The evolution of the web

Published Tuesday, September 20, 2011 8:52 PM

A lot is raving about the following: a very polished and interactive graphic representation of the timeline of the evolution of the web: mainly, the ever evolving and changing of web browsers and technologies that driven the web so far (


I briefly searched the web, there are a quite some computer scientists, web designers and developers that were looking back the origin and evolution while predicting the future of the web.

There are articles tracing the evolution of web design.

There are articles tracing the evolution or demise or rebirth of the major web entities, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, CNN, etc. It missed the even bigger presence at the present: google, facebook, twitter, etc. Still, very informative.

There are videos, articles looking into the future.

It is easy now to laugh the wrongs about these predications made in the past.


It is more amazeing how much they seemed to have got a lot right). (Damn, you tube video does not work here)

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