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Generic WPF Drag and Drop Adorner

Clarity Blogs: ASP.NET, March 31, 2009
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I was recently working with a WPF application where we wanted drag and drop functionality. We were going to have multiple types of draggable items and different drop locations, and being the conscient...

ObjectDataSource could not find a non-generic method Update Error

Steven Smith, February 17, 2007
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So I’m writing a quick demo for a book chapter, and I want to use something close to best practices, so I’m eschewing the SqlDataSource and favoring the ObjectDataSource.  Because thi...

Simple Task Scheduler inside your application (C#)

Williams .Net Zone, December 20, 2007
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Many times I need a simple task scheduler inside a program to do this or that. You can use any of the system timers to achieve this, but you end up writing the same difficult code over and over. This...

HTML + CSS Shadow Effect with real transparency

Aspects of AJAX, April 8, 2006
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If you want to give your objects a kind of 3D feeling then you might want to use shadows for those objects that are placed upon the web page. Using special graphics A often solution for a...

Customizing the TableAdapter

Scott on Writing, June 27, 2006
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In my Working with Data in ASP.NET 2.0 tutorial series, Tutorial #1 begins the series by creating a Data Access Layer (DAL) using a Typed DataSet. A Typed DataSet is composed of a collection of strong...

DataSet to XmlDocument

Carl Camera, November 13, 2006
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Here's a useful bit of transforming code that I keep looking up in several of my projects.using System.IO;using System.Xml;DataSet ds = MethodReturnsDataSet();// export dataset to xml MemoryStream ...

ReadOnly vs. Enabled in Version 1.x and Version 2.0 for ViewState-Disabled Forms

Scott on Writing, January 16, 2006
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All ASP.NET Web controls have the Enabled property, which, when set to False, renders the associated HTML element as disabled, which grays itout and prohibitsthe user from interacting with the control...

TreeView in a ComboBox dropdown using RadControls for Silverlight

the telerik blogs, November 8, 2008
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As far as I can tell from the experience of my colleagues with RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX, one of the common feature requests for RadComboBox and RadTreeView is combining them into one piece. Recent...

How to show a Progress Bar in ADO.NET

Sahil Malik [MVP], August 16, 2005
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So long time back, in a land far far away (actually right here on my blog), I had mentioned the possibility of being able to show a progress bar when reading a huge blob or such from the database. I s...

Element.clientWidth/offsetWidth in IE and Mozilla

Rick Strahls WebLog, February 5, 2006
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So I'm working on some Javascript that needs to draw a shadow panel underneath another panel. What I need to accomplish is to basically copy the dimension of the first panel and then shift it off a li...

Creating ODBC connection with .Net Setup Project

Bigyan Rajbhandari, October 31, 2006
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One of my friends was wondering if there was a way to easily create an ODBC automatically with a .Net Setup project, so as to minimize manual configuration changes. Well, there is, ODBC connections ar...

A Quick Way to Copy DataRow

DevX: .NET Feed, August 21, 2006
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Use this code tp copy data in one line from the source to the destination row....

Chromeless WPF Windows with Aero Blur

Clarity Blogs: ASP.NET, August 21, 2009
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Recently Pete Blois from the Expression team posted about using a pixel shader to create a 9 grid in Silverlight. I thought it would be cool to apply the same concept to WPF so you could create chrome...

Access, OleDbCommand, LIKE and parameters

Jotekes Blog, December 29, 2006
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I replied a question today about how to use LIKE with parameters in Access (OleDbCommand). Say you have a table TABLE1 setup like this:ID AutoNumberName Textand populated with dummy data1 Te...

Custom Toolbar for the Web ReportViewer

the telerik blogs, October 23, 2008
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Our insatiable commitment to deliver more than expected in every aspect of our products resulted in me being curious, if we are as flexible as we think and whether one can always achieve his goal be i...

Transaction is not allowed error using ADO.Net Entities.

Williams .Net Zone, August 24, 2008
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Doing some ADO.Net Entity queries and updates the other day, I kept getting this exception: "New transaction is not allowed because there are other threads running in the session." foreach ...

No mapping specified for the following EntitySet/AssociationSet

Chris Love's Official Blog - Professional ASP.NET, March 28, 2010
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Today I was working on a new project using Entity Framework 4. This is the first time I have used the model first approach available with EF 4 and came across an interesting compiler error, No mappin...

What is the difference between const and static readonly

C# Frequently Asked Questions, December 3, 2004
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The difference is that the value of a static readonly field is set at run time, and can thus be modified by the containing class, whereas the value of a const field is set to a compile time constant. ...

Customizing the header of RadPane control and adding behavior to it.

the telerik blogs, August 19, 2009
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It is often necessary to customize the header of a RadPane. Really common is to need to put an image in the header, to bind that image to a property, etc. There are many scenarios in which you need to...

Using the XmlDataSource Data property for easy samples

More Whidbey stuff, July 29, 2006
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Here's a little trick to write samples that involves data binding controls to a database. It's very inconvenient to have to package a sample database with your code (especially when it's j...

WPF Series: Creating Generic Adorner

the telerik blogs, May 22, 2008
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As I have mentioned at the end of the previous post today I will show you how to create a generic adorner, which will allow you to decorate a single element  multiple times at different positions...

Storing Binary Files Directly in the Database Using ASP.NET 2.0 Headlines, December 6, 2006
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In building a data-driven application, oftentimes both text and binary data needs to be captured. Applications might need to store images, PDFs, Word documents, or other binary data. Such binary data...

TextBox ReadOnly in ASP.NET v2.0

Jotekes Blog, April 13, 2006
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If TextBox's ReadOnly property is "true", postback data won't be loaded e.g it essentially means TextBox being readonly from server-side standpoint (client-side changes will be i...

Custom Paging and Navigating to the Last Page

Scott on Writing, August 18, 2006
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My latest set of Working with Data in ASP.NET 2.0 tutorials focused on paging and sorting data and included a look at implementing custom paging (with sorting) with the GridView and ObjectDataSource. ...

Large Data Paging, Sorting, & Filtering with GridView & ObjectDataSource in ASP.Net 2.0

The Code Project Latest Articles, February 26, 2007
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This article will explain how to handle large records for paging with Gridview & ObjectDataSource in ASP.Net 2.0...

Error: Both DataSource and DataSourceID are defined on 'controlname'. Remove one definition.

Pencil Bros. Geology, Inc., January 22, 2008
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Assuming you don't actually have both a DataSource and DataSourceId defined on the same control, this may actually be a bug. My situation is Visual Studio 2008, compiling an application for .NET 2.0....

Custom membership provider for the ADO.NET Entity Framework

The Code Project Latest Articles, October 29, 2008
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Custom membership provider implementation for the ADO.NET Entity Framework....

Entity Framework POCO Template for .NET 3.5

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., March 20, 2010
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If you are using Visual Studio 2010 and targeting .NET 3.5, you can still use the new T4 POCO template generation. I discovered this accidentally. (How else?) When you attempt to add a new code genera...

Using WCF Adapters with SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS)

BizTalk Adapter Development, January 9, 2008
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There are two ways the adapters belonging to Adapter Pack can be used by SQL Service Integration Services: 1. Using ADO layer built on top of base adapters. This option is available with SAP and Siebe...

Entity Framework Error 0019

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., January 22, 2009
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Here is an error you might get if you are refactoring a project that contains an Entity Data Model. For search purposes:BAModel.csdl(3,4) : error 0019: The EntityContainer name must be unique. An Ent...

WPF Series: Adorners, Commands and Logical Tree

the telerik blogs, April 16, 2008
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Today I'm going to tell you a WPF story. But before I start to dig deeper let me first introduce you the main characters in this post. Here they are: Adorner - adorners are simple UIElement decor...

Generic List(Of) to DataSet 3 approaches

The Code Project Latest Articles, November 5, 2006
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Turn a List(Of) into a DataSet 3 different way and check performance...

OCI-22053: overflow error

TheChaseMans Frenetic SoapBox, October 25, 2007
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Just FYI - if you are using the System.Net.OracleClient namespace with 10g it is possible you will run into this error. Now before you start getting too excited about being able to set the ReturnProvi...

Introducing Infragistics Dock and Toolbar Manager Components - The #1 ASP.NET Community, November 7, 2007
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This article looks at the Infragistics components, specifically the UltraDockManager and UltraToolbarManager components and how they work....

Script for Bulk Import of Active Directory Subnets

Brian Desmonds Blog, February 21, 2009
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I’ve been using this script for years now and was reminded of it by a post on the DL the other day. The script does exactly what the name implies – it takes a tab separated i...

Quick Tutorial: Fluent NHibernate Automapping New Articles, April 15, 2009
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Quick intro to Fluent NHibernate, resource links, and a working downloadable self-contained sample.  read moreBy Peter Bromberg...

What's new in ADO.NET 3.0?

<Rolog>, May 11, 2006
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Yesterday, a video was posted to Channel 9 called What's coming in ADO.NET? Pretty awesome stuff.Share this post: Email it! | bookmark it! | digg it! | reddit!...

AS400 / iSeries and .NET (ADO.NET)

Wallace B. McClure, June 27, 2006
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copyied from: have been working with writing an interpretor for converting AS400 graphics to create images in .NET.  There is an P...

Working with Data in ASP.NET 2.0

Scott on Writing, June 12, 2006
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About once a week I get an email from a reader of ASP.NET Data Web Controls Kick Startwondering if I'm going to be updating the book for ASP.NET 2.0. (For those unfamiliar with the book, Data Web Cont...

Developing generic data access layer using ADO.NET 2.0

ASP.NET Daily Articles, December 10, 2005
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If you develop an application using SQL Server data provider and later on decide to use Oracle you must change your code. At first thought using OLEDB data provider or ODBC data provider might come in...

Interacting with the RadDatePicker and RadTimePicker for Windows 8

the telerik blogs, November 19, 2012
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Introduction My good friend Michael Crump showed how to create an Appointment Tracking app with the RadDatePicker and RadTimePicker in this excellent post. Im going to start where Michael left off, ad...

Mapping references and collections in Telerik OpenAccess ORM (Part 1)

the telerik blogs, October 26, 2009
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The references in the object model and the references in the database schema can be defined in several ways. The definitions are following different criteria, so it is not quite straight forward how a...

Microsoft Analysis Services 2005: Displaying grid using ADOMD.NET and MDX

The Code Project Latest Articles, August 19, 2008
Views: 4,039 | Hits 345

The article explains how to fetch data from Microsoft Analysis Services 2005 (OLAP) Cube using ADOMD.NET and MDX; and display it in the form of a grid....

Reading/Writing Excel Spreadsheets with ADO.NET

ScottGus Blog, May 29, 2006
Views: 3,955 | Hits 378

David Hayden maintains a really great blog.  He regularly posts about ADO.NET and Data Access, and is someone I'd highly recommend subscribing to. He posted a useful blog entry a few days ago tha...

Yield to the power of the DataSource

Marc's Musings, August 2, 2006
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The new declarative model for data sources in ASP.Net 2.0 is very seductive in its simplicity. I've all-too-often seen people doing date-picker and time-pickers by listing the times individually in Li...

POCO Sample for EF V1

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., September 10, 2008
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I picked my head up today from what I've been focused on and took a look at my blog feeds and was happy to see that Jarek Kowalski had a new post. He doesn't write a lot of blog posts, but they are g...

Free download: ADO.NET Entity Framework Samples

Federal Developer Weblog, January 22, 2008
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If you are in the midst of learning about the ADO.NET Entity Framework, then you'll want to get the samples that I found on the CodePlex web site. Description Initial samples for Entity Framework...

WADL and WSDL and REST, oh my!

All About Interop, February 6, 2008
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Hernan Garcia made an interesting comment on my post of yesterday:  For REST, there is an alternative to the WSDL in SOAP and it is WADL. Good point Mr Garcia - The adoption and practical utility...