Do you swear while coding?

Published Tuesday, October 04, 2011 1:35 AM

When you code, hit a blocker, a bug, a wall, what do you do? You pull your hair, hit your head, search frantically online, beg for help, lose your sleep, or refuse to sleep ... what else? Do you swear? Yes, I do. But definitely not so publically, profusely and in writting, as in Github commit comments

It takes some *** to swear like this. 

The same developer also had some statistics about which languages make you swear more.



It is C++.

C++ takes top honors, but just barely. Ruby and JavaScript are neck and neck behind C++. After that it drops off considerably with C, Java and C# placing in the middle. Python and PHP developers are either very happy about using those languages, or perhaps just very mild-mannered developers. Of course just because they don’t swear in commits doesn’t mean they don’t swear. As one commenter on Vos’s post says, “I program in Python, but all my cussing is related to IE.”

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