2011 Internet Trends From Mary Meeker (Queen of Net)

Published Friday, October 21, 2011 7:51 PM

The following is from the 2011 internet trend report by Mary Meeker (known as "Queen of the Net") released from Web 2.0 Summit San Francisco, CA. The report is a wealth of insights and insightful charts and graphics.

For all of us who are in the thick of the tech world, the time is unprecedently exciting. It is going to be even better.

1. Globality – We Aren’t In Kansas Anymore…

  • Apple, Google, Amazon.com & Facebook Remain Mega-Leaders; yet the majority (81%) of their users are from overseas.
  • Chinese (& Russian) Companies Continue to Step Up. <
  • In 3 Years, China Added More Internet Users than Exist in USA… China / India / Nigeria / Russia / Iran = Biggest Adders

2. Mobile – Early Innings Growth, Still…

  • Breakthrough Communications Technologies / Services Can Breakout Even During Breakdown Times.
  • Despite Tremendous Ramp So Far, Smartphone Usage Still Has Huge Upside
  • iPods Changed Media Industry… iPhones Ramped Even Faster… iPad Growth Leaves “Siblings” in Dust
  • Android ‘Phone’ Adoption Has Ramped Even Faster than iPhone
  • Two Horse Races in Smartphones & Tablets, So Far
  • Mobile Usage, search and advertising all ramping up quickly in all geographies.

3. User Interface – Text -> Graphical -> Touch / Sound / Move

  • Before Steve Jobs, computers were utilitarian tools for computation; After Jobs, computers became beautiful objects we could use in thousands of ways to aim to make life better.
  • Natural User Interface Revolution – Now in Touch / Sound / Move Era
  • The Next Big Thing(s)? Those Two Big Things on the Sides of Your Head… Everything merges toward audio

    Source: Online Audio

4. Commerce – Fast / Easy / Fun / Savings = More Important Than Ever…

  • eCommerce = Four Quarters of Accelerating Growth
  • eCommerce Continues to Gain Share from Offline… at 8% Share of USA Commerce with Lots of Headroom
  • Old Magazine Paradigm Finally Comes Alive. Click & Buy (on mobile) can really empty your wallet fast…
  • In a Mobile-ized / Transparent World, price matters

5. Advertising – Lookin’ Good…

  • Google Paid Clicks & Cost-Per-Click Continue to Grow Rapidly;
  • Time Spent on Social Networking Sites Surpassed Portals. Social Networking CPMs is

6. Content Creation – Changed Forever

  • Content Commoditization – Value Shift from Creators to Aggregators
  • Source: Print Down

7. Technology / Mobile Leadership – Americans Should Be Proud

  • We are Living Through a Once Every 10-20 Years Technology Evolution – The Mobile Computing Cycle…
  • ‘Made in USA’ Smartphone Operating Systems = 64% Share from 5% Five Years Ago
  • Still Early-Innings Era of Smart-Phones to Smarter-Phones

8. Mega-Trend of 21st Century = Empowerment of People via Connected Mobile Devices

9. Authentic Identity – The Good / Bad / Ugly. But Mostly Good?

10. Economy – Lots of Uncertainty

  • Stock Market Volatility = 2x Historical Average
  • Consumer Confidence = Well Below Historical Average
  • USA Corporate Capital Spending Budgets = Being Revised Down
  • GDP Growth Forecasts = Being Revised Down
  • Stock Markets = Often Leading Indicators of Economic Activity Russia -33% from 52-Week High; Oil (-24%) / China (-23%) / Europe (-23%) / S&P500 (-12%) / Nasdaq (-9%)
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