Google Dart: Javascript killer or just another language

Published Tuesday, October 11, 2011 9:29 PM


Oh, boy, don't we already have too many programming languages? Now Google is throwing Dart at JavaScript, the uniquituous script languages that runs at the heart of every browser on every platform. Every platform, mobile phones, mobile tablets, plus Macs and Pcs, that is exactly what makes Javascript a problem. 

In the widely-read (maybe intentionally) leaked memo, Google declared that "JavaScript has has fundamental flaws that cannot be fixed merely by evolving the language" and they have taken two strategies to 

a) Co-exist with JavaScript in the begining

b) Replace JavaScript eventually

The would-be advantanges or potential of Darts are (as claimed by Google and as Dart is still in its infancy):

a. OOO (object-oriented), structured and flexible;

b. familiar syntax like C++; 

c. High performance across all platforms


So what are "the fundamental flaws" referred by Google?

According to Miller, is that it cannot be tooled and has inherent performance problems, thus rendering it inadequate for complex browser-based apps. "The cyclone of innovation is increasingly moving off the Web onto iOS and other closed platforms," Miller wrote. "The Web development community has been backed into using large amounts of JavaScript largely to work around the deficiencies in the platform.... Even smaller-scale apps written by hobbyist developers have to navigate a confusing labyrinth of frameworks and incompatible design patterns."

Keep throwing Darts, Google!


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