Microsoft's Chinese problem with IE6

Published Thursday, October 20, 2011 8:08 PM

Microsoft got to be so very tired of IE6, the once very popular child of their browser families, so much so that they set up a count-down website dedicated to the sole purpose of killing it.

Guess who is standing in the way? China. Chinese IE6 users have been trickling down, as of today it has about 28%. But 28% still makes a big bleeding heart in the above map. And any percentage of Chinese users can easily knock off the whole Europe or even America.

Right now the size of Chinese internet users stand at about 500 million users, and it is still growing. And its mobile users is even growing faster, it is estimated that the size of mobile users will surpass pc users as early as 2013.

I can understand why the IE6 chinese users stick with IE6, because my parents are one of them. When they started gingerly with internet, I taught them to click the big blue E. They remembered ever since and they are afraid of making any changes, clicking on any popups that might bring in a flood of virus. The golden name of Microsoft somehow does not help much. Also, all they wanted is just to read their news, so why care about IE 6, or 7, or 9?

Ok, with that kind of mentality and the formiddable weight China carries, Microsoft has to continue its count down for at least a few years.

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