the telerik blogs, October 28, 2009
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In many cases our customers who use Telerik OpenAccess ORM face the need to rapidly change the source table from which they are displaying data. For example you can have a RadGrid filled with customer...

TableAdapter and Multiple Result Sets

The Visual Basic Team, March 13, 2007
Views: 5,789 | Hits 596

Several people asked me whether TableAdapter can be used to retrieve multiple result sets from stored procedures. The quick answer is... No, you can't do that with TableAdapter.Fill() method that gets...

Data Binding to Custom Objects

Mike Christensen: Web Dev Guy, May 18, 2006
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Im back! I apologize for my lack of recent blogging, but this post should help make up for that.  Well be discussing data binding to custom collection objects.  After reading my blog on buil...

Implementing a Generic Data Transfer Object in C#...

DotNetJohn.Com, November 18, 2007
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This article discusses implementation of a generic Data Transfer Object that can be used in lieu of passing instances of DataSets or Custom Business Entities from the User Interface Layer to the o...

Microsoft Report Builder "Keyword not supported: 'provider'." Bug

Paul Litwins Blog, September 18, 2006
Views: 5,481 | Hits 224

Just ran into the nasty Report Builder error where you attempt to run a report based on a local report model and it barfs with a Report Execution Error. A click of the Details button reveals this:Keyw...

Dealing with GridView Empty Cells

ASP.NET Daily Articles, January 12, 2006
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Consider a situation where you are displaying data in the GridView control and some of the cells does not contain anything and hence does not display anything. In this article we will see that how you...

HttpContext.Cache Viewer (With DataSet Support)

Scott Cate .net Knowledge Base and Weblog, February 5, 2004
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Aw, the HttpContext.Cache. Most of the items I place in the Cache are named with GUID's so it's not very helpful to loop through and print out the Cache Item Name. I've built this handy ASPX page that...

Exporting a Dataset with multiple tables in separate sheets in an Excel file

The Code Project Latest Articles, May 24, 2007
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This article describes how to export the data from multiple tables in a Dataset to an Excel file in separate sheets....

Implicit and Explicit Operators in C#

<Rolog>, May 24, 2007
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For a side project I'm working on, explicit operators have come in handy in the data layer. With explicit operators, you can convert from one class to another using a user-defined conversion opera...

LINQ to DataSet

The Moth, July 26, 2007
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Another LINQ implementation that will ship with Fx 3.5 is LINQ to DataSet (not to be confused with LINQ to SQL).LINQ to DataSet is about offering a strongly typed in-memory query language for DataSets...

Simple DataSet for Paging Instead of ObjectDataSource New Articles, January 27, 2007
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I wasted around 3 days searching how to implement a paging results for my search pages, then I think why did not i use the asp table instead of gridview, and use the DataAdapter.fill to fill the datat...

RadTreeView for ASP.NET Ajax - Binding to LinqDataSource

the telerik blogs, October 1, 2008
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Since the Q2 2008 SP1 release RadTreeView, RadMenu, RadPanelBar and RadTabStrip support hierarchical databinding to the LinqDataSource control. In this blog post I will demonstrate how to do this with...

How LINQ to Dataset works in VB (Jonathan Aneja)

The Visual Basic Team, May 14, 2008
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LINQ at its core requires any data source to be queryable, which basically means it must implement IEnumerable.  (Its actually a bit more complicated than that, for a full explanation see section...

RadScheduler for WinForms data binding and occurrence exceptions

the telerik blogs, November 4, 2009
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The big [new] feature for Q3 2009 release in RadScheduler for WinForms has got to be the resource grouping functionality. There are, however, numerous other improvements that also deserve attentio...

DataSet.WriteXmlSchema and DataSet.ReadXmlSchema Issue

Keyvan Nayyeri, September 4, 2007
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As a part of my implementation of Google Safe Browsing API in Subkismet project, I was working on an XML provider to store data in XML files and load them later.  One of approaches that I tried t...

A Faster Way to Search Through a DataTable

DevX: .NET Feed, January 30, 2007
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Find out how DataView can help you perform faster searches through a DataTable....

How to : Get Excel data into a .NET DataSet object

GotDotNet: New resources, December 22, 2005
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There may be requirement where in data in an Excel sheet has to be manipulated inside .NET Applications. Although there are many ways to achieve this (like using Excel object of COM), the most preferr...

GridView tip of the day.

Sahil Malik [MVP], February 7, 2006
Views: 4,291 | Hits 84

Okay so lets say, right when a row is inserted, you want to do something with that row - maybe change some data to a predefined format, or suggestive fill, etc. In that scenario, you would handle the ...

Export DataTable to Excel with Formatting in C#

The Code Project Latest Articles, June 19, 2012
Views: 4,249 | Hits 63

Export a DataTable to an Excel file and add format to the contents while writing the Excel file....

Designing N-Tiered Data Access Layer Using Datasets - Part 1 Features, January 3, 2008
Views: 4,240 | Hits 495

In the first part of this three part series on designing an N-tiered data access layer using datasets, David Catherman discusses the pros and cons of using datasets and examines how the dataset genera...

Stumbling Through: Visual Studio 2010 (Part I)

Clarity Blogs: ASP.NET, April 21, 2010
Views: 4,132 | Hits 52

Ive spent the better part of the last two years doing nothing but K2 workflow development, which until very recently could only be done in Visual Studio 2005 so I am a bit behind the times. I seem to ...

Add an AutoIncrement Column to a DataTable

DevX: .NET Feed, January 28, 2009
Views: 4,044 | Hits 242

Adding an AutoIncrement column to a DataTable is quite simple....

Issue With Web Service as Data Source for Reporting Services

Corporate Coder, February 23, 2006
Views: 3,996 | Hits 429

Something interesting I found utilizing the BI stuff available in Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005.  Another developer and I were asked to create a quick demo version of a report, that sour...

Using ASP.NET 3.5's ListView and DataPager Controls: Inserting Data Headlines, June 17, 2009
Views: 3,952 | Hits 58

The ListView control is similar to the GridView control in many ways: both display a set of records, both support built-in sorting, paging, editing, and deleting functionality with minimal effort. Th...

Video: How to Perform Custom Updates with ASPxGridView

The ASPx Blog, July 2, 2008
Views: 3,942 | Hits 255

Custom Updates allow you to tweak and define your own values for an edit column before theyre saved to the data source. Lets say you want to define the value used to update a column in your data table...

Using AJAX with ASP.NET - Working with DataSet (Part 2) Latest Articles, September 18, 2005
Views: 3,780 | Hits 452

In the previous article I explained the overall concept of AJAX and how it can save you server post backs. Our last example was a simple "hello world" kind of example. In this part I will explain ho...

N - tier project with WCF OData service, Entity Framework, MVC3.0, Ninject DI, and Automapper

The Code Project Latest Articles, December 10, 2012
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N-Tier application with WCF Odata service and Entity Framework....

Aspose.Cells for .NET supports import or export of Excel 2007 data and formatting features now.

DotNetJunkies Just Published, June 25, 2007
Views: 3,774 | Hits 154

Aspose.Cells is a .NET component for spreadsheet reporting without using Microsoft Excel. Main features include; Import or export Excel 2007 data & formatting, open an excel file to and from strea...

RadChart for WPF/SL Automatic Data Binding to Nested Collections

the telerik blogs, June 8, 2009
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Seamless operation with diverse data sources is paramount for any data visualization solution. RadChart already supports automatic data binding to IEnumerable sources as seen in this example: http://d...

Performing joins between SharePoint lists

Sahil Malik -, October 20, 2007
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Yeah you read that right. They told you it couldn't be done - I'm tellin' ya it can be done. Here is how. First, go ahead and create two lists a) Customers (Title)b) Orders ...

Working with GridView without using Data Source Controls

DotNetJunkies Just Published, July 15, 2006
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There are many articles and tutorials around that illustrate the use of GridView control along with the new Data Source Controls. When attached with a Data Source control GridView performs tasks such ...