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Published Saturday, January 17, 2009 5:29 PM

Wall-street is crashing, main-street is suffering, however, the web-street is forever booming.

There are cool exciting applications sprung up everyday. For example, Twitter-Yahoo news mash-up.

 Very old-fashioned people read newspapers, less old fashioned read google aggregated news, liberals / gossip seekers read huffington posts, the real news geeks, they turn to twitter for the newest, most breaking news of the newest news.

However, with timing, sometimes twitter news would be lacking in substance and depth. For example, the lastest Mumbai attack, users were frustrated to get the complete coverage and details, more details.

So the newest web tech breakthrough, Yahoo-Twitter mash-up.

"TweetNews mashup, combining the real-time search Yahoo’s BOSS tools with the freshness of Twitter. As an added bonus each story listed in TweetNews’ results also shows the relevant tweets, which themselves often have additional links. A quick search this morning for "flight 1549" yielded seven unique links from just the top result."

And the real web tech triumph, the developer Singh was able to create it with less than one hundred lines of code.

Wow, I wish I could be that good.

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