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DotNetSlackers Peers Contest by sonu

On the 5th November, we are going to start a new peers contest on DotNetSlackers. The rules are simple: Start asking or answering questions in our forums and you will get a chance to win some crazy prizes like an XBox 360 Elite or a telerik's license...

DotNetSlackers community has been upgraded by sonu

I am happy to annouce that I have upgraded our Community Server 2.0 to the latest version 2007.1. The upgrade was fairly easy. With this change we also made the skins for all blogs available - feel free to change your skin :) I would like to thank Simone...

DotNetSlackers Sponsors Mix07 by sonu

I am proud to annouce that DotNetSlackers is a sponsor for the Mix07 event - a 72 hour conversation hosted by Microsoft. You might ask yourself - What is the Mix07 event? Here a snipp from their website about the conference: MIX is Microsoft’s conference...

Job Board on DotNetSlackers by sonu

We have launched a new section over the weekend for job seekers and companies that would like to post jobs. There are already over 50 jobs listed. If you are looking for a job, you should definitely check it out.

DotNetSlackers wins the ASP.NET Mashup Atlas Contest by sonu

I am happy to announce that DotNetSlackser won the ASP.NET Atlas Contest written by Garbin. Read the announcement here .

Write for DotNetSlackers by sonu

You might have recognized that DotNetSlackers is expanding from an news aggregator to more. First we launched the blogs and forums and now we have opened the doors to accept articles, code-snippets and reviews. We have already prepared some articles that...

DotNetSlackers Atlas Upgrade by sonu

On the weekend I upgraded DotNetSlackers to the latest atlas bits (July CTP) and it worked like a charm - I have tested all scripts to see whether they work with the new bits. We are using some quite complex atlas scripts, so I needed to be sure that...
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DotNetSlackers Similar posts by sonu

I finally took some time and fixed the "Similar Posts" feature on DotNetSlackers - a big thanks goes to Gregg Stark - he helped me with the SQL side :) Checkout the Similar Posts here:
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DotNetSlackers is featured on GotDotNet by sonu

I am proud to announce that has been selected as a featured site on . Thanks to the team to making this possible.
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Get involved in the Atlas Contest on DotNetSlackers by sonu

We have started a new ATLAS contest on DotNetSlackers. Build a atlas control or extender and win a MSDN premium subscription. The contest will be controlled by our atlas guru Garbin. Read more about the contest here.
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Start a new blog with DotNetSlackers by sonu

This announcement is for all of you who need a technology related blog (either on your website or on a 3rd party site like blogger). We have opened a new blog section on DotNetSlackers (based on CommunityServer - latest version), and I was wondering if...
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