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  • Tools to block and eradicate SQL injection

    SQL injection is one of the most common attacks on websites, so Microsoft has released an advisory for the recent SQL Injection attacks Joe Stanger has a great post describing those tools for It professionals as well as developers.
    Posted to Bashar Kokash' Blog (Weblog) by BasharKokash on 06-25-2008
  • New SQLite provider for ELMAH

    I bet you know what ELMAH is, don't you? ELMAH stands for Error Logging Modules and Handlers, and its main and only purpose is to log exceptions occurring in ASP.NET web applications, within which it integrates with just a couple of entries in the Web.config file. It's got a lot of documentation...
    Posted to SimoneB's Blog (Weblog) by simoneb on 09-05-2007
  • Tool: JavaScript Optimizer

    I''ve publish the first release of a little tool to optimize JavaScript called JavaScript Optimizer. I did it to reduce the size of the file agHost.js of WPF/E and these is the tool example. Approximately of average reduce to a 30% the size of scripts. Clean the JavaScript removing: Comments...
    Posted to .NET a world to discover (Weblog) by eecsaky on 04-06-2007
  • ASP.NET Ajax UpdatePanelNotifier Builtin Effects

    Yesterday I wrote about a control I've written which lets you bind javascript functions to UpdatePanel's partial postbacks. I've been working on it some more today and I enhanced it with some builtin effects which can be applied to the UpdatePanel which is refreshed using the combination...
    Posted to SimoneB's Blog (Weblog) by simoneb on 11-19-2006
  • ASP.NET Ajax UpdatePanelNotifier: get notified of partial updates

    UPDATE: The control has been added new features, check it out here . Sometime ago I wrote a post about how to get the ID of the UpdatePanel which triggered an asynchronous postback using the ATLAS July CTP and how to execute a custom Javascript function whenever the postback initiated and when it sent...
    Posted to SimoneB's Blog (Weblog) by simoneb on 11-18-2006
  • ASP.NET Ajax EnhancedUpdateProgress - choose the position of your UpdateProgress!

    I've been playing with the new bits of the ASP.NET Ajax framework lately; I like the enhancements pretty much, a much cleaner code and a very richer API to have fun with. Since with the Beta 2 the UpdateProgress control is bundled into the main assembly I chose to enhance it a bit so that I can choose...
    Posted to SimoneB's Blog (Weblog) by simoneb on 11-13-2006
  • Getting the ID of the UpdatePanel which triggered an asynchronous postback

    UPDATE 19/11/2006: An updated version of the component compatible with ASP.NET Ajax Extensions Beta 2 has been released, details in this post . UPDATE 11/11/2006: With the release of ASP.NET Ajax Extensions Beta this post is outdated, and the attached code is no longer working. I'll be posting a...
    Posted to SimoneB's Blog (Weblog) by simoneb on 09-02-2006
  • Cascading autocomplete made easy

    Over the last few days the API of the ScriptAculoUs.Net AutocompleteTextBox control has changed pretty much, since I've switched from a custom implementation based on reflection to the ASP.NET built-in callback mechanism. I chose to do the switch because the former implementation, despite being much...
    Posted to SimoneB's Blog (Weblog) by simoneb on 08-27-2006
  • ImageReflection with the Atlas Control Toolkit

    A few days ago I blogged about an ASP.NET control I wrote to apply a neat effect to the images of a web form. In the meanwhile I found another implementation of the same effect which is much lighter in the means of both kBytes and cpu work and does exactly the same, so I decided to write another control...
    Posted to SimoneB's Blog (Weblog) by simoneb on 08-16-2006
  • LiteBox meets Flickr: LiteBoxFlickrAlbum

    Yesterday I got a link on my news aggregator pointing to a new article by Sam Judson on Coding4Fun , which talks about a .NET version of the API for the Flickr services . A nice idea immediately came to my mind, why not extending the LiteBoxAlbum control to display photos retrieved via Flickr? This way...
    Posted to SimoneB's Blog (Weblog) by simoneb on 08-09-2006
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