AjaxDataControls V2 - Try it - Pre beta release!

I think it is time to let you guys try out or pre-beta release of the AjaxDataControls Version 2. We have added several features and improved the code. Please note that we are still testing the controls thoroughly and therefore I am not recommending you to use these in a live environment. There is no documentation yet either, however the project contains examples of the new features and new examples will be added shortly. The documentation will be updated within few days as well. The main reason to get this out was to receive useful feedback from you so that we improve the controls. Here is a list of features that we have added or changed:

  • Grouping: you can now group rows in the Gridview control (see Grouping.aspx in the /gridview folder)
  • New Events:
    • onMouseover / onMouseout (see mouseover.aspx)
    • DataBoundEvent: called after the control(s) has been databound (see Basic.aspx in the /datalist folder)
    • InsertCommandEvent: Adds a new row at the bottom of the control to add a new row (see InsertRow.aspx in the /gridview folder)
  • insertRows/insertItems method: You can also add new rows into the gridview/datalist/repeater via the js insertRows/insertItems methods. (see InsertRow-ClientSide.aspx in the /Gridview folder and /datalist folder)
  • Eval: You may now use the new Eval("ColumnName") expression instead of using the ItemDataBound/RowDataBound (see Basic.aspx in the /datalist folder)
  • Drag/drop has been improved and is using jQuery instead of the ASP.NET Ajax framework - the jQuery files are included in the sample project..
  • New AutoCreateScriptVariable Property: The default value is true. This will allow automatically create a javascript variable with the same name as the server ADC control.
  • The GridViewCheckboxColumn will now add a checkbox to the header, which when clicked will check/uncheck all rows. (see DifferentColumns.aspx in the /Gridview folder).
  • New DropDownListColumn Column: This column allows you to add a new column with a dropdownlist. (see ComplexEditing.aspx in the /gridview folder)

Once again, I would like to mention that this is a pre beta release.

You can get the source-code along with the binaries and the sample project from the below link:

Assembla Project Homepage



We are looking forward for your feedback.

Published Tuesday, March 17, 2009 10:23 AM by sonu


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