What has respect in web development?

Published Monday, August 18, 2008 8:09 PM

 "ASP .net has no respect." Rick Strahl writes.

Then, what has respect in web development? Java, Python, Php, ruby, ...?

Some skin-deep statistics first:
What claims the lion's share of the job market?
"Available jobs are a pretty good indicator of the number of development projects for a given language.  Java pretty much dominates in this area, with C# coming in a distant second, and ASP.NET and PHP not too far behind.  Not a bad showing for Microsoft, actually."
Who gets the biggest paychecks?
Sorry, I could not find statistics for other languages, such as Python and Ruby. Even the available data is mangled and very much flawed. But the head status of Java remains.
Who claims the biggest and most famous web sites?
(I am appalled that I do not know and could not find information with regards to languages used by the most popular websites, such as ebay, citibank)
ASP .net (according to ASP .NET gets no Respect):

·         www.MySpace.com

·         www.newegg.com

·         www.cdw.com

·         www.dell.com

·         www.HomeShoppingNetwork.com

·         www.Phanfare.com

·         www.careerbuilder.com

·         www.progressive.com

·         www.CostCo.com


To tell the truth, I do not know much about the flag site developed in Java. The following are mostly java resource web site. 
Also, the big guy:
Biggest names: Facebook and Yahoo and Wikipedia.
Look no further. The king of the web: Google and the most popular: YouTube.
Twitter. But rumors says twitter is going to replace Ruby.
The battle between Google and Microsoft
Google is everywhere. Microsoft's popularity appears to be in a steady decline. This, plus the evil stigma somehow struck with Microsoft, somehow deminishes the status of ASP .net. 
Final note:
Though web languages such as asp .net, Java, PhP are much used and have created wonders and made web part of our lives, the languages themselves are not very much researched upon, therefore statistics info is bare. Please fill me in if you know anything.
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