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DotNetSlackers has been upgraded to AJAX 1.0 by sonu

I finally took some time last week to upgrade DotNetSlackers with the latest AJAX 1.0 bits. The conversion was quite easy. I had to update my web.config and the pages that used the ATLAS framework. Overall the upgrade went very smooth. I also replaced...
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DotNetSlackers wins the ASP.NET Mashup Atlas Contest by sonu

I am happy to announce that DotNetSlackser won the ASP.NET Atlas Contest written by Garbin. Read the announcement here .

DotNetSlackers Atlas Upgrade by sonu

On the weekend I upgraded DotNetSlackers to the latest atlas bits (July CTP) and it worked like a charm - I have tested all scripts to see whether they work with the new bits. We are using some quite complex atlas scripts, so I needed to be sure that...
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ATLAS July CTP by sonu

Scott Guthrie just announced the latest release of the ATLAS binaries + ATLAS Toolkit. We have been implementing lot of ATLAS features on DotNetSlackers. Soon I will be implementing the new binaries into DotNetSlackers and see how it goes. I see that...
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Get involved in the Atlas Contest on DotNetSlackers by sonu

We have started a new ATLAS contest on DotNetSlackers. Build a atlas control or extender and win a MSDN premium subscription. The contest will be controlled by our atlas guru Garbin. Read more about the contest here.
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