Feel good about IT job market. And Go Mobile!

Published Wednesday, October 12, 2011 6:25 PM

The national job market as a whole is depressing, but on the IT side, especially in the silicon valley, it is quite sunny.

Do you know that:


According to Dice's annual survey, the average Silicon Valley tech salary in 2010 rose nearly 3% to $99,028 a year. That compared with an increase of less than a 1% nationwide to $79,384 a year. Silicon Valley has been tops in tech salaries for at least the past six years, adds Dice.

- Local Technology Salaries Lead the Nation

IT layoffs have dropped to their lowest level in a decade, and demand for techies is expected to jump 32% by 2018. 

And if you have time or opportunity, please go Mobile now, because Jobs connected to mobile applications is one of the fastest growing hiring requests on Dice.





And the six hottest new jobs in IT are:

Business architect: 

The role of the business architect is to fashion high-level company strategy with technology in mind.  Think MBA with an IT focus.


Data scientist

Not your regular sql data developers (though that is useful too), but data scientist that use data analytics to bring stategic insight therefore business opportunitites from the enormous data.

Social media architect

Social media does not just mean just Facebook and Twitter, but also IBM, Jive, and Yammer and a multitude of runner-ups.  This creates a demand for IT pros with the specialized knowledge to build secure communities within a business network and between businesses and customers.

Mobile technology expert

Is not this obvious?

Enterprise mobile developer

What distinguishes enterprise dev positions from general mobile dev jobs is their focus on compliance and security, according to Stewart Tan of Accretive Solutions, an executive search firm and consultancy. "Building mobile apps, architecting mobile strategies, and securing those devices" are the top concerns facing the enterprise today.

Cloud architect

"There's so much positive momentum toward cloud integration," says Ron Gula, CEO of Tenable Network Security. "People who can really identify the architecture from a simplicity point of view are going to be in demand."

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