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  • ASP.NET AJAX SlideShow Extender

    In ASP.NET AJAX Control toolkit there is an extender known as SlideShowExtender. This can be used to create a Slide show by looping through the images. The images are shown in the SlideShow by using a PageMethod or a Webservice. Example: <div> /*Add a script manager in your page */ <asp:ScriptManager...
    Posted to Getting Started with ASP.NET (Forum) by elizas on 02-10-2010
  • Update Panel Issue

    Hi All, I am working on a AJAX Enabled web application. Which was previously developed in VS 2005. Now this application is converted into VS 2008 with Framework 3.5 Now the problem occurs is that, Some pages in application working fine with update panels. And some are not working properly. Those...
  • Sys.UI.DataView rendered event

    Looking at the MSDN documentation for the events pertaining to Sys.UI.DataView, I noticed that it lacked in comparison to the CHM file that comes with the MS AJAX 4.0 Preview 5 download. One of these events is the rendered event, which fires at the end of the binding (itemRendered fires for each rendered...
    Posted to Brian Mains Blog (Weblog) by bmains on 09-25-2009
  • Re: Ajax Private Chating Application Using

    Here is an article on how to create a chat application using and ajax. The source-code is provided as well. You should be able to take this and extend it according to your needs.
  • Ajax Private Chating Application Using

    Hi All, I have searched each and every site to find out one to one i.e. private chat application using and ajax technology. But I regret to say that all the developer has posted center based chat application. Please provide me useful link so I can implement in my project. It’s my humble...
  • Been Thinking About: IStateManager and ASP.NET AJAX

    Do we really even need IStateManager anymore now that we have ASP.NET AJAX? In the olden days IStateManager was used to retain the state changes made to a list-bases resource. These changes would occur on the server and be available on the next postback. Let's provide a brief example, and I have...
    Posted to Brian Mains Blog (Weblog) by bmains on 07-11-2009
  • ASP.NET AJAX Inheritance

    You probably know that C# supports inheritance. With inheritance, C# supports constructor inheritance of sorts. This means that you can call a base class’s constructors in the derived class. If you had the following class: public class DerivedObject : BaseObject { public DerivedObject() { } } This...
    Posted to Brian Mains Blog (Weblog) by bmains on 07-06-2009
  • AJAX and Type.registerNamespace: How it works

    If you've developed in JavaScript without the ASP.NET AJAX client-side additions, you know that you typically can't create an object like the following: function MyNS.MyClass() { } This is not a supported feature because of the dot notation. This can work in JavaScript by setting up the namespace...
    Posted to Brian Mains Blog (Weblog) by bmains on 05-29-2009
  • Referencing Scripts Using Assembly/Name

    When creating script references for AJAX controls, you may have noticed this code a lot: var r = new ScriptReference(Page.ClientScript.GetWebResourceUrl(...)); This method creates a unique URL using a custom HTTP handler that extracts scripts from within the DLL. This unique URL gets assigned to the...
    Posted to Brian Mains Blog (Weblog) by bmains on 05-13-2009
  • Schemes For Referencing Client-Side Components

    I tend to design components in a consistent way. I can be anal about this sometimes. What I like to do is name my server components the same as my client-components. This way, it becomes easier to register and describe these components in a logical way. So if I have a server control: Nucleo.Web.ButtonControls...
    Posted to Brian Mains Blog (Weblog) by bmains on 05-13-2009
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