Good links: ASP .NET and JQuery

Published Wednesday, October 15, 2008 8:49 PM

Found a great bunch of links about using JQuery with asp .net

Using jQuery to directly call ASP.NET AJAX page methods An example of how to use jQuery to call an ASP.NET AJAX page method, without using a ScriptManager.


Using jQuery to consume ASP.NET JSON Web Services An overview of consuming ASP.NET web services that are JSON serialized by the ASP.NET AJAX extensions, including a specific example of using jQuery to do so.


Using jQuery To Call ASP.NET Page Methods and Web Services Seems like more and more ASP.NET devs are using jQuery. There are similar things on DNK but none that actually do provide code that uses jQuery to callback.


Integrating jQuery with ASP.NET

An alternative AJAX solution to use jQuery instead of ASP.NET AJAX


How to manage ASP.NET validation from Javascript with jQuery This article outlines how to enable and disable ASP.NET client side validation from Javascript using jQuery


Ajax and json for ASP.NET MVC with jQuery an example project that uses the jQuery library to create an ajax enabled ASP.NET MVC website. Generally what this project does: * Load views through ajax (with back-button support) * Do ajax-style form-posts and retrieve only the messages, errors and updated content * Do json form-posts and retrieve the errors an


3 mistakes to avoid when using jQuery with ASP.NET AJAX Three common problems that I've seen when using jQuery with ASP.NET AJAX, their underlying causes, and simple solutions to them.



(Better) JQuery IntelliSense in VS2008 If you are like me and you've read the many articles about how to get other javascript libraries to work in VS2008, you'll know that all you really need to do is install the visual studio HOTFIX.


Client Side Templating with jQuery When building AJAX applications there's often the requirement to choose between client and server side rendering. Server side ASP.NET controls provide rich templating, but updating those controls on the client can be difficult. Or is it? Here's one approach using jQuery and HTML templates in markup script to dynamically create complex layout on the client without writing reams of script code.


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