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ELMAH - Error Logging Modules And Handlers by sonu

Simone Busoli , published a nice article on DotNetSlackers showing a detailed overview of the ELMAH open source project. ELMAH is a module that you can plugin into your existing ASP.NET application to log errors either in SQL, Memory, SQLLite ( also written...
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DotNetSlackers Open source project "Ajax Data Controls" by sonu

Today we have re-launched the open source project "Ajax Data Controls". It is a set of Ajax controls, that work similar the way standard data controls work within ASP.NET. Currently it contains an AjaxRepeater, AjaxGridView and AjaxDataList...

Microsoft releases the source for the .NET library by sonu

ScottGu just mentioned it: With the release of Visual Studio 2008 Microsoft is going to release the source for the major namespaces of the .net Framework. This is a huge annoucement for the .net community, it will make developing so much easier. I don't...
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