MVC Preview: 1, 2, 3 and 4

Published Saturday, July 26, 2008 1:03 AM

I would rather live under a rock, not caring about any buzz. However, when there is too much buzz, the noise becomes thunderous so that you cannot ignore it even if you live under a rock.

What is the asp .net buzz going on right now?

MVC preview 4.

What is that? I am not even sure about MVC preview 1. So I  have to go back to the root.

In order to keep pace and go forward, I have to go back.

Prevew 1 - Nov 2007

MVC, stands for Model-View-Controller, was first released in around Nov. 2007. Its core competencies or main characteristics are:

  1. Clear seperation among data, buisness logic and presentation
  2. Powerful url rerouting component, so resources can be fetched through meaningful, RESTful urls. For example, the old style non-sensible urls such as: localhost/products/getProduct.aspx?id=4 can be rewritten as localhost/products/id/4.  
  3. REST-like approach to ASP .NET web development. Each data request to the server is no longer dealt in the code-behind, but rather is http calls to a target URL.

Scott Gu has a series of great posts regarding MVC:

Prevew 2- March 2008

In March 2008, MVC preview 2 was released quietly. Its main enhancement seemed to be focused on routing. By this time, MVC has been factored into three assemblies:

  • System.Web.Mvc
  • System.Web.Routing
  • System.Web.Abstractions

A new feature ActionFilterAttribute was added to release 2. How to use it? This is a post by David Hayden.

 ActionFilterAttribute Examples for ASP.NET MVC Framework Preview 2

Prevew 3 - May 2008

Then again, in May 2008, MVC preview 3 was released. Scott Gu again had a great post for it:

According to Scott Gu, the major improvement of Preview 3 seemed to richer url rerouting features and some method changes with controllers.

Prevew 4 - July 2008. A couple of days ago.

With preview 4, related posts about MVC has mushroomed, led by Scott Gu (who else could it be?).

 ASP.NET MVC Preview 4 Release (Part 1)

he stated:

"The Preview 3 release focused on finishing up a lot of the underlying core APIs and extensibility points in ASP.NET MVC.  Starting with Preview 4 this week you'll start to see more and more higher level features begin to appear that build on top of the core foundation and add nice productivity."

Action Filter Attributes in the 2nd release float to the surface. So are other filters, such as outputache filter, handleError filter, authorize filter.

Sample Application: Kigg

Other than the pet sample applications provided by Scott Gu, the really good real life application remained to the Kigg application developed with MVC release 1, then updated with release 2. The developer, Kazi Manzur Rashid since then seemed to have gone on a extended vacation, or in a very intensive project.

This is his very well written tutorial regarding MVC and Kigg.

 Kigg - Building a Digg Clone with ASP.NET MVC Part - 1

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